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Prayer Starters with Suzanne Eller (KLRC)
Prayer Starters with Suzanne Eller (KLRC)
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Prayer Starters helps you connect in prayer with a God that loves you like crazy. Each episode begins with a scripture, offers a... more

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RETURN TO ME (Episode 265)

God calls for us to make our way home to him. Keywords: Return; uncertainty; home; invitation; wander. Scripture: Isaiah 44:22

30 May 2023 · 3 minutes
GLIMMER (Episode 264)

A glimmer of light for that one who is lost.Keywords: Home; faith; lost; found; Shepherd; welcome home. Scripture: 1 Peter 2:25

29 May 2023 · 2 minutes
PURE LOVE (Episode 263)

God loves us with a pure, untangled love. Keywords: Love; unconditional; relationship; receive; Heavenly Father.Scripture: 1 John 4:9-10

26 May 2023 · 3 minutes

If we lack a life of love, our words are just noise. Keywords: Love; words; speak; change; heart; noise. Scripture: 1 Corinthians... more

25 May 2023 · 3 minutes
BOXED IN (Episode 261)

It’s tempting to box God in. Keywords: Limitation; greater; faith; ministry; temple; Solomon. Scripture: 2 Chronicles 2:6 ESV

24 May 2023 · 2 minutes
SEND HELP (Episode 260)

That answer to your prayer might just come in the form of a friend. Keywords: Friend; mentor; help; wisdom; prayer; struggling;... more

23 May 2023 · 2 minutes
RESTORED (Episode 259)

When in a prolonged season of difficulty, it may be hard to believe things will be good again. Keywords: War; battle... more

22 May 2023 · 3 minutes

He does mean you. Excerpt from Chapter 2 of Come With Me: Discovering the Beauty of Following Where Jesus Leads... more

20 May 2023 · 5 minutes
COME WITH ME (Episode 258)

Jesus gave a “come with me” invitation that flipped religion upside down. He still does!Keywords: Cross; Savior; invitation; come with... more

19 May 2023 · 3 minutes
PURPOSE (Episode 257)

There is no such thing as an ordinary life if Jesus is at the center of it. Keywords: Jesus; witness; personal;... more

18 May 2023 · 2 minutes
IT’S ME (Episode 256)

Jesus comes to us when we are afraid, and brings peace. Keywords: Fear; peace; resurrection; doubt; uncertainty; hope. Scripture: Luke 24:36

17 May 2023 · 2 minutes
HIS WAY (Episode 255)

The path of faith is not neatly laid out, but Jesus leads us day-to-day. Keywords: Direction; suffering; path; faith; trust; adventure. Scripture: Luke... more

16 May 2023 · 2 minutes
ROLLED AWAY (Episode 254)

Jesus meets us in those impossible places and brings life. Keywords: Tomb; resurrection; Jesus; Mary; women; life; rolled away.Scripture: Luke 24:2-3

15 May 2023 · 3 minutes
TOUCHING JESUS (Episode 253)

Touching Jesus with our lives and our worship. Keywords: Touch; worship; closer; Messiah; tomb; Joseph; burial. Scripture: Luke 23:52

12 May 2023 · 2 minutes
I ASSURE YOU (Episode 252)

When we cry out the name of Jesus, he assures us that he hears us. Keywords: Thief; cross; faith; I need... more

11 May 2023 · 2 minutes
THE BEGINNING (Episode 251)

Jesus’ death was the beginning of life for us. Keywords: Cross; sacrifice; life; death; sin; anointed; good news. Scripture: Luke 23:33

10 May 2023 · 2 minutes
IT ONLY TAKES ONE (Episode 250)

One voice may seem not much, but one voice can make a difference. Keywords: Injustice; unfair; boldness; bravery; right and wrong;... more

09 May 2023 · 2 minutes
CUPFUL (Episode 249)

God comes near when we are in agony, and nurtures in that hard place. Keywords: Jesus; darkness; afraid; uncertain; hope; help;... more

08 May 2023 · 2 minutes
REMEMBRANCE (Episode 248)

Remembering the gift Jesus gave us.Keywords: Cross; communion; broken body; broken bread; remembrance; bread.Scripture: Luke 22:19

05 May 2023 · 3 minutes

We live such busy lives, but we need rest and refuge in our busy days. Keywords: Busy; rest; solace; balance;... more

04 May 2023 · 2 minutes
TESTIFY (Episode 246)

Your story may be the very thing that helps someone begin their own story with Jesus. Keywords: Story; witness; testify; testimony;... more

03 May 2023 · 2 minutes

Our plans may be grand, but it is the presence of God that makes it lasting. Keywords: Build; plans; church: temple;... more

02 May 2023 · 3 minutes
WHO IS JESUS? (Episode 244)

We all come to a place where we personally decide who Jesus is. Keywords: Identity; Jesus; Messiah, opinions; invitation; Lord.Scripture:... more

01 May 2023 · 2 minutes
HE KNOWS (Episode 243)

We may not know what to ask, but Jesus sees the real question and offers what we need. Keywords: Truth; listen;... more

28 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
CRY OUT (Episode 242)

Jesus was Messiah and also Lamb of God -- and that changes us. Keywords: Cross; lamb of God; Messiah; salvation; sin;... more

27 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
READY (Episode 241)

We may not feel ready, but if God says that it is, that’s sufficient. Keywords: Ready; comparison; obedience; submission; trust.Scripture: Luke... more

26 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
ONE MORE TIME (Episode 240)

When Jesus asks us to throw out our nets one more time. Keywords: Prayer; persevere; deep; trust; don’t give up; weary.Scripture:... more

25 Apr 2023 · 4 minutes
TO SEEK AND SAVE (Episode 239)

Jesus came to seek and save those who are lost. Keywords: Salvation; Zacchaeus; Jesus; forgiveness; making a wrong right; seek. Scripture: Luke... more

24 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
HAVE MERCY (Episode 238)

When we feel desperate, we call on Jesus and he hears that cry. Keywords: Jesus; desperation; call for help; healing; open... more

21 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
LIFELINE (Episode 237)

Prayer is a lifeline when the noise is loud and the battle feels way too big. Keywords: Prayer; tenacity; don’t give... more

20 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
LONG ROAD (Episode 236)

Wholeness is healing from the inside out. Keywords: Healing; Jesus; wholeness; lepers; gratitude; thank you. Scripture: Luke 17:9

19 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes

Servant-hearted ministry focuses on the person standing in front of us. Keywords: Servant-hearted; humble; power; miracle; refocus. Scripture: Luke 17:9

18 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
WHAT ABOUT ME? (Episode 234)

God delights in the prodigal’s homecoming, and he delights in those who make their home in him. Keywords: Home; prodigal; parable; son or... more

17 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
UNDER HIS WING (Episode 233)

God longs to gather us close to himself. Keywords: Relationship; gather; connection; intimate faith; God’s love. Scripture: Luke 13:34

14 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes

Treasure that will never lose its value. Keywords: Jesus; teaching; giving; sacrifice; treasure; heavenly deposit.Scripture: Luke 12:33

13 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
SNARED (Episode 231)

Are we fighting for the right things or snared in old grudges?Keywords: Grudge; release; faith; relationships; forgiveness; freedom. Scripture: Luke 12:14

12 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
TEACH ME (Episode 230)

Jesus taught us that prayer is not about the words we say, but who we share them with. Keywords: Prayer; teacher;... more

11 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
KING OF THE HILL (Episode 229)

Faith isn’t a position for personal favor, but a posture of serving. Keywords: Service; serving; come with me; fighting; position; least... more

10 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
NOT FIRST OR LAST (Episode 228)

There is no first or last, no greater or lesser, when it comes to Jesus. Keywords: Prayer; ask God; need; healing;... more

07 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
HIS EYES (Episode 227)

Jesus came to release the power of sin, past and present. Keywords: Cross; Savior; sin; shame; welcome; forgiven; encounter with Jesus.Scripture:... more

06 Apr 2023 · 3 minutes
THE REAL MIRACLE (Episode 226)

Heart-changing transformation is our real miracle. Keywords: Fish; fishermen; miracles; Jesus: walking in the deep; come with me. Scripture: Luke 5:9

05 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
PERCHED IN MY BOAT (Episode 225)

That invitation to follow Jesus has not gone away. Keywords: Invitation; come with me; boat; fisher of men; Jesus; Peter. Scripture: Luke... more

04 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
PLANTED (Episode 224)

Trusting when the people we love respond to faith negatively.Keywords: Witness; waiting; faith; planting seed; trust; uncertain. Scripture: Luke 4:29-30

03 Apr 2023 · 2 minutes
LEFTOVERS (Episode 223)

God’s provision can be a miracle for you, and an answer to prayer for someone else. Keywords: Provision; food; miracles; leftovers;... more

31 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
SENT (Episode 222)

Jesus was sent to mend, heal, and make us free. Keywords: Jesus; freedom; mended heart; welcome; Savior. Scripture: Luke 4:18

30 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
FILLED (Episode 221)

The battle you are in is not greater than Who is in you. Keywords: Battle; equipped; victory; overcomer; Holy Spirit; enemy.Scripture:... more

29 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
BUT. . . (Episode 220)

When we remember how far God has brought us, we show mercy to others. Keywords: Heart; healed; mercy; remember; looking back;... more

28 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
LIVING HOPE (Episode 219)

Hope can be what we wish for, but "living hope" is Who we walk with. Keywords: Hope; faith; Jesus; enduring; forever;... more

27 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
WAKE UP (Episode 218)

God calls us out of spiritual numbness to find life with him. Keywords: Sleep; numbness; relationship; restore; request; awake. Scripture: Isaiah 52:2

24 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
I DELIGHT (Episode 217)

We are clothed with redemption and covered with righteousness; what a gift!Keywords: Redemption; restored; redeemed; salvation; gratitude; transformation.Scripture: Isaiah 61:10

23 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
THE BIBLE IS ALIVE (Episode 216)

The Word of God is alive. It speaks to us.Keywords: Bible; Word; Holy Spirit; teach; grow; faith.Scripture: Romans 15:4

22 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes

God is thinking about you. Keywords: Thoughts; relationship; Creator; connection; communion; community.Scripture: Psalm 139:17

21 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes

God sees our life through an eternal lens. Keywords: Eternity; heart; wisdom; meaning; purpose; trust.Scripture: Ecclesiastes 3:11Resource: Prayer Starters: Talking with... more

20 Mar 2023 · 4 minutes
A WAY OUT (Episode 213)

We are all tempted. God, who loves us, offers a way out. Keywords: Temptation; faith; sin; following Jesus; enemy; help. Scripture: 1... more

17 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes

We are not identified by words spoken over us by others.  Keywords: Identity; wholeness; territory: growth; expand; prayer.Scripture: 1 Chronicles 4:10

16 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
REBUILD THE ROAD (Episode 211)

Breaking down the wall we no longer want between us and God. Keywords: Obstacle; sin; repentance, humility; repair; redemption.Scripture: Isaiah 57:14

15 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
HEART WORK (Episode 210)

Heart work is hard work, but worth it.       Keywords: Heart work; transformation; planting; farmer; healing.Scripture: Isaiah 28:28

14 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
A CUP OF WATER (Episode 209)

Hospitality is more than a great party; it’s the heart of our Heavenly Father. Keywords: Hospitality; kindness; thirsty; compassion; love.Scripture: Isaiah... more

13 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
WHAT A FRIEND (Episode 208)

A friend can be the best comfort when things are hard.Keywords: Friendship; together; community; comfort; console.Scripture: Job 6:14

10 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
WRITE IT DOWN (Episode 207)

Write it down. Make it plain. Remember what God has done.Keywords: Write; Record; remember; recall; recount; faithful.Scripture: Habakkuk 2:2Resource: Prayer... more

09 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
MY CONSTANT (Episode 206)

Whether things are up or down, Jesus is our constant. Keywords: Constant; faith; foundation; Rock; strength; forever. Scripture: Hebrews 13:8

08 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
WORTHWHILE (Episode 205)

Help me to sort through what is worthwhile and what is not. Keywords: Jesus; Peter; fighting well; sword; God’s will; culture. Scripture:... more

07 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
A JUST GOD (Episode 204)

Injustice is real and leaves a mark. A just God meets you in that pain. Keywords: Injustice; justice; seen; hope; graciousness;... more

06 Mar 2023 · 3 minutes
THEIR ANGELS (Episode 203)

Children matter to God, here on earth and in heaven. Keywords: Children; Jesus; innocent; vulnerable; valued. Scripture: Matthew 18:10

03 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
MY HOME IS JESUS (Episode 202)

You are always at home as you walk with Jesus. Keywords: Walking with Jesus; homesick; transition; discouragement; eternal home. Scripture: Hebrews 13:14

02 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes

In a world where faith can feel confusing, an authentic bond with Jesus is a light. Keywords: Faith; relationship; witness; tell... more

01 Mar 2023 · 2 minutes
CARVING A NEW PATH (Episode 200)

Our 200th episode! A new path. A new way of thinking. A new legacy. Keywords: Legacy; Jeremiah the prophet; healing; choices;... more

28 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes
LIVE THE PROMISE (Episode 199)

Believing and living the promise of a Spirit-led life. Keywords: Holy Spirit; miracles; hope; Helper; ministry; promise.Scripture: Acts 5:16

27 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes

"Where two or three are gathered" -- let’s pray together today.Resource: Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times by... more

25 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
DISTRACTED (Episode 197)

An unstripped version of Prayer Starters as we talk about distraction and prayer.

24 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
PIONEER (Episode 196)

We unpack what is unhealthy to experience the healing (and new path) Jesus offers. Keywords: New; baggage; generational; transformation: adventure; changing... more

23 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
UNBROKEN (Episode 195)

There is none too broken when it comes to Jesus and his healing power. Keywords: Healing; demons; brokenness; wholeness; whole mind;... more

22 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
GOD IS LOVE (Episode 194)

God is love. How does this change us? How does this change the world around us? Keywords: Love; agape; healed; rescued; grace; mercy;... more

21 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
THE WHOLE TRUTH (Episode 193)

Sharing truth can feel hard, but God shows how to do that. Keywords: Truth; wisdom; messenger; gentleness: King David; truth-teller. Scripture: 2... more

20 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes

God sees that child we love as filled with possibilities. Keywords: Potential; purpose; courageous; generation changer; child. Scripture: 2nd Kings 22:1

17 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
SEEN (Episode 191)

People can be messy, but our Heavenly Father is a healer. Keywords: Hurt; Hagar; seen; healing; church hurt. Scripture: Genesis 16:13

16 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes

Spiritual gifts help us build each other up, and to love the world like Jesus. Keywords: Spirit; spiritual gifts; wisdom; faith;... more

15 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes

An act of kindness can be an oasis in the worst of times. Keywords: Kindness; hospitality; shipwrecked; generosity; kindhearted.Scripture: Acts 28:2

14 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes
DIFFERENT (Episode 188)

What is different about us may be the very thing God uses to change a world. Keywords: Different; pleased; acceptance; creator;... more

13 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes

We are not spiritual orphans, and never will be. Keywords: Sons and daughters; orphan; children of God, Father, Son, and Holy... more

10 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH (Episode 186)

The work you’ve done is good. It’s more than enough. It’s time to take a breath. Keywords: Work ethic; enough; sufficient;... more

09 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
A NEW HEART (Episode 185)

God is a heavenly heart surgeon for those whose heart is wounded, hard, or in need of healing. Keywords: Heart; healed;... more

08 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes
BRAVE MAMA (Episode 184)

We don’t always know what to do as we love our children, but trusting God helps us. Keywords: Parenting; a mother’s... more

07 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes
I’M REALLY TIRED (Episode 183)

Saying yes to God’s invitation to rest is just as key to saying yes to doing good. Keywords: Rest; overwhelmed; fatigued;... more

06 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes
LIFE TO THE FULL (Episode 182)

There is a thief that is sly, but there is a Savior whose truth is greater. Keywords: Lies; thief; truth; greater;... more

03 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes

When our faith feels distant, beautiful yet barren, we go to Jesus to find what we long for. Keywords: Living water;... more

02 Feb 2023 · 2 minutes

As we walk in the Light, darkness loses its power. Keywords: Light; redemption; healing; God’s power; darkness.Scripture: Luke 11:36

01 Feb 2023 · 3 minutes
IN THE SHADOW (Episode 179)

We can find rest in the shadow of the Most High God. Keywords: Refuge; Protection; faith; relationship; promise; walking with God.Scripture:... more

31 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes

Four ways to work through conflict with people we love but may not like at the moment. Keywords: Conflict; resolution; patience;... more

30 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
I’M HERE! (Episode 177)

When we are doing all we know to do, Jesus sees and comes toward us.Keywords: Jesus; fishermen; disciples: storm; fear;... more

27 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
ON MY CHILDREN TOO (Episode 176)

God will quench our spiritual thirst, and that splashes over to those we love. Keywords: River; thirst; living water, children; grandchildren;... more

26 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
GOING BEFORE HIM (Episode 175)

Jesus asked the 72 to “go before him,” and we get to do that too.      Keywords: Missionary; called; commissioned; miracles; sent;... more

25 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes
FAN INTO FLAMES (Episode 174)

Fanning into flames the spiritual gifts we’ve been given. Keywords: Fire; Holy Spirit; anointing; laying of hands; despondency; encouragement; mentor.Scripture: 2... more

24 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
NOT GOING BACK (Episode 173)

Leaving behind legalism to be changed by our Savior’s love. Keywords: Love; transformation; Jesus; known; legalism.Scripture: Galatians 4:9

23 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
SOLID ROCK (Episode 172)

Three things that build a strong foundation and holds when our faith is battered. Keywords: Faith; growth; strong foundation; prayer; obedience. Scripture:... more

20 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes

Fighting in a different way. Keywords: Jesus; Peter; fighting well; sword; God’s will; culture. Scripture: Matthew 26:52-53

19 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes

The Spirit of the Lord was on him, and it’s in us. Keywords: Spirit of the Lord; understanding; discernment; Jesus-led; wisdom;... more

18 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes

We don’t have to shrink away from that opportunity God has given us. Keywords: Battle; strength; power; calm mind; sound mind;... more

17 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
WORDS UPON WORDS (Episode 168)

When words upon words leave you feeling discouraged or cynical – one thing to do. Keywords: Debates; arguments; unhealthy conversations; discouragement;... more

16 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes

We can have everything but miss what matters most. Keywords: Insight; wisdom; direction; relationship; growth; maturity; character. Scripture: 2 Chronicles 32:25

13 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
PAIN AND PROMISE (Episode 166)

We can share both the pain and the promise as we pray. Keywords: Prayer; talking with God honestly; trust; warfare; faith. Scripture:... more

12 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes

Two things that help us run our spiritual race with joy. Keywords: Freedom; liberty; Jesus; river; pouring out; faith.Scripture: Philippians 3:13-14

11 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes

Saying no to the lies your spiritual enemy whispers about prayer. Keywords: Prayer; peace; enemy; thief; Jesus; confront the lie. Scripture: John... more

10 Jan 2023 · 4 minutes

Small beginnings are where big dreams begin. Keywords: Encouragement; angel; dreams; goals; growth; small beginning.Scripture: Zechariah 4:10

09 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes

Don’t let your hurts, fears, or doubts keep you from freely talking to God in that hard season. A gentle... more

07 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
THAT DREAM I HAVE (Episode 162)

God knows what we can do, with his help. Keywords: Journey; adventure; saying yes; trust: invitation; fear and faith. Scripture: Acts 7:22

06 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes
I GOT YOU (Episode 161)

Assurance when we feel afraid to take that big step. Keywords: Fear; assurance; presence; partnership; faith. Scripture: Joshua 1:5

05 Jan 2023 · 2 minutes

Community is good for you, and you are good for community. Keywords: Community; connection; answered prayer; waiting; fertility; sisterhood.Scripture: Luke... more

04 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes
HANG TIGHT, FRIEND (Episode 159)

Truth to encourage a friend in a hard season. Keywords: Strength; battle; hang tight; faith: overcome; encouragement. Scripture: Acts 11:23

03 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes
THE HEART OF JESUS (Episode 158)

Jesus’ resolution was to love us, and he never lost sight of that. Keywords: Jesus; cross; resolution; resolution; new year. Scripture: Luke 9:51

02 Jan 2023 · 3 minutes
GOD WILL BE YOUR ROCK IN 2023 (Episode 157)

Today’s episode is a 2022 favorite and I’m sharing it again for a reason! It’s a reminder as we go... more

30 Dec 2022 · 2 minutes
GOODBYES (Episode 156)

There is no person “uninvited” to God’s love. Keywords: Laughter; joy; healing; victory; psalm.Scripture: Acts 21:5-6

29 Dec 2022 · 2 minutes
EYES TO SEE (Episode 155)

Seeing the blessings right in front of us. Keywords: Blessings; eyes to see; open my eyes; prayer; gratitude.Scripture: Luke 10:23

28 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
GOING FORWARD (Episode 154)

Looking back with a purpose. Keywords: Resolve; redemption; spiritual growth; purpose; regret.Scripture: Haggai 2:15

27 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
REMEMBERING (Episode 153)

How has God met you in this past year?Keywords: Prayer; remember; reflect; thoughts, reflection; meditate. Scripture: Psalm 77:11-12

26 Dec 2022 · 2 minutes

Christ is come. What beautiful news for all of us. Keywords: Christmas story; Christ; promise; Messiah; waiting; meditation.Scripture: Luke 2:25-26

24 Dec 2022 · 2 minutes
HUMBLE PLACES (Episode 151)

God shows up in the humble places. Keywords: Christmas; angels; humble; Jesus; unseen; humility; holy.Scripture: Luke 2:8-10

23 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
A STORY BEGINS (Episode 150)

Our story unfolds, and when Jesus is a part of it, it all matters. Keywords: Humble; Christmas story; Jesus; birth; trust;  Mary.Scripture:... more

22 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
YOUR TEARS (Episode 149)

Our tears matter to God. Excerpted from the book, Prayer Starters: Talking with God about Hard Times by Suzanne EllerKeywords:... more

21 Dec 2022 · 2 minutes

What if we are a hot mess? Can we still show up?In today’s episode Suzie shares a stripped-down version of... more

20 Dec 2022 · 4 minutes
BLESSED IS SHE (Episode 147)

We are blessed as we trust God, even when it feels way too big. Keywords: Trust; assurance; confirmation; obedience; God speaks.Scripture:... more

19 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
WAKE UP (Episode 146)

God graciously wakes us up. Keywords: Go; dreams; safety; listening to God; Christmas story.Scripture: Matthew 2:13

16 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
OVERCOMER (Episode 145)

Jesus came to love the world, but also to conquer the enemy of our soul. Keywords: Love; Christmas; Jesus; Savior; rescuer;... more

15 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes

All throughout the Christmas story there are holy assignments. Do we have one too?Keywords: Christmas; assignment; angel; Mary; birth of... more

14 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
TWO BABIES (Episode 143)

Four people. Two babies. Two women. A Christmas miracle!Keywords: Baby; Christmas; John the Baptist: miracle; encouragement.Scripture: Luke 1:13-14

13 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
KING OF KINGS (Episode 142)

Jesus flipped the understanding of what “king of kings” meant, and can do that same miracle in us. Keywords: King; prophecy;... more

12 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes

Our faith is a treasure. Keywords: Parables; Jesus stories; faith; joy; Kingdom of Heaven.Scripture: Matthew 13:44

09 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes

Jesus spoke in parables to reveal the heart of the listener.Keywords: Jesus stories; hearing God’s voice; God speaks. Scripture: Mark... more

08 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes

When we show compassion to those in need, we minister to Jesus. Keywords: Mercy; benevolence; reckoning; parable; accounting. Scripture: Matthew... more

07 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
READY (Episode 138)

Preparing a heart for the good news. Keywords: Faith; witness; disciple; discipling; Jesus story.Scripture: Matthew 13:18-19

06 Dec 2022 · 2 minutes
HELP ME NOT TO MISS IT (Episode 137)

Changed by a miraculous encounter with Jesus. Keywords: Miracle; healed; healing; doubt; accusation; transformation. Scripture: Matthew 12:24-25

05 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
SOMETHING NEW (Episode 136)

Jesus didn’t come to patch old religion, but to offer something new. Keywords: Relationship; disciple; Jesus stories; parable; new. Scripture:... more

02 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes
SALT AND LIGHT (Episode 135)

Jesus stories: We are salt and light. Keywords: Salt; light; illuminate; love; darkness.Scripture: Matthew 5:14-15

01 Dec 2022 · 3 minutes

As remorse and compassion collide, healing begins. Keywords: Contrition: reconcile; homecoming; Jesus stories. Scripture: Luke 15:20

30 Nov 2022 · 3 minutes
GOD, YOU DID THIS! (Episode 133)

Remember who won the battle.Keywords: Pride; leadership; your story. Scripture: 2 Chronicles 32:25

29 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
YOU DO YOU (Episode 132)

Fighting in a way that is uniquely you (and Jesus).Keywords: Spiritual weapon; trust; wisdom; warfare.Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:39

28 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
FREE! (Episode 131)

Untangling the knots that keep us bound so we can live free.Keywords: Freedom; free; liberty; pouring out; faith; untangled.Scripture: Galatians... more

25 Nov 2022 · 3 minutes

Today is a stripped down version as we sit together, one to one, and talk about “unanswered” prayer. It’s a... more

24 Nov 2022 · 5 minutes
YOU ARE GROWING! (Episode 129)

Cheering each other on as we grow, and celebrating how far God has brought us. Keywords: Encourage; encouragement; community; together;... more

23 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
LOVE THAT DRAWS (Episode 128)

Love from the inside out draws others to Jesus. Keywords: Love; faith; patience; kindness: traits of Jesus.Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4

22 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
I’M THANKFUL (Episode 127)

We aren’t asked to be thankful FOR a hard circumstance, but to find the power of gratitude in every circumstance.... more

21 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
TOGETHER (Episode 126)

Jesus believed in the power of unity; will we?Keywords: Unity; together; community; disciples; disagreements; peace; witness. Scripture: John 17:20-21

18 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
WHAT YOU DO HAVE (Episode 125)

We often focus on what we do (or don’t) have, but we are invited to step into what we’ve been... more

17 Nov 2022 · 3 minutes

Mercy leads you home, no matter how far away you feel.Today’s episode is a “best of 2022” -- episodes that... more

16 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
SWEET FREEDOM (Episode 123)

You are freed, my friend. This is not just a wish, but the beauty of Jesus’ touch on your life.Today’s... more

15 Nov 2022 · 3 minutes
DELIGHTS IN YOU (Episode 122)

As we approach the end of the year, I’m sharing a handful of the “best of 2022” -- episodes that... more

14 Nov 2022 · 3 minutes
WHEN I HAVE NO WORDS (Episode 121)

As we approach the end of the year, I want to share a handful of the “best of” 2022 --... more

11 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
INVITED (Episode 120)

There is no person “uninvited” when it comes to God’s love. Keywords: Wedding; caste; invited; worthy; grateful; gratitude.Scripture: Matthew 22:9

10 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes

John 3:16 can be explained, but it’s powerful to experience it. Keywords: Love; cross; relationship; intimacy; encounter; Jesus. Scripture: John... more

09 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
ONE MORE THING (Episode 118)

Living untangled, here and always. Keywords: Eternity; freedom; abundant; treasure; wealth; riches.Scripture: Luke 18:24

08 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
SEED SOWING (Episode 117)

God sends help to the seed sower.Keywords: Seed sower; faithful; resources; help; harvest.Scripture: 2 Corinthians 9:10

07 Nov 2022 · 1 minute
RIGHT BESIDE ME (Episode 116)

God is right beside you in that hard place.Keywords: stronger; near; close; unshaken; hard places.Scripture: Psalm 16:8)

04 Nov 2022 · 1 minute
DELIGHTS IN YOU (Episode 122)

As we approach the end of this year, I’m sharing a handful of the “best of 2022” -- those episodes... more

03 Nov 2022 · 3 minutes
UNFAILING LOVE (Episode 115)

A deeper understanding of God’s unfailing love. Keywords: Love; constant; consistent; understanding; unfailing love.Scripture: Psalm 143:8

03 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes

We can go to God without shame and with courage. Keywords: Boldness; prayer; relationship; gracious; kindness.Scripture: Hebrews 4:16

02 Nov 2022 · 1 minute
SHH, I’VE GOT A SECRET (Episode 113)

The secret to contentment.Keywords: Story testimony; encountering Jesus; witness.Scripture: Philippians 4:12

01 Nov 2022 · 2 minutes
FOREVER HOME (Episode 112)

There’s a forever home waiting just for us.Keywords: Eternity; Heaven; grief; loss; promise.Scripture: 2 Corinthians 5:6-7

31 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
GOD, YOU GO FIRST (Episode 111)

When we try to get ahead of God’s timing.Keywords: Waiting; patience; faith; walking with God. Scripture: Psalm 27:14

28 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes

A surprising look at patience. Keywords: Fruits; patience; trials; Helper; Holy Spirit.Scripture: Galatians 5:22-23

27 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
KNOCK, KNOCK (Episode 109)

Praying those midnight prayers. Keywords: Knock; persistence; perservance; prayer; endurance. Scripture: Luke 11:5-8

26 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
A DO OVER (Episode 108)

When we need a fresh start.Keywords: Second chances; faith; forgiveness; fresh start; family. Scripture: Lamentations 3:22-23

25 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
JUST SHOW UP (Episode 107)

A stripped down conversation with Suzie about being intimidated by prayer.

24 Oct 2022 · 3 minutes
BIG QUESTIONS (Episode 106)

God is not afraid of our big questions.Keywords: Questions: wrestling; conversations; maturity; understanding.Scripture: Psalm 8:3-4

21 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
CLOSE BESIDE ME (Episode 105)

We go through the meadow and the valley. Jesus is with us in both.Keywords: Comfort; loss; grief; valley; trust; hope.Scripture:... more

20 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
FATHER OF LIGHT (Episode 104)

He is our light today, and will be our Light always.Keywords: Light; eternity; heaven; presence; near; assurance.Scripture: Isaiah 60:19

19 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
WITHIN ME (Episode 103)

Because God lives within us, we are stronger than we know.Keywords: Strength; trust; faith; storms; presence; promise.Scripture: Psalm 46:5

18 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
ROOM FOR MORE (Episode 102)

Remeasuring that dream to include the God possibilities. Keywords: Motivation; partnership; trust; dreams; hopes; eternal.Scripture: Zechariah 2:5

17 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
WHY SO SAD? (Episode 101)

Knowing when and how to share what you are feeling. Keywords: Honesty; courage; emotions; grief; wisdom; direction. Scripture: Nehemiah 2:2a

14 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
JESUS, I WELCOME YOU (Episode 100)

Do we understand the gift we have in Jesus? Welcoming him always -- into our heart, our home, our lives.... more

13 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
SHARING JESUS (Episode 99)

Sharing our faith can feel vulnerable, but it can also be a powerful way to love.Keywords: Witness; story; love; encouragement;... more

12 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
RUNNING TO YOU (Episode 98)

Run to Jesus to find unconditional love.Keywords: Healing; wholeness; hope; brokenness; religious; relationship. Scripture: Matthew 21:32

12 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
IT’S ALL YOU, GOD (Episode 97)

Celebrating what only God can do.Keywords: Miracle; change; transformation; trust; testimony; witness.Scripture: John 9:25Resource: Prayer Starters: Talking with God about... more

11 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
A GOOD SHEPHERD (Episode 96)

Jesus is our good Shepherd. Keywords: Shepherd; protection; trust; I Am; direction; abundant life.Scripture: John 10:9

10 Oct 2022 · 1 minute
WHEN IT’S DARK (Episode 95)

Our light in the dark places.Keywords: Light; darkness; hope; direction; I Am.Scripture: John 8:12

07 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes

When you feel spiritually empty, Jesus offers to fill you up.Keywords: Spiritual hunger; bread of life; filled; empty.Scripture: John 6:35

06 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes

Words leave a mark, positive or negative.Keywords: Words; conversation; hurt; truth; powerful; gentleness.Scripture: Ephesians 4:29

05 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes

Faith doesn’t keep you from something; it’s meant to lead you to Someone.Keywords: Tradition; the Law; Gospel; faith; Jesus.Scripture: Colossians... more

04 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
I WORSHIP YOU (Episode 91)

Worshiping the Creator over the created.Keywords: Worship; idols; gratitude; gifts; delight.Scripture: Deuteronomy 4:19

03 Oct 2022 · 2 minutes
BONUS EPISODE - A resource to help you when there are no words

Have you ever wanted to talk to God, especially in those harder seasons, and the words are hard to find?... more

01 Oct 2022 · 1 minute
WHEREVER YOU GO (Episode 90)

God walks with us wherever we go.       Keywords: Embattled; courage; afraid; strong; discouraged; encouraged.Scripture: Joshua 1:9

30 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

When your faith feels battered, turn to the Rock.    Keywords: Faith; foundation; strength; trust.Scripture: Luke 6:48

29 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

God is deeper than the deep trouble we find ourselves in. Keywords: Deeper; rescue; trouble; Yahweh, power; help. Scripture: Psalm 42:7

28 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
BUILD UP (Episode 87)

The power of building each other up.      Keywords: Build up; criticism; encouragement; making a difference; loving each other.Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5:11

27 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
GIFTED (Episode 86)

We all are gifted, and together it makes a difference.     Keywords: Gifts; talent; leadership; giving; encouragement; kindness.Scripture: Romans 12:8

26 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
WATCH OVER ME (Episode 85)

Angels watching over you, even when you feel lost. Keywords: Angels; mercy; hope; intercessor; found.Scripture: Zechariah 1:13

23 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
A SECOND LOOK (Episode 84)

How taking a second look grows us. Keywords: Viewpoint; worldview; compassion; insight.Scripture: Ecclesiastes 4:1

22 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
ALL MY DAYS (Episode 83)

The tender love that follows you all your days.       Keywords: Life; love; all your days; old age; youth; intimacy; tenderness of... more

21 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
CAN’T DO IT ON MY OWN (Episode 82)

When you feel bent under a heavy load, He lifts you up. Keywords: Weary; burdened; lifts up; bent down; comfort; life.Scripture:... more

20 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

Walking and resting in Him.    Keywords: Faith; rest; spiritual rest; take a deep breath; living in the Light.Scripture: 2nd Samuel 22:33-34

19 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
IN THOSE DAYS (Episode 80)

He reaches. He restores. He pours out His Spirit over those who return to His love. Keywords: Holy Spirit; Spirit; God’s... more

16 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
CAST IT FAR AWAY (Episode 79)

Cast the past into the depths of God’s love for you.   Keywords: Truth; love; transformation; temptation; sin; sin nature; forgiveness.Ephesians 4:21-22

15 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

God gives us song when it feels dark.Keywords: Relationship; listen, prayer; worship; song; God listens; God hears.Job 35:10-11

14 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

The Word stands when all else fades.  Keywords: Word; scripture; Bible, prophets; guidance; where to turn.1 Peter 1:24

13 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
ALWAYS THE PLAN (Episode 76)

Relationship was always the plan.    Keywords: Cross; fellowship with God; relationship; connection.Luke 24:40-43

12 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
IN AWE OF YOU (Episode 75)

Reverence of God produces life. Keywords: Reverence; faith; hope; anchored; life; strength.Proverbs 19:23

09 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

Grace began your story and grace will continue to write your story. Keywords: Grace; value; hope; newness; your story; loved.Galatians 1:15a

08 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

Holding onto that long-ago promise. Keywords: Parenting; faith; believe; promises; trust.John 2:3-5

07 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
DRY BONES (Episode 72)

God breathes life into our dry bones.    Keywords: Dry; barren; wholeness; vision; prophecy; life; miracle. Ezekiel 37:7

06 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes
WANDERING (Episode 71)

God provides in the wandering seasons. Keywords: Care; compassion; God’s character; provide; Jehovah Jirah; journey. Deuteronomy 2:7

05 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

Prayer Starters: Talking with God About Hard Times is not a book about prayer, but connecting with God through prayer.... more

03 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

Saying we are sorry when we cause pain. Keywords: Apology; relationships; remorse; restoration; reconciliation; being honest. Psalm 38:18

02 Sep 2022 · 1 minute
HAVE MERCY (Episode 69)

Choose mercy over sacrifice.    Keywords: Mercy; community; loving others; relationships; scripture. Matthew 9:13

01 Sep 2022 · 2 minutes

God will wipe away the tears from your “mind’s eye.” Keywords: Grief; loss; pain; hurt; healing; Heaven; hope. Revelations 21:4

31 Aug 2022 · 3 minutes
YOUR BEST FOR ME (Episode 67)

When things are in the grey zone.Keywords: Faith; following Jesus; rules; listening; Holy Spirit; freedom. 1 Corinthians 6:12

30 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
YOUR CHILD (Episode 66)

There is intimacy with God as his children.    Keywords: Relationship; intimacy; daughter; Heavenly Father; walking with God in the ordinary.Romans 8:14

29 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
LOVING MY ENEMY (Episode 65)

What does it mean to love our enemy?Keywords: Love your enemy; agape love; when I feel hurt; countercultural.Scripture: Luke 6:27-28

26 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
FOR THE LORD (Episode 64)

What you do for the Lord makes a difference. Keywords: Ministry; faith; working for the Lord; calling.1 Corinthians 15:58

25 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
DEEPLY ROOTED (Episode 63)

You are deeply rooted when you trust God.  Keywords: Trust; grounded; rooted; life; source of strength; hard seasons. Jeremiah 17:8

24 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
LOW WATERS (Episode 62)

Living water that flows to the lowest of places. Keywords: Life; restoration; new life; broken: whole; living water; promise.

23 Aug 2022 · 1 minute
IN HIS IMAGE (Episode 61)

You were made in God’s image, and so is he or she.  Keywords: God’s image; identity; together; community; creation; Creator.

22 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes

Healing laughter in and after the battle.      Keywords: Laughter; joy; healing; victory; psalm.

19 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes

Choosing to be healthy community. Keywords: Community; connection; answered prayer; waiting; fertility; sisterhood.Scripture: Luke 1:58

18 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
HEAL ME (Episode 58)

God longs to heal the broken, and that is for all of us. Keywords: Broken; healing; wholeness; Jehovah God, wounded;... more

17 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
FORGIVENESS (Episode 57)

Receiving and giving forgiveness.     Keywords: Forgiveness; freedom; prayer; relationship.

16 Aug 2022 · 1 minute
PART OF THE TEAM (Episode 56)

We are all a part of the team.    Keywords: Team; disciple; community; making a difference; diversity.

15 Aug 2022 · 1 hour, 2 minutes

We can encounter Jesus personally.   Keywords: Encounter; faith; intimacy; relationship; feeling.Scripture: John 15:15

12 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
TRUE ALL ALONG (Episode 54)

When things don’t turn out the way you thought they would.  Keywords: Trust; talking to Jesus; discouragement; hope.Scripture: Luke 24:35

11 Aug 2022 · 3 minutes
YOUR STORY (Episode 53)

Telling your story.      Keywords: Story; testimony; encountering Jesus; witness.Scripture:

10 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes

Motivating each other to make a difference.     Keywords: World changer; difference maker; Holy Spirit; transformation.Scripture: Hebrews 10:24

09 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes

What does it mean to walk in the Light?    Keywords: Faith; rest; spiritual rest; take a deep breath; living in the... more

08 Aug 2022 · 3 minutes
TWO OR THREE (Episode 50)

The power of community. Keywords: Community; friendship; connection; power.Scripture: Matthew 18:20

05 Aug 2022 · 3 minutes
EYES ON YOU (Episode 49)

When an obstacle stands in the way.  Keywords: Obstacle; barrier; vision; perseverance; endurance; help.Scripture: Psalm 123:1

04 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes

Rescued from sin and redeemed.Keywords: Sin; healing, hope; conviction; transformation.Scripture: Hebrews 12:11

03 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
THE WISDOM I NEED (Episode 47)

Wisdom to help when you feel hurt. Keywords: Hurt; wisdom; conflict, gentleness; insight.Scripture: James 3:17

02 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
THE ROAR (Episode 46)

God is the gatekeeper over us.Keywords: Protection; trust; thoughts; hope.

01 Aug 2022 · 2 minutes
WHO TOLD YOU THAT? (Episode 45)

Whose voice are we listening to?Keywords: Voice; listening; direction; found; relationship; faith.

29 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes

Because of the cross, there is now therefore no condemnation.Keywords: Condemnation; worth; value; cross; redemption; restoration.

28 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
WHAT I GAIN (Episode 43)

Knowing Jesus is an immeasurable gift.  Keywords: Relationship; faith; balance; joy.

27 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes

A heart check.   Keywords: Motivation; partnership with God; giving; those in need.

26 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
LOVE LIKE YOURS (Episode 41)

God’s character is justice and care.  Keywords: Care; compassion; God’s character; love.

25 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
EQUIPPED (Episode 40)

Peace that equips us.   Keywords: Faith; strength; spiritual armor; peace.

22 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
PEACE YOU OFFER (Episode 39)

Peace isn’t an absence of trouble, but an anchor that holds during trouble.  Keywords: Steadfastness, peace, troubled; promise.

21 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
ALL OF ME (Episode 38)

Bringing all of ourselves to God. Keywords: Healing; wholeness; confidence; authenticity.

20 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes

Following Jesus helps us live free.Keywords: Faith; rules; religion; relationship with God.

19 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
I’M SORRY (Episode 36)

Struggling with unresolved anger or conflict.  Keywords: Resolution; reconciliation; anger; relationship; restoration.

18 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
DEPENDING ON ME (Episode 35)

Peace in the midst of conflictKeywords: Peace; conflict; relationships.

15 Jul 2022 · 3 minutes

When your faith is parchedKeywords: Holy Spirit; thirsty; God’s Spirit; filled.

14 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes

Spiritually battling injustice. Keywords: Fight; battle; direction; patience.

13 Jul 2022 · 3 minutes
WHEN I’M AFRAID (Episode 32)

I will trust you when I am afraid.Keywords: Fear; trust; growing; spiritual growth. Scripture: Psalm 56:3

12 Jul 2022 · 2 minutes
RUNNING TO YOU (Episode 31)

God is our shelter.Keywords: Faith; refuge; shelter.Scripture: Proverbs 18:10

11 Jul 2022 · 3 minutes
Prayer Starters with Suzanne Eller (KLRC)
RUNNING TO YOU (Episode 31)
Prayer Starters with Suzanne Eller (KLRC)

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God is our shelter.Keywords: Faith; refuge; shelter.Scripture: Proverbs 18:10