Money Career & Motherhood Podcast

Money Career & Motherhood Podcast

Janice Scholl
Dec 01, 2020 47 min

Ep 36: Helping your strong-willed child grow into a healthy, self-sufficient adult with parenting coach Kelly Nault

Kelly Nault and I talk about the importance of going back to the basics with our kids – teaching the life skills everyone needs to know to become independent, not just the fun extracurriculars many families are focused on in today’s world. We also talk about the unique challenges of parenting a strong-willed child, and how to channel your strong-willed child’s need for control into the attributes we want our kids to exhibit as adults.
Nov 24, 2020 22 min

Ep 35: Foundations for a healthy relationship with money

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the foundations for a healthy relationship for money, to set you up for success with the changes you want to make in your financial life. You can focus all your efforts on improving your money habits, but that’s only one part of a strong money foundation. If you have a strong understanding of these money foundations and can identify which areas you need work in, you can create a plan to strengthen your family’s finances based on your specific needs.
Nov 17, 2020 48 min

Ep 34: Family culture and finances with Christie Lazo

What do we do when we want to instill beliefs different from those of our parents into our own children? In this episode, I’m talking with Christie Lazo, host of the Vida with Christie podcast about culture and finance. We discuss her family’s immigration to Canada when she was a child, how she goes against cultural norms in how she and her husband are raising their daughter, and the significant impact culture and parenting has on our adult beliefs and expectations surrounding money.
Nov 10, 2020 34 min

Ep 33: The importance of controlling your online image with Hilary Sutton

Whether we mean to or not, we all project an image of who we are, both online and off and it’s often our online image that creates a first impression. This week I’m talking with Hillary Sutton about what personal branding really means, and the simple but often overlooked steps everyone should take to be in control of their online image. We also discuss the challenge and importance of managing your personal brand when returning from a career break, and how to create a thriving professional and personal l
Nov 03, 2020 35 min

Ep 32: Build Your Best Family with Kimberly Amici

What do you do when you build the life you always had planned for yourself – the prominent career, active family, thriving social life, contributing community member – but it doesn’t feel the way you imagined it would? Instead of a sense of fullness, you just feel overwhelmed? In today’s episode, I’m talking with Kimberly Amici, founder of Build Your Best Family. She helps her clients define and create a purposeful family culture by starting with one question – What do you want your family to be
Oct 27, 2020 24 min

Ep 31: Should you take a career break?

According to a recent Women in the Workplace 2020 report by McKinsey and LeanIn, 1 out of 4 women are considering a leave of absence or stepping out of the workforce at this time. COVID has placed working women under a greater burden of workload, stress, and risk. In today’s episode, I’m providing mothers with a framework to help them decide if a career break is right for them. If after this episode you’re a mom still trying to figure things out, book a FREE 30-minute career break strategy session tod
Oct 20, 2020 40 min

Ep 30: Life and leadership as a Millennial with Dr. Jennifer Wisdom

It’s a challenging time in the workforce, particularly for many Millennials as they are vying for their first leadership positions in the midst of a challenging economic environment and a global pandemic. Join me for an eye-opening look at careers and life as a Millennial with Dr. Jennifer Wisdom, author, and host of the Millennium Wisdom podcast. Whether you’re a Millennial looking to get ahead at work, or a Boomer trying to figure out what makes your Millennial employees tick, this episode is for you.
Oct 13, 2020 44 min

Ep 29: How to raise a math person with Allison Dillard

Have you ever thought you’ll never be able to help your kid succeed in math because you’re just “not a math person”? Or maybe you suspect your kid is experiencing math anxiety and don’t really know what to do about it. Learn the truth about what a “math person” really is in my conversation with Allison Dillard, founder of Raise a Math Person and host of the new Allison Loves Math podcast.
Oct 06, 2020 23 min

Ep 28: Getting involved with your family’s financial planning with Gaea Verneris

Research shows that despite growth in income by women in recent years, many remain less confident in their finances than men. In today’s episode, I’m talking with Gaea Verneris, Financial Advisor and Owner of Legacy One Financial about the importance of women being involved in their family’s planning process, as well as ways women can start learning about financial planning without getting overwhelmed by the tons of opinions available online.
Sep 29, 2020 39 min

Ep 27: Cultivating professional relationships through LinkedIn with Janice Porter

We’re most likely to find our next job opportunity or client through our existing network, but growing and cultivating professional relationships in the time of COVID is challenging. Janice Porter, LinkedIn strategist, networking coach, and host of the Relationships Rule Podcast is here to teach us how to develop relationships, not just make connections, through LinkedIn. If you’ve got limited time to grow your network, or hate mixers and professional events, this episode is for you.