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One Mic Black History
One Mic Black History
Michael Motley jr

Join us as we dive deep into the lesser-known aspects of Black History. This podcast is your compass to navigate the intricacies... more

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The FORGOTTEN Creators of Country Music

Country music, often seen as a white rural American music genre, has roots deeply woven into various musical traditions, many... more

17 May 2024 · 11 minutes
The Forgotten Black Cowboys

The cowboy, often seen as a symbol of the American West, actually has its roots in Spanish colonization. It wasn't... more

03 May 2024 · 12 minutes
Why Black Folks Hate Tipping

What is the history of the sterotype between Black folks and Tipping, and why to Black folks hate tipping?Audio Onemichistory.comFollow... more

21 Apr 2024 · 10 minutes
The History of The Black Easter

Easter is a celebration rich in history and tradition, marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ, believed to have occurred three... more

01 Apr 2024 · 13 minutes
Why Black Folks love Corn Bread

Did you know cornbread is one of America's oldest culinary treasures? Native Americans were the first to unlock the potential... more

25 Mar 2024 · 10 minutes
Why Black Folks love Banana Pudding

Banana pudding, a dessert often featuring layers of vanilla custard, crispy vanilla wafers or ladyfingers, and freshly sliced bananas, is... more

18 Mar 2024 · 7 minutes
James Hemings, The Enslaved French Chef

James Hemings is acknowledged for the introduction of culinary delights such as macaroni and cheese, crème brûlée, meringue, whipped cream,... more

01 Mar 2024 · 10 minutes
How a Black Man created Buffalo Wings

The history of buffalo wings centers around the Anchor Bar, a establishment in Buffalo, New York. However, a lesser-known, story... more

23 Feb 2024 · 8 minutes
The REMARKABLE Life of Malcolm X

Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925, in Omaha, Nebraska, emerged as a pivotal Muslim minister and civil... more

14 Feb 2024 · 25 minutes
How "In Living Color" Created the Super Bowl Halftime Show

In 1991, during one of FOX's regular staff meetings, FOX president Jamie Kellner started talking about the Super Bowl, Kellner... more

12 Feb 2024 · 8 minutes
One Mic Black History
The FORGOTTEN Creators of Country Music
One Mic Black History