That's a Hobby

That's a Hobby

Ash Zade
Nov 04, 2020 14 min

Podcasting - How to Start, Market, and Challenges

This week I get meta, check my mic, and tell you how the sausage is made: why I started this podcast, how I structure them, how I publish and promote it, and hopefully rekindle something to keep going. Show notes: Videos:
Oct 28, 2020 14 min

Witchcraft - History, Modern Witches, and Crafting

I dive into the world of witches and witchcraft, which has seen a resurgence in the last decade. What does it mean to be a witch? What does practicing witchcraft look like? Is it harmful? Show Notes: Videos:
Oct 21, 2020 14 min

Conspiracy Theories - Psychology, Types, and Real Conspiracies

I try to figure out what really happened and what's really going on by learning about conspiracy theories, why they're so prevalent right now, and the type of people who rarely believe what they're told, and how often they end up being true. Show notes: Videos:
Oct 14, 2020 13 min

Unsolved Mysteries - True Crime and Internet Vigilantism

I pin up pictures and articles on my wall, attach strings to pins to connect the dots, and try to solve some unsolved mysteries. People can't get enough of true crime and with the Internet and the speed of social media, it's not a surprise that people are taking it upon themselves to crack open cold cases and find clues that detectives have missed. Show note: Videos:
Oct 07, 2020 15 min

Ghost Hunting - History, Techniques, and Cleansing

It's October so this month Im going to focus on more morbid hobbies. I light some candles, turn on a fog machine, and try to channel the other side. I learn all about ghosts across time and cultures, study common ghost hunting techniques, and try to detect paranormal activity in my house. Show notes: Videos:
Sep 30, 2020 15 min

Hypermiling - Techniques for Efficient Driving

I squeeze every mile out of gallon of gas in my cars to save some money and just because I can. I try some safe and somewhat unsafe ways of making my gas guzzling cars more efficient while trying not to be a victim of road rage. Show notes: Videos
Sep 23, 2020 12 min

Comic Books - Eras, Graphic Novels, and Going Digital

I get the best seat on the sofa, a bowl of salty snacks, and dive in the world of super powers and cliff hangers with a stack of comic books. I explore the different eras of comic books, talk about discovering graphic novels, and how digital comic books changed everything. Show notes: Videos:
Sep 16, 2020 11 min

Dog Grooming - Creative and Competitive

I grab some milkbone treats, tell my dog he's a good boy, and give him a makeover. Through necessity, I learn how to groom my cockapoo, Waffle, and learn to respect groomers. I learn about the controversial world of creative dog grooming and its competitions. And finally, I try to figure out what dogs think about all of this. Show notes: Videos:
Sep 09, 2020 11 min

Reddit - The Front-page of the Internet

I scroll endlessly through Reddit, the so called "front-page of the Internet", and go down rabbit hole after rabbit hole in an effort to learn something useful to justify the time I spend on the largest community-based site on the Internet. I talk about how I curb bad habits, including focusing and system thinking. Show notes: Videos:
Sep 02, 2020 11 min

Coffee - From Cuba to Chemex

This week I grind medium roast beans fine but not too fine, I get the water the exact right temperature, and I use one of the many coffee brewing techniques to try to make the perfect cup of coffee. I talk about learning to love coffee in Cuba and my experiences with the classic drip coffee machine, a French Press, and Chemex pour over coffee maker. Show notes: