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Emerging Markets Today
Emerging Markets Today
Ana Paula Picasso

Your go-to source for in-depth insights and discussions on innovation, technology, startups, financial services, and social media in emerging markets - Latin... more

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Investing in "Unsexy Businesses": Finding Innovation in Latin America

This episode is all about innovation in Latin America! We're chatting about the new and exciting businesses in Latin America through... more

13 Sep 2023 路 27 minutes
The Future of Fintech in Emerging Markets

In this episode, we dive into the world of FinTech in emerging markets and discuss some key insights with our... more

23 Aug 2023 路 27 minutes
Africa: The Rise of Fintech in the Agribusiness Sector

This episode is all about the world of agribusiness in Africa and the unique challenges faced by small and medium... more

02 Aug 2023 路 23 minutes
Brazil's Fintech Boom and Crypto Landscape

From unbanked to crypto users, this episode we talked about the thriving financial sector of Brazil! 馃嚙馃嚪馃挵 I had the pleasure... more

12 Jul 2023 路 33 minutes
Financial Inclusion: The Good, The Bad and The Controversial

This episode is all about financial inclusion, from payment insfractrures to digital wallets and the token economy. In this episode, I... more

21 Jun 2023 路 30 minutes
From Glasgow to Uganda: The Innovative Tech Revolutionizing Malaria Diagnostics

In this episode is about on of the best tech innovation examples in emerging markets I've come across in the... more

31 May 2023 路 44 minutes
Reinventing Bangladesh's Private Healthcare Sector

This episode is all about challenges and opportunities in healthcare in emerging markets! In this episode, I had the pleasure of... more

26 Apr 2023 路 22 minutes
The Sustainable Coffee Revolution in Colombia

This episode is all about coffee, sustainability and innovation in Colombia! I had the pleasure of interviewing Cole Shephard, the founder... more

29 Mar 2023 路 29 minutes
Africa's Most Underrated Investment Sectors

*This is episode is not investiment advice* This episode is about 2 of the most underrated investment sectors in Africa: Education... more

28 Feb 2023 路 27 minutes
I Interviewed ChatGPT About Emerging Markets!

This is (almost) a totally AI powered episode! I asked few questions to ChatGPT, a language model trained by OpenAI, and... more

14 Feb 2023 路 9 minutes
Emerging Markets Today
Investing in "Unsexy Businesses": Finding Innovation in Latin America
Emerging Markets Today