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Humans And Machines
Humans And Machines

Humans and Machines: Demystify AI in Security AI in Security - hype or real? An important question aimed squarely at the increasingly critical... more

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UX and Visualizations: Dialog AND Dance w/ Noah Iliinsky | Ep. 13

Stephan is tickled to be joined by Noah Iliinsky, visualization extraordinaire, UX guru and author! Noah and Stephan discuss why... more

11 Nov 2021 · 26 minutes
Ep. 12 | Insider Threat AI, in the Real World | Jim Fitzsimmons

Jim Fitzsimmons, Cyber Security Principle at Control Risks, joins us on this episode of Humans & Machines to discuss one... more

23 Sep 2021 · 17 minutes
Ep. 11 | Canada: The Friendly Quantum Problem Solver | Brian O'Higgins

Cybersecurity has had a significant evolution with the growth of software and connected devices in order to keep up with... more

02 Sep 2021 · 31 minutes
Ep. 10 | Ethical and Responsible AI | Carole Piovesan

AI and machine learning can be used for good or for bad, however there is a third category that often... more

12 Aug 2021 · 17 minutes
Ep. 9 | Data-Driven Cybersecurity | Alex Pinto

With all the data science hype focused on what types of algorithms you are using, often the data used to... more

03 Aug 2021 · 20 minutes
Ep. 8 | Robot AI - Servers on Wheels | Julian Cerruti

When most people think about robotics, they think of large robot arms that package and move boxes. However, the future... more

06 Jul 2021 · 22 minutes
Ep. 7 | Blockchain and Security | Lorne Lantz

Blockchain has become a buzzword in our wold of technology leaving many to wonder what blockchain is and how can... more

23 Jun 2021 · 20 minutes
Ep. 6 | Quantum Computing and the Quantum Threat | Michele Mosca

Exciting advancements in quantum computing have led industry leaders to face the reality of a new cybersecurity threat and new... more

01 Jun 2021 · 27 minutes
SPECIAL SEGMENT | Colonial Pipeline Cyber Attack | Chris Anderson

The recent attack on the Colonial Pipeline has shed new light on security concerns relating to operational technology (OT) breaches,... more

13 May 2021 · 11 minutes
Ep. 5 | The Artificial Dog Ate My Homework | Chris Anderson

Regulation is an essential part of your cybersecurity organization. But how do you know if you are compliant? With multiple... more

12 May 2021 · 31 minutes
Humans And Machines
UX and Visualizations: Dialog AND Dance w/ Noah Iliinsky | Ep. 13
Humans And Machines