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The Newest Olympian
The Newest Olympian
Mike Schubert

Has the Percy Jackson series been slept on by society? Join Mike Schubert as he journeys through the Riordanverse for the first... more

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118 | Sea of Monsters Movie (Part 1) w/ Michael Harle & Kelly Schubert (LIVE in Austin!)

Well now that we've finished covering a great TV show, let's palette cleanse with a trash movie! Thankfully, the beginning... more

26 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 32 minutes
BONUS | Jon Steinberg on Season 2 Confirmation & Season 1 Behind the Scenes

SURPRISE! BONUS EP! I was fortunate enough to speak with Percy Jackson and the Olympians showrunner, Jon Steinberg, about the... more

19 Feb 2024 · 55 minutes
117 | Percy Jackson TV Season 1 Overall Thoughts w/ Rowan Ellis & Kyle Bandujo

Mike is joined by someone who has never consumed any PJO content (Rowan Ellis) and someone who has only seen... more

12 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 18 minutes
116 | Daphne Olive on Staff Writing PJO TV, Jet Wilkinson on Directing S1E8

TNO's coverage of the Percy Jackson TV show is almost complete, and I am delighted to present this episode which... more

05 Feb 2024 · 1 hour, 19 minutes
115 | Percy Jackson and the Olympians S1E8 w/ Kelly Schubert

The finale of our PJO TV coverage is here, as Kelly joins to discuss the Season 1 (I WILL NOT... more

31 Jan 2024 · 1 hour, 24 minutes
BONUS | Azriel Dalman on Playing Young Percy Jackson, Joel Rochester on the UK Premiere

MORE BONUS INTERVIEW EPISODES OF THE NEWEST OLYMPIAN! This time, Mike is first joined by Azriel Dalman who played Young... more

29 Jan 2024 · 52 minutes
114 | Percy Jackson and the Olympians S1E7 w/ Johnny Frohlichstein

Johnny is back, our trio is headed into the Underworld, AND THE RED BALL IS HERE! Enjoy this lively discussion... more

24 Jan 2024 · 1 hour, 16 minutes
BONUS | Jet Wilkinson on Directing Ep. 6, Mike on Ep. 6 Discourse

Another Monday, another interview bonus episode of TNO! First, you'll hear some clips from my interview with Jet Wilkinson, the... more

22 Jan 2024 · 21 minutes
113 | Percy Jackson and the Olympians S1E6 w/ Phoebe Corde & Emily Garber

Surely we can't be 3/4 through the season... clearly we're in the Lotus Casino and time has passed us by!... more

17 Jan 2024 · 1 hour, 21 minutes
BONUS | Jet Wilkinson on Directing Episode 5

ANOTHER INTERVIEW BONUS EP IS HERE! This time, Mike chats with the director of Episode 5 of Percy Jackson and... more

15 Jan 2024 · 20 minutes
The Newest Olympian
118 | Sea of Monsters Movie (Part 1) w/ Michael Harle & Kelly Schubert (LIVE in Austin!)
The Newest Olympian