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Doing It Wrong
Doing It Wrong
Rainie Toll and Darcy Neureiter

Being in your twenties is kind of like walking directionless in a vast field and then being hit by someone on a... more

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Lavender Calvin Klein G String

It’s time to choose team captains for the age old thong vs panty debate. Rainie and Darcy adopt diametrically opposed... more

14 Jan 2021 · 18 minutes
20s on 20th on 2020

Oh 2020, you venomous assailant with a penchant for dismay. We’ll be processing this trip around the sun long into... more

30 Dec 2020 · 30 minutes
Michael Barbaro in a Leotard at the Disco

The season of Spotify Wrapped is upon us. Get ready to click through hundreds of “top artist” instagram stories and... more

17 Dec 2020 · 35 minutes
I wrote a hit play! And I'm in love with you!

No one depicts a high powered dweeb experiencing the agony of identity dysphoria and unrequited love better than Wes Anderson... more

01 Dec 2020 · 36 minutes
Lifestyles of the Anxious and Famous

Ever wondered what it’s like to execute a Robert Di Niro Scorsese film level performances, engineer theatre kid reality tv... more

15 Nov 2020 · 56 minutes
Proposition 1000

Let’s talk politics. If you've already voted, good on you, you shining example of civic engagement and participatory democracy, this... more

23 Oct 2020 · 39 minutes
Miranda Writes

Moments of startling clarity can come at unexpected times. Like last weekend when I was standing on the porch of... more

09 Oct 2020 · 53 minutes
If You Get Murdered, I'll Avenge Your Death

Another week as a twenty something, another week getting bitch slapped by your own short- comings. We’ve talked about romance... more

23 Sep 2020 · 32 minutes
Dead Cat September

The journey to journaling, doesn’t always have to entail navigating a collection of bizarre and disturbing events that culminate in... more

09 Sep 2020 · 41 minutes
Anti-Capitalist on Monday, Fintech Bro on Sunday

Oh, the Modern Day Villain--you know who we’re talking about-- finance guy who aggressively orders to-go salads on his bluetooth... more

20 Aug 2020 · 32 minutes
Doing It Wrong
Lavender Calvin Klein G String
Doing It Wrong