The Forensic Psychology Podcast

The Forensic Psychology Podcast

HM Prison & Probation Service
Oct 22, 2020 46 min

What is an ideal environment for change?

Dr. Jamie Bennett is Deputy Director for the Operational Security Group in HM Prison and Probation Service. He was previously Governor of HMP Long Lartin, a high security prison, and HMP Grendon, the only prison to operate entirely as a series of therapeutic communities. He is Editor of the Prison Service Journal. Richard Shuker is Head of Psychology and research at HMP Grendon. He is editor for the book series Issues in Forensic Psychology, and specialises in therapeutic communities and risk assessment.
Oct 15, 2020 48 min

An Introduction to Forensic Psychology

Dr. Jo Bailey is Head of the Psychology Services Group in HM Prison and Probation Service. Chloe Dafe is a trainee forensic psychologist for HM Prison and Probation Service. Kazemian, L., & Farrington, D. (2018) Advancing knowledge about residual criminal careers: A follow-up to age 56 from the cambridge study in delinquent development. Walton, J. S. (2019) The evolutionary basis of belonging: Its relevance to denial of offending and labelling those who offend.
Sep 23, 2020 4 min

Meet Sally and Kerensa