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On the Wavelength
On the Wavelength

FRQNCY Media is a first-of-its-kind podcast production and audio innovation company that meets you where you are – whether you want to... more

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Is Monetizing a Branded Podcast Worth It?

Thinking about monetizing your podcast with traditional ad placements? Before you do, listen to this audio reading of our Digital... more

05 Apr 2023 · 6 minutes
Why Podcasting Matters Now More Than Ever

Listen to this audio reading of our CEO/Founder Michelle Khouri's latest article about why podcasting is so different than any other... more

15 Apr 2022 · 5 minutes
Immersive Case Study: InCharge with DVF

Forget everything you know about case studies, and listen to our immersive storytelling experience about FRQNCY’s role in producing InCharge... more

09 Jul 2021 · 8 minutes
The Secret to Success? Embrace Your Feminine Side

Listen to this audio reading of our CEO/Founder Michelle Khouri's latest article about why feminine leadership is just plain good... more

01 Jun 2021 · 7 minutes
Behind the Wavelength: Evolution Embodied

Bold colors, disco collages, and vintage photos. FRQNCY Media's new brand is equal parts embodiment of its evolution, ode to... more

14 Sep 2020 · 12 minutes
Behind the Wavelength: When Purpose Aligns

When FRQNCY Founder & CEO Michelle Khouri first hired Jessica Olivier, now FRQNCY's Lead Content Strategist, for her company prior... more

14 Sep 2020 · 16 minutes
Behind the Wavelength: Meet the New FRQNCY

Two years ago, FRQNCY Media made its debut. Now that we’re coming out of our sophomore year, we’ve gained a... more

14 Sep 2020 · 4 minutes
Behind the Wavelength: The Great Rewind

Listen in as FRQNCY Media Producer Enna Garkusha joins Founder & CEO Michelle Khouri to reminisce about FRQNCY's evolution, including... more

14 Sep 2020 · 25 minutes
Meet the Fam: DonTaé Hodge, Sound Engineer

DonTaé Hodge is one of FRQNCY Media's all-star sound engineers. He is a master at recording both on-location and in-studio... more

02 Dec 2019 ·
Meet the Fam: Becca Godwin, Executive Assistant & Content Support

Becca Godwin is the executive assistant to FRQNCY Media's CEO, associate producer of The Cultured Podcast, and all-star researcher on... more

02 Dec 2019 · 1 minute
On the Wavelength
Is Monetizing a Branded Podcast Worth It?
On the Wavelength