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The BadassFabulous Podcast
The BadassFabulous Podcast
Pej. O

Want to go from a Beautiful Mess to a Fabulous Glory? Join Pej, also known as the "Chief Encouragement Officer" of the World,... more

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EP 027: It's a New Year! Eff Your Resolutions and Go within Instead!

Someone very wise said that the issue with most humans is that "we feel we have enough time." I believe... more

19 Jan 2022 · 25 minutes
EP 026: A Love Filled - BadassFabulous Christmas

This BadassFabulous Christmas season,Let it be filled with love and joy and laughter and fun!Let it be filled with unity... more

25 Dec 2021 · 13 minutes
EP 025: Enjoying Prayer Again - How to Pray and Get Your Prayers Answered

I know from my experience that prayer is so simple, yet it could be such a challenge to get into... more

18 Nov 2021 · 31 minutes
EP 024: Nadine Kelly - A Journey Outside the Comfort Zone.

Why is the comfort zone called the "comfort zone" when it's filled with managed discomfort? This managed discomfort manifests in... more

03 Nov 2021 · 54 minutes
EP 023: Introducing "Your Daily Badassery" -Enjoy the Journey

Introducing "Your Daily Badassery" which is a New Segment on the BadassFabulous Podcast which Pej created to support you on... more

26 Oct 2021 · 2 minutes
EP 022: New Year, Same You?

Free guided visualization meditation to help you become below! In today’s world, it’s so important to become; to become who... more

29 Sep 2021 · 14 minutes
EP 021: Make Decisions Boldly, Part 4: Your Loving and Enjoying Your Space

This episode brings us to the end of the awesome series of how you can Make Decisions Boldly! Today, Pej talked... more

10 Aug 2021 · 19 minutes
EP 020: Making Decisions Boldly PART 3: DEEP REST

Having a good night's sleep and being well-rested is key to having enough energy the next day to do all... more

23 Jul 2021 · 14 minutes
EP 019: Make Decisions Boldly - PART 2: Which Vision Drives You?

What vision do you have for your life? Do you have visions that drive and excite you, or do you... more

09 Jul 2021 · 21 minutes
EP 018: EP 018: Make decisions Boldly- Part 1

What drives your actions and decisions? - is it based on our nature and what we consume mainly? Or based on our... more

29 Jun 2021 · 16 minutes
The BadassFabulous Podcast
EP 027: It's a New Year! Eff Your Resolutions and Go within Instead!
The BadassFabulous Podcast