Talking Moves

Talking Moves

Greenwich Dance
Oct 23, 2020 43 min

The Summer of the Zoom Class

We talk to Maria Ghoumrassi and Wendy Steatham about the ways in which they have adapted their teaching to accommodate the need to be online. They discuss their initial fears and approaches, the ways in which they have explored the functionality and played with the format, how they structure their classes and most importantly… how to deal with the rogue pet dog!
Oct 08, 2020 42 min

Exhilarating or Exhausting: Staying Creative Through Covid

In this episode we talk to John Darvell and Emma Houston about the challenges of staying creative through Covid. Have they relished the opportunity to rethink their work amidst changing social behaviours? Or been weighed down by the pressures of diminished finances and cancelled contracts?
Sep 14, 2020 0 min

Talking Moves: Trailer

Greenwich Dance presents Talking Moves, the brand-new podcast where artists come together to share practice, experience and ideas. Designed for dance professionals, we put artists centre stage, upfront, in the spotlight, at the microphone so they can talk about the ideas and issues that move them.