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Vox Quick Hits
Vox Quick Hits

A bite-sized daily podcast from the Culture and The Goods teams at Vox that goes wherever our (and your!) pop culture and... more

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A ticket for a concert I never went to | The Best Money I Ever Spent

Writer Deepa Lakshmin explains how spending $29 on a concert ticket – for a show she didn’t even attend –... more

02 Aug 2021 · 9 minutes
The Green Knight is brilliant — and baffling | What to Watch

A swashbuckling tale of adventure that feels dragged out of the mists of time, the new A24 film stars Dev... more

30 Jul 2021 · 12 minutes
The Wonder Years, but make it books | Ask A Book Critic

A caller asks for books that feel like The Wonder Years. Vox book critic Constance Grady recommends three books that... more

26 Jul 2021 · 11 minutes
Gold medal-worthy movies and TV | What to Watch

This week: Sports! You had to know we were going to talk about sports, right? Yes, the long-overdue 2020 Tokyo... more

23 Jul 2021 · 15 minutes
Expired food is a myth | Tell Me More

It seems reasonable to assume that food packaging saying the contents are expired indicates inedible food. You can trust the... more

22 Jul 2021 · 16 minutes
K-pop is everywhere but on the radio | Tell Me More

K-pop is hugely popular worldwide, and boy band BTS’s “Dynamite” was virtually inescapable in 2020. And yet, the genre is... more

21 Jul 2021 · 16 minutes
TikTok made me buy it | Tell Me More

Just like teen getting famous on TikTok over night, products are now going viral on the platform. Vox’s in-house TikTok... more

20 Jul 2021 · 10 minutes
A Keurig that brought me closer to my mom | The Best Money I Ever Spent

Katherine Oung’s mother says “I love you” with plates of cut fruit. Katherine say it with cups of coffee. The Best... more

19 Jul 2021 · 11 minutes
Comedies you can watch in a weekend | What to Watch

Sometimes all you want to do on a sticky summer weekend is huddle up next to the air conditioner with... more

16 Jul 2021 · 12 minutes
The pros and cons of eating bugs | Tell Me More

In many parts of the world, insects are a regular part of people’s diets. That’s not the case in the... more

15 Jul 2021 · 14 minutes
Vox Quick Hits
A ticket for a concert I never went to | The Best Money I Ever Spent
Vox Quick Hits