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Physicians On Purpose®️
Physicians On Purpose®️
Dike Drummond MD

In the battle with burnout - these are the tools and stories to inspire those who choose to be physicians on purpose.

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62. Teresa Cardador PhD - Status Leveling Gender Bias for Women Physicians

Women in male-dominated professions still face unique challenges in today's society. One such profession is Medicine, where female physicians often... more

23 May 2023 · 34 minutes
61. Tom Davis MD - Career Freedom and Location-Independent Work for Physicians

Are you contemplating on having freedom and flexibility in your medical career? Do you want to break free from the... more

16 May 2023 · 26 minutes
60. Elizabeth Hughes MD: Doctors Emotionally Abusive Relationship With Our Careers

Are you ready to redefine your relationship with your career?  In this insightful episode, I had the pleasure of speaking... more

09 May 2023 · 29 minutes
59. Umbereen S. Nehal, MD, MPH: How to Talk with Business Managers

The world of healthcare management operates under a different set of rules than the medical world, and adapting one's communication... more

02 May 2023 · 28 minutes
58. David Graham MD: Physicians, Shame, Burnout and the Little Voice in Your Head

In this episode, the topic of shame and guilt among physicians is explored. We delve into the question of whether... more

25 Apr 2023 · 38 minutes
57. Take Back Your Practice - Reframe Failure and Get Started Now

Doctors are trained to be experts in their field, mastering complex concepts and performing life-saving procedures. However, despite their extensive... more

18 Apr 2023 · 13 minutes
56. Stop Physician Burnout - This Master Plan Will Take Back Your Practice

Are you ready to optimize your career as a physician, understand the power of saying "no", and achieve goal clarity... more

14 Mar 2023 · 11 minutes
55. Take Back Your Practice Step One - Your Ideal Job Description

Physicians are faced with a unique set of challenges in their profession. They must balance providing quality care to patients... more

21 Feb 2023 · 12 minutes
The Origins of Your Practice Overwhelm - the Drivers of the Whirlwind

Choosing to become a doctor is an honorable decision that can bring meaning, fulfillment, and joy to your life, but... more

14 Feb 2023 · 10 minutes
53. The Lightworker vs. the Whirlwind - 63% Burnout Means We are Losing this Battle

A recent survey of physician burnout found that 63% of doctors experience at least one symptom of burnout every single... more

07 Feb 2023 · 6 minutes
Physicians On Purpose®️
62. Teresa Cardador PhD - Status Leveling Gender Bias for Women Physicians
Physicians On Purpose®️