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Those Trans Guys
Those Trans Guys
Peyton & Aiden

Welcome to my first podcast! I am doing a small introduction of my new podcast series and I hope you will stick... more

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Welcome back to a new episode! I hope you all enjoy the end of Nov and start of Dec. This... more

27 Nov 2021 · 8 minutes
Work place struggle.

Hi and welcome back to a new episode. This week I discuss the struggles of work places and how to... more

21 Oct 2021 · 9 minutes
World Differences

In this episode I talk about the world and how being trans or any LGBT part is different based on... more

22 Sep 2021 · 16 minutes
Trend Vs Real.

Hey, welcome back to a new episode! This week I discuss trend vs real when it comes to figuring out... more

15 Aug 2021 · 14 minutes

Hey guys, thanks for coming back for another new episode. This week I talk about all the updates and exciting... more

05 Aug 2021 · 7 minutes
Collab: part two.

Thank you so much for joining us for part two. I hope you enjoyed part one and make sure you... more

05 Aug 2021 · 1 hour, 21 minutes
Our First Collab

Hi all, we were so excited to do our first collab with Ashlee Braxton from the Happy Choice Podcast. Go... more

29 May 2021 · 1 hour, 22 minutes
Dating Toxicity Stories

Today we talk about our toxic dating relationship story that we went through in hopes it helps others out... more

17 May 2021 · 58 minutes
Manly Perceptions

This week we discuss what being a man means to us and our perception around it.

31 Mar 2021 · 28 minutes
Bedroom Hardships

Today we are talking about the struggles in the bedroom and navigating the ways to make it that much easier.

23 Mar 2021 · 27 minutes
Those Trans Guys
Those Trans Guys