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Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody are scraping by on welfare and methadone in a basement suite with John’s grandma, when they find... more

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Pressure Cooker Introduces: Broomgate: A Curling Scandal

For years, players have been too afraid to talk about it. But now, the truth about a broom that almost... more

06 May 2024 · 27 minutes
Bonus: Finding Kaz

A mystery lingers about what role Canada's spy agency may have played in John and Amanda's case. The puzzling character... more

10 Jan 2023 · 34 minutes

John and Amanda piece together their shattered reality while facing a possible lifetime in prison. As the full picture of... more

26 Sep 2022 · 55 minutes
Ticking Time Bombs

John and Amanda are losing their grip on reality, frustrating Abe and his shadowy accomplices. John has doubts and asks... more

20 Sep 2022 · 52 minutes
Point of No Return

John and Amanda’s struggles with addiction complicate their fledgling plot. Will these oddballs be able to pull off an attack?... more

12 Sep 2022 · 51 minutes
The Mysterious Uncle Abe

Meet the misfit suspects behind the foiled attack. Learn how they fell down a rabbit hole of conspiracy, hate and... more

05 Sep 2022 · 47 minutes
Project Souvenir

Police intercept two homegrown – and very peculiar – extremists intent on murder and mayhem at a national holiday festival.... more

05 Sep 2022 · 35 minutes
Introducing: Pressure Cooker

John and Amanda are outsiders. They’re devoted to Dungeons & Dragons, struggling with addiction and living on welfare when they... more

03 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
Pressure Cooker
Pressure Cooker Introduces: Broomgate: A Curling Scandal
Pressure Cooker