Let's Grow, Girls

Let's Grow, Girls

Sarah + Nicole
Nov 27, 2020 45 min

Growing English Garden Roses with Katya from London Blooms

Do you stare at other peoples wonderful rose bushes in wonder?! Have no idea how to prune them or keep them healthy, or have you been too intimidated to grow them so far? This is the episode for you! We're joined by Katya, whose glorious Instagram feed is always filled with the most incredible roses. She brings advice on how to grow your own roses for cutting, the best varieties, the best companion plants for roses and so much more. She is a fascinating guest with a really interesting story and we are so grateful to have had an insight into her little slice of paradise. Enjoy this episode! You can follow Katya here. Let's Grow, Girls is a podcast for people who are keen to learn to grow their own beautiful cut flowers. Perhaps you just want some long lasting, fresh flowers for the house, or you want to know how to start a flower farm. Join flower friends Sarah and Nicole for lots of laughs, expert interviews and flowery inspiration! Join the LGG Facebook group here for top tips from guests and to make some flowery friends!
Nov 20, 2020 45 min

Flowers: From Hobby To Business with Flowers From The Farm UK

In this week’s episode we speak to Carole and Justine, co-chairs if Flowers From The Farm, an organisation dedicated to helping those of us with cut flower patches turn their dream into a reality - starting our very own flower farm that makes our hobby into an actual business! So if you ever wondered how to start a flower farm and how this wonderful group of flower growers can help you turn your dream into a reality, then hit play now! Find your local flower farm or join FFTF here. Join our Facebook group full of flowery friends!
Nov 13, 2020 46 min

No Dig Cut Flower Basics with Charles Dowding

This week Charles Dowding gives us the step-by-step to achieving a weed free cut flower patch with his No-Dig method. It's simple, easy and Charles is totally fascinating. So if you haven't started digging your beds yet, put that spade down! Yeah you! We're talking about how to go No-Dig, why you should, and the benefits of giving up the shovel. Check out Charles' Website for more of his wisdom! Let's Grow, Girls is a podcast for people who are keen to learn to grow their own beautiful cut flowers. Join flower friends Sarah and Nicole for lots of laughs, expert interviews and flowery inspiration.
Nov 06, 2020 51 min

How To Grow Super Sweet Peas with Roger Parsons

Oh boy, do we have an absolute king of a guest today! The man, the myth, the legend Roger Parsons is joining us to talk all the things sweet peas. They are such a staple in the cutting garden, and if you want to add flounce and fragrance when growing your own cut flowers - you really have to get growing them now! Roger reveals when to sow for optimum results based on where you are in the UK (sorry overseas listeners!), how to pinch, grow tidily, save seeds and so, so much more. This episode is a wealth of knowledge for those of you looking to up your sweet pea game! Click here to join our Facebook group and access the notes on Roger's favourite varieties and how to purchase them!
Oct 30, 2020 46 min

Digging Up the Dahlias

It's that dreaded time of the year - time to dig up the dahlia tubers! Well, get your waterproofs on, and take us along with you for the ride. Talking through the ins and outs of the process for complete beginners, and cracking some great jokes for those of you who've done it before and are just here for the company. If you're looking to start a cut flower garden, or grow your own cut flower bunches, then dahlias are definitely on your radar. Host Nicole is affectionately known as the Dahlia Queen over on Instagram so she will be sitting in as the guest this week to talk about how, when and why to dig yours up. And then there's also the debate of when, and how to divide - and then how and where to store them until we're ready to release them next spring! Let's Grow, Girls is the flowery corner of the internet for everyone interested in growing their own flowers. Join Sarah and Nicole as they interview experts from across the world and discover the secret to beautiful, long lasting homegrown flowers (with some terrible Dad jokes along the way!)
Oct 23, 2020 26 min

Spring Bulbs with Fam Flower Farm

Marlies and Linda from Fam Flower farm join us in our flowery corner of the internet to talk all things bulbs! If you're hoping to add tulips or daffodils to your cut flower garden this year then this is the episode for you. Covering how, when, which varieties to plant and so much more it was truly a joy to have them as our guests today! They both make such incredible, long lasting cut flowers and come in such beautiful variations that they're a must if you're hoping to grow your own cut flowers. And hey, even if you don't need the sales pitch from us and you're already growing tulips - perhaps we can keep you company while you complete the back breaking labour!
Oct 17, 2020 40 min

Autumn Sowing + Introductions

It's time to get growing, flowery girls and boys! Today's topic is autumn sowing, the process of sowing seeds and overwintering them for stronger plants the next year. What to autumn sow, what we're autumn sowing and general seed chat!
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