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Kickass Conversations
Kickass Conversations
Louise Neil & Kim Romain

Everyone should feel valued and recognized for who they are and in the work they do while impacting the lives of others.... more

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Ep. 56 Bragging Rights with Lisa Bragg

Have you ever wondered why it seems so difficult to actively promote yourself? You know, sharing your successes, achievements, and wisdom... more

29 May 2023 · 50 minutes
Ep. 55 The Power of Letting Go with Gabrielle Hayes

Letting go holds immense power in our lives. It is the art of releasing attachments, expectations, and burdens that no... more

22 May 2023 · 43 minutes
Ep. 54 Empowered Communication with Carla Madeleine Kupe

We're all aware that communication is a critical component of interpersonal effectiveness. We communicate to get our ideas across, to connect... more

16 May 2023 · 46 minutes
Ep. 53 Trusting The Universe with Lisa Guillot

Society places immense value on "staying in control." We're constantly told how to create a life that is organized, structured,... more

08 May 2023 · 51 minutes
Ep. 52 Creating a Kinder Inner Dialogue

If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint, and that voice will... more

01 May 2023 · 44 minutes
Ep 51 Where Your Attention Goes

We are so excited to be celebrating our one-year anniversary of Kickass Conversations with Louise & Kim on this week's... more

24 Apr 2023 · 38 minutes
Ep. 50 Self Evaluation with Jen Vertanen

Do you dread annual performance reviews (giving and/or receiving them)? Do you prefer to focus on what needs to be... more

17 Apr 2023 · 47 minutes
Ep. 49 Which Direction Do You Go? with Nikki Starcat Shields

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads unsure of which direction to turn? It can feel heavy and overwhelming... more

11 Apr 2023 · 36 minutes
Ep. 48 Inner Strength with Sabrina Osso

What would it be like to have deep, unshakeable belief in yourself? Pretty amazing, huh? That's what it means to have... more

03 Apr 2023 · 45 minutes
Ep. 47 Looking Back to Move Forward with Sara Doell

We are all in such a hurry to move ahead.  And yet, much like an arrow, our careers and businesses shoot... more

24 Mar 2023 · 51 minutes
Kickass Conversations
Ep. 56 Bragging Rights with Lisa Bragg
Kickass Conversations