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Exploration: LIVE!
Exploration: LIVE!

Charlie Bardey and Natalie Rotter-Laitman explore some of the most (and least) pressing ideas, theories, axioms, and concepts out there.

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Gosling Logic (w/ Emma Foley)

Ideas Covered:Gosling Logic.001% is 100% of me to themHappy sad happy happyFind my friends vibe checkMood ring experienceThe flat flat... more

19 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 47 minutes
You Messed Up (w/ Rajat Suresh & Jeremy Levick)

Ideas Covered:Hand job instructionMILF Island mommyThe simple soft serveYou messed up Guests: Rajat Suresh & Jeremy Levick Exploration: LIVE! is a weekly... more

12 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 38 minutes
The Name of the Dandelion

Ideas Covered:The name of the dandelionNatalie clubI see roachesChipped nail polishTen million plateau Exploration: LIVE! is a weekly podcast in which... more

05 Jun 2024 · 1 hour, 18 minutes
It Only Takes One Song (w/ Nico Carney and Conor Janda)

Ideas Covered:Sports are the only live eventInstead of internalized homophobia internalized anxiousphobiaIt only takes one songNew tote bag beliefElevator stop... more

29 May 2024 · 1 hour, 45 minutes
I'll See and I Matter (w/ Cat Cohen)

Ideas Covered:I'll see and I matterLeaving hero/villainTwo drinks what's wrong with meLie expiration forget Guest: Cat Cohen Exploration: LIVE! is a weekly... more

22 May 2024 · 1 hour, 24 minutes
Bangs Bully

Ideas Covered:Bangs BullyTV problemPick can't sayFOMO proximityRock paper ultimateCousins cousin Exploration: LIVE! is a weekly podcast in which Brooklyn comedians Charlie... more

15 May 2024 · 1 hour, 26 minutes
Drizzle Me Who Are You (w/ Celeste Yim)

Ideas Covered:Drizzle me who are youPearly appealElevatorMean awThe womanPorn/weed historyActing was picking me backWho are you with rudeActors aloneEyelash/makeup stickers Guest:... more

08 May 2024 · 1 hour, 54 minutes
The Heart Shot

Ideas Covered:Joel Gray Alessandra AmbrosioThe heart shotClog the crownThe words are out there Exploration: LIVE! is a weekly podcast in which... more

01 May 2024 · 1 hour, 19 minutes
Goodbye Lock (w/ John Early)

Ideas Covered:Boss EyesWhen it's bad (chess actress)Goodbye lockThe Pokemon thingTrain loud train quiet Guest: John Early Exploration: LIVE! is a weekly podcast... more

24 Apr 2024 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
Carton Makes The Man (w/ Brittany Carney)

Ideas Covered:CVS need nothingCarton makes the manFrench stepsCoy menuI wish it was still ominous blobsWaiter clockHow you are when you... more

17 Apr 2024 · 1 hour, 38 minutes
Exploration: LIVE!
Gosling Logic (w/ Emma Foley)
Exploration: LIVE!