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Rule Breaker by Rebelle
Rule Breaker by Rebelle
Shannon Siriano Greenwood

If you’ve checked all the boxes, done everything you were supposed to do, and still don’t feel like you’re where you want... more

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EP 25: Dreaming Up a Global Lifestyle Brand with Founders of Keva Style, Eva Harris and Ginny Ball

When I was growing up, big cities were the center of everything new and exciting.   I remember going to New York... more

13 Apr 2021 · 49 minutes
EP 24: Building Connections Through Book Clubs with BookClubz Co-Founder, Nancy Brown

Today my guest is breaking a rule that I never thought would come up on this show.   Nancy Brown is the... more

06 Apr 2021 · 40 minutes
EP 23: Holding Space with Bonkosi Horn

I realize my tagline for this episode is a little cryptic, but when I was listening to this interview this... more

16 Mar 2021 · 36 minutes
EP 22: PUTTING IT OUT THERE with Marissa Mullen of That Cheese Plate

I have a confession to make, or maybe a proclamation, that I’m super proud of.   I am not afraid to email... more

02 Mar 2021 · 53 minutes
EP 21: Filling the Gaps with Akta Adani

When I was in college, I did an internship with a company called Honest Tea. You may have heard of... more

23 Feb 2021 · 34 minutes
EP 20: Redefining the Rules of Personal Disclosure with Therapist, Meghan Watson

We are living in a time where “vulnerability” and “authenticity” are buzz words, thrown around like confetti.   We say we admire... more

16 Feb 2021 · 33 minutes
EP 19: Making Your Own Rules with Olivia June

Always on this show, we are talking with women who are doing things differently.   But as I have come to learn... more

09 Feb 2021 · 50 minutes
EP 18: Staying In Your Zone of Genius with Jen Olmstead

This episode is really for my marketing junkies and small business owners.   My guest today is a website designer and brilliant... more

02 Feb 2021 · 40 minutes
EP 17: Owning Your Story with Hillary Rea

I’m just going to say this right away (and if you are offended by it, you can go back to... more

26 Jan 2021 · 41 minutes
EP 16: Ladies Get Paid with Claire Wasserman

Obvi on this podcast, we are talking about breaking rules—but the more episodes we do, the more I realize so... more

19 Jan 2021 · 41 minutes
Rule Breaker by Rebelle
EP 25: Dreaming Up a Global Lifestyle Brand with Founders of Keva Style, Eva Harris and Ginny Ball
Rule Breaker by Rebelle