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Witnessed: 19 Days
Witnessed: 19 Days
Sony Music Entertainment / Campside Media

Over 19 days in March of 2018, five package bombs were mysteriously placed or mailed to random locations in and around Austin,... more

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A Friendly Stranger with A Terrifying Secret - My Friend the Serial Killer

What would you do if someone you knew turned out to be a serial killer? In the 1970s, Steve Fishman was... more

10 Jun 2024 · 4 minutes
Introducing... Witnessed: 19 Days

On March 2, 2018, an anonymous and deadly package bomb detonated on the doorstep of a home in Austin, Texas. Then,... more

06 Jun 2024 · 2 minutes
19 Days | 8. I Wish I Was Sorry, But I’m Not

With the saga of the Austin serial bombings coming to a shocking conclusion, all that remains are questions. Now, over... more

20 May 2024 · 43 minutes
19 Days | 7. Takedown

As authorities close in, bombing suspect Mark Anthony Conditt manages to disappear, once again leaving law enforcement on edge. Soon,... more

13 May 2024 · 33 minutes
19 Days | 6. The Bomber

Investigators follow new evidence that leads them to the identity of the Austin serial bomber and they make a plan... more

06 May 2024 · 32 minutes
19 Days | 5. Break

A day after the fourth bomb detonates, a fifth bomb explodes – this time at a FedEx sorting facility just... more

29 Apr 2024 · 34 minutes
19 Days | 4. Theories

As terrified Eastside residents meet with leaders of the Austin community, the 600 plus local and federal authorities working around... more

22 Apr 2024 · 40 minutes
19 Days | 3. The Divide

The nephew of Esperanza “Hope” Herrera will drive across the country back to Austin when he hears what happened to... more

15 Apr 2024 · 36 minutes
19 Days | 2. 10 Days Later

Ten days after the mysterious first bomb, another package bomb detonates, killing 17 year-old music prodigy Draylen Mason and critically... more

08 Apr 2024 · 40 minutes
19 Days | 1. March 2nd, 2018

When a package mysteriously explodes on the front porch of a suburban home in Northeast Austin, killing homeowner and father... more

01 Apr 2024 · 39 minutes
Witnessed: 19 Days
A Friendly Stranger with A Terrifying Secret - My Friend the Serial Killer
Witnessed: 19 Days