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The Writing Record
The Writing Record

The Writing Record is a place to unpack the creative process, content links to jumpstart creativity, and a reminder that our art... more

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11.19.21 - The Writing Record on Hold

Hi friends, It pains me to do this. It pains me to let go of projects I enjoy doing so much,... more

19 Nov 2021 · 3 minutes
10.29.21 - Soapbox rant on thinking locally, 2 spooky movies, 2 links to inspire

Hi there, Back on track! I've been thinking this month of not only spooky things, but how to be more actively... more

29 Oct 2021 · 20 minutes
10.8.21 - Imperfection is liberation, starting a one-man show, and a film rec.

Just working on things. And processing. Much love. j cruzfolio.com/descheveler

09 Oct 2021 · 15 minutes
9.24.21 I made a movie a long time ago, thanks to my amazing friends, and my own delusion.

Hi there, We made a film a while back. I think it's time I celebrate my friends' performances in this project.... more

24 Sep 2021 ·
9.17.21 - RIP Norm, 3 links to inspire you, and quantum tunneling on my mind

Hi there, Here's a few things on my mind and some links to get the creative brain jumpstarted: Norm Macdonald passed this... more

17 Sep 2021 · 16 minutes
9.10.21 - What The Matrix taught me about writing, links to inspire you, and Matrix Resurrections trailer

Hi there, Here's a few things that jumpstarted my creativity this week: The Matrix Resurrection trailer is here! A few thoughts about... more

11 Sep 2021 · 21 minutes
9.3.21 - Rest in peace, merv.

Hi there, Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Mervyn McManus' death. I found out about it on the anniversary of... more

03 Sep 2021 · 16 minutes
8.27.21 - 3 things to inspire you, choosing to do nothing, and that time I reached for religion the other day

Hi friends, Here we go! Let's talk about the following 3 links, because they inspired me plenty. Teslabot announced. Celebrating portraitist Hung Liu. This poem... more

27 Aug 2021 ·
8.13.21 - Collaborating with technology, CLOSAT to organize our writer thoughts, and a list of stuff to inspire you

Hi there, here's a rant for creatives! I talk about my love and hesitation to collaborate with technology. I wonder if the... more

13 Aug 2021 ·
8.6.21 - Deleting files like an idiot, and some links to inspire writers

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved Writing Record! I feel there is purpose in the air. Check it out! I'd... more

06 Aug 2021 · 33 minutes
The Writing Record
11.19.21 - The Writing Record on Hold
The Writing Record
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