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The Gilded Gentleman
The Gilded Gentleman
Carl Raymond

The Gilded Gentleman history podcast takes listeners on a cultural and social journey into the mansions, salons, dining rooms, libraries and theatres... more

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Stealing a Smile: The Theft of the Mona Lisa, Paris 1911

On a warm summer morning in Paris in 1911, the Mona Lisa was stolen. The theft captured the attention of the... more

21 Jun 2022 · 30 minutes
VICTORY AND APOLLO: Black Artists Models Hettie Anderson and Thomas McKeller

This episode tells the story of what is known about the worlds of two exceptional artists models, Hettie Anderson and... more

07 Jun 2022 · 30 minutes
Mary Rogers Williams: The Rediscovered Life of a Gilded Age Impressionist

Author Eve Kahn, today's guest on The Gilded Gentleman, calls Mary Rogers Williams "the Mary Cassatt you never heard of". Williams... more

24 May 2022 · 40 minutes
Golden Plates and Dinners on Horseback: Tales of Dining in Gilded Age New York

Outrageous stories of Gilded Age dinners served on plates of gold, live swans swimming in a lake in the center... more

10 May 2022 · 34 minutes
Castle Howard to Highclere: Treasures of the English Country House.

For fans of the great period television and film dramas Downton Abbey and Brideshead Revisited (among many others), one of the... more

26 Apr 2022 · 34 minutes
A Sprig of Witch Hazel: Edith Wharton's Secret Affair

As writer Edith Wharton began to spend more and more time in Paris during the early years of the 1900s,... more

12 Apr 2022 · 37 minutes
The Gilded City: New York 1870-1900

To viewers of the first season of HBO's "The Gilded Age," New York City itself became one of the show's... more

29 Mar 2022 · 44 minutes
Social Climber: The Iron Will and Determined Rise of Alva Vanderbilt

The fight for social dominance and acceptance was a battle fought by many Gilded Age wives along with their financial... more

15 Mar 2022 · 41 minutes
How To Pluck A Peacock: Delmonico's Charles Ranhofer and The Epicurean

The New York restaurant Delmonico's became famous for bringing elegant, luxurious dining and sophisticated French dishes to American tables. The culinary genius... more

01 Mar 2022 · 42 minutes
Invisible Magicians: Domestic Servants in Gilded Age New York

The Gilded Gentleman is joined by Esther Crain, author of The Gilded Age in New York 1870-1914, to look... more

22 Feb 2022 · 45 minutes
The Gilded Gentleman
Stealing a Smile: The Theft of the Mona Lisa, Paris 1911
The Gilded Gentleman