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dot com: The Hacking
dot com: The Hacking
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The Hacking | Ep 4 | Hurricane

Ransomware gangs don't just go for the big fish. Kareem grew up on the West Side of Chicago in a... more

16 Aug 2022 · 44 minutes
The Hacking | Ep 3 | Domino

Psychological pressure...that's what ransomware is all about. Holiday weekends and Fridays are prime time for ransomware attacks, and on Friday... more

09 Aug 2022 · 42 minutes
The Hacking | Ep 2 | Leak

It's not just cybercriminals who hack. In February 2022 Russia invades Ukraine, and a few months later someone leaks 60,000... more

02 Aug 2022 · 45 minutes
The Hacking | Ep 1 | Paper

You'd think healthcare would be a no-go. You'd hope that, surely, even Russian cybercriminals have their moral boundaries. But you... more

26 Jul 2022 · 40 minutes
Coming soon: The Hacking

From the makers of dot com: Redditland, this is dot com: The Hacking. Out on Tuesday 26th July. Learn more about... more

19 Jul 2022 ·
Redditland | Ep 6 | The Glass Cliff

All roads lead to Rome. Or, in this case, San Francisco. Katie’s journey into the complex, fantastic and infuriating world... more

08 Mar 2022 · 49 minutes
Redditland | Ep 5 | The Donald

The Donald subreddit was the most controversial moral dilemma on the stained map of Reddit's history. One of the most... more

01 Mar 2022 · 52 minutes
Redditland | Ep 4 | The Mandela Effect

"Reddit is the ultimate forum for fans," apparently. But where are they? The fan, the kook, the ultimate fanatic? In... more

22 Feb 2022 · 41 minutes
Redditland | Ep 3 | The Fappening

It's 2014 and Reddit's at the centre of one of the biggest scandals to hit Hollywood. A hacker has released... more

15 Feb 2022 · 42 minutes
Redditland | Ep 2 | The Mask

Drama. With a capital 'D'. Reddit's full of it. Anti-vaxxers vs. science, Bible Belters vs. atheists, racists vs. the rest.... more

08 Feb 2022 · 41 minutes
dot com: The Hacking
The Hacking | Ep 4 | Hurricane
dot com: The Hacking