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Podcasting Advice
Podcasting Advice
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Bite-sized actionable tips and advice on all aspects of podcasting.

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How to Write Great Podcast Shownotes

Your podcast shownotes can often be a bit of an afterthought. But they can really help you to grow your... more

18 Dec 2020 · 12 minutes
How to Record a Podcast

Learn how to record a podcast, from quick, easy methods, to high quality, pro approaches. Planning, gear, and software are... more

18 Dec 2020 · 12 minutes
Podcast Transcription: How to Get Your Show Transcribed

What’s the best podcast transcription service? Learn ways to make your audio more accessible and discoverable.

18 Nov 2020 · 11 minutes
Podcast Tips: 7 Strategies to Build a Successful Show that Thrives

How do you make a successful podcast that’ll last the long haul? Here are 7 podcast tips to help your... more

06 Nov 2020 · 9 minutes
How to Write a Great Podcast Description

A podcast’s description can make or break the growth of a show. Here’s how to get it right.

02 Oct 2020 · 12 minutes
How to Publish a Podcast

Wondering how to upload a podcast to the internet? Here’s every step to make your show live to your eager... more

02 Oct 2020 · 10 minutes
Podcast Names: What Should I Call My Podcast?

Are descriptive podcast names the “best”, or should you get more creative? Here’s how to choose a name that best... more

01 Sep 2020 · 11 minutes
Podcast Download Numbers: What’s a Good Gauge for My Podcast?

Can you measure the success of your show purely by its download numbers?

31 Aug 2020 · 8 minutes
What is a Podcast? An Explanation in Plain English

What is a podcast? Our plain-English explanation, with examples of what they sound like, what’s popular and how to listen.

19 Aug 2020 · 9 minutes
Music Copyright: Can I Use a Song in my Podcast?

Music copyright is a thorny subject. Can you use a song that’s been copyrighted in your podcast?

19 Aug 2020 · 8 minutes
Podcasting Advice
How to Write Great Podcast Shownotes
Podcasting Advice