Doing It Wrong

Doing It Wrong

Rainie Toll and Darcy Neureiter
Oct 23, 2020 39 min

Proposition 1000

Let’s talk politics. If you've already voted, good on you, you shining example of civic engagement and participatory democracy, this will give you further insight on some of those decisions. If you haven't voted, we forgive your procrastination, there's still time to be a civic hero, and we produced this episode to give you precious intel on all those bubbles you're about to fill in. Consider this your quick n dirty guide to some of the most critical initiatives on the Colorado ballot folks. Today we dive into the nitty gritty of all those measures you've been neglecting to research because active participation in our democracy has never been more dire. Or fun. Topics included: abortion ban, climate change policies, flipping the Senate, rise and fall of the electoral college, paid family leave programs, the pitfalls of capitalism (again!), and views on high-speed internet for all. Colorado Ballot Guide Resources: Colorado Public Radio, for statewide measures: Denverite, for Denver specific ballot measures: The Colorado Sun, for well researched and holistic explanations:
Oct 09, 2020 53 min

Miranda Writes

Moments of startling clarity can come at unexpected times. Like last weekend when I was standing on the porch of a home that wasn’t mine and someone asked me where I was going. I quite obviously took the question figuratively and realized with a jolt that I have absolutely no idea where I am going at any given time. This week we talk to Miranda Whitney, who experienced a critical moment of clarity standing in the doorway of her mother’s bedroom. In a stroke of lucidity, Miranda commenced her recovery journey from an all-consuming alcohol addiction. We follow Miranda’s path from middle school in Denver through college in Oxford, Ohio. We discuss anxiety, depression, addiction, and strategies for living amongst it all. Prepare to be delighted, captivated, and then brought to tears. You have the right to remain silent. But you also have the right to say whatever the fuck you want. And that’s what Miranda did. Content Warning: This episode contains themes and explicit descriptions of addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness Find Miranda Whitney's writing here: This week Doing It Wrong is donating to Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective whose mission is to facilitate emotional healthcare and healing for Black communities through education, advocacy, and the creative arts. Join us here-
Sep 23, 2020 32 min

If You Get Murdered, I'll Avenge Your Death

Another week as a twenty something, another week getting bitch slapped by your own short- comings. We’ve talked about romance and sexual chaos, but this week we discuss what is arguably the joy and nectar of the universe: Friends. They make it all bearable. They give you life, they push you to go out when you shouldn’t, they hold you accountable, they contribute to your personhood, but they also change. And you change. In your twenties, the friendship tracks that have been reliably parallel often diverge and then take turns and dives. This week we talk about the challenges of navigating ever-evolving friendships in your twenties and how our friends can precipitate personal reckonings and critical periods of self-development. Topics Included: coffin friends, the risk of actually caring, well-intentioned stand-offs, why we are the way we are, self-reliance, hypocrisy, the most beautiful parts of friendship. This week, we're donating to Abortion Access For All to honor Ruth Bader Ginsberg's legacy and help prevent the ban of abortions in Colorado. The money will work to prevent Prop 115 from being passed in November- a Colorado bill that forces women to continue pregnancies without exceptions for risks to her health, even in cases of rape. Join us below.
Sep 09, 2020 41 min

Dead Cat September

The journey to journaling, doesn’t always have to entail navigating a collection of bizarre and disturbing events that culminate in a sea of despair, but for Rainie it did, and we couldn’t be prouder. Her path included but was not limited to: cats bleeding out in alleyways, speaking with the National Guard naked, the discovery of a tragic food allergy, and, of course, The Hunger Games trilogy. This week as we enter the gateway of hell, oh I’m sorry freudian slip- as we enter the month of September we strive to re-examine what seems like the impossiblity of it all with vacant- sorry, fresh- eyes. This week we talk revelations about job search strategies, the ramifications of imposter syndrome, and screaming into the internet void. Topics Included: slippery slopes, seasonal depression, the worst omen of all time, speaking to the national guard completely naked, not being political pundits, FOMO as a business model, being violently allergic to eggplant, hunger games as real life, the attention industrial complex, email newsletter addiction, the anti-film bro, communes + escapism This week we're partnering with sustainable jewelry brand Down to the Wire for an exclusive 50% off offer on any order. Listen through this episode for the promocode and then check out all their adornment possibilities here and give them a follow This week Doing It Wrong donated to the Homeless Black Trans Woman Fund that works to support black and brown trans communities experiencing homelessness in Atlanta. Join us here:
Aug 20, 2020 32 min

Anti-Capitalist on Monday, Fintech Bro on Sunday

Oh, the Modern Day Villain--you know who we’re talking about-- finance guy who aggressively orders to-go salads on his bluetooth headset, and believes in both meritocracy and nepotism. Do we despise him? But of course. Do we have darker, complicated desires to emulate his power? Have sexual fantasies about him? The answer is probably yes. Today, our neighborhood friend Anna Stenson, joins us to discuss judging character through career choices, “The Consultant”, leading happy lives with evil jobs, the fear invoked by LinkedIn, and perhaps most importantly, what not to wear to your ACT prep tutoring gig. Topics included: sexual attraction to fintech, the modern-day hero, the modern-day villain, the duality of woman, pantsuit goals, the consultant complex, postgraduate body slams, an abundance of insecurities, having 15-year-old co-workers, networking at 7 am without coffee, loafers from Goodwill This week we're donating to Fair Fight, an organization founded by Stacey Abrams that promotes fair elections in Georgia and across the nation while encouraging voter participation and providing voter education on elections and voting rights. Join us here
Aug 10, 2020 25 min

Okay Golden Boy

As a college soccer player, serial monogamist, engineering major, American male who does the dishes, and all-around golden boy, we can’t really relate to Darcy’s brother, Luke. Except, of course, in humanity’s common denominators, such as rejection, breakups, and fear of being alone. This week we take a peek into the mind of Darcy’s younger brother, a Good Guy who just can’t seem to get out of long term relationships. What makes him tick? What allows him to find love so easily? What does he have that we don’t besides different genitalia and college-level physics knowledge? Topics Included: moving fast and breaking things, the importance of vulnerability, subconscious intentions, weaponizing social media, jubilation as the greatest lesson This week, we're donating to the Elijah McClain Fund organized by his mother, Sheenen McClain. The fundraiser seeks to raise money for legal fees as the McClain family seeks justice, and to fund a foundation in McClain's name that will help the black community and victims of police brutality. Elijah McClain was 23 when he was killed by three Aurora Police Officers in August of 2019. Join us here:
Aug 04, 2020 34 min

Gen Z Sis

Yes, we are two zillenials facing existential quandaries. But, like many mortals, we also have siblings, and those siblings are also navigating their very own crises. Join us for our very first live-action interview with our Gen Z correspondent, May Toll-- tech expert, activist, and craftswoman extraordinaire. Also Rainie’s sister. We dive into the urgent issue that is TikTok and discuss how tech and the internet have shaped our lived experiences and what they might look like in the future. Then, we talk to May about what it means to be existential at 18 as opposed to 23 and try to offer our best advice on how to navigate uncertainty. Yes it's off the cuff, but it's also hopeful. Topics included: taking the Obama era for granted, the new checks and balances, Instagram’s history lessons, digital revolutions, candid vulnerability, fresh-faced existentialism, dining halls informing identity, social media hygiene, unlearning prestige
Jul 27, 2020 33 min

Manual Transmission

Loneliness is a pillar of twenty somethings, a staple of a pandemic, and a ramification of the age of the internet. Rainie’s socially distanced bumble date turns on its head, predominantly due to the lengthy list of assumptions she’d made prior. But can you blame her? Assumptions and disappointment are online dating’s most consistent accessories. Darcy ruminates on the importance of owning what you want romantically and the escapism mechanisms we use to remedy feelings of loneliness in our twenties. Then, a game of Under/ Over has us rating pressing topics across culture from Hamilton to Elon Musk. This week, we’re here to make you feel a little less alone, one take at a time. Topics Included: Beta males, repressing your own relationship desires, the art of indifference, solo trips to movie theaters, singledoms, maple syrup
Jul 21, 2020 27 min

Why You Gotta Fight With Me At Cheesecake?

Last week, a serene and joyful lake house right outside Geneseo, New York was visited for the last time. Darcy and her extended family packed up the furniture and moved out. Sigh. To make matters worse, Darcy’s grandmother served up a little criticism that allegedly had been cooking for years. It did not taste good. On this episode, we discuss how to sit through feedback in the name of self-improvement. Then, to remedy the pains of being assessed, we assess some things. Cue some good old fashioned hot seat style cultural analysis that runs the gamut, from childhood vegetables to the city of Los Angeles. Wish us luck. Topics included: what your use of eye contact says about you, maternal fighting tactics, theories on why Pete Davidson is so irresistible, a class action lawsuit against Abercrombie & Fitch, Drake’s deep love for The Cheesecake Factory.
Jul 12, 2020 21 min

Sporty Spice

If you want to be my lover, you gotta be Jon Stewart. Silver fox alert. This week we discuss the role of recreational sports in our collegiate and then post-collegiate lives and beg the question: must we join a rec frisbee golf league to meet someone new? Oy. Next, we’ll unpack our running habits and our running emotions: Is running about feeling like you’re in the movie Rocky or is it about meditating? Or both? Then, we’ll take a dip into the thoughts that scare us the most. Cool and fun but mostly really fun. And cool. Finally, we argue over which talk show host is the hottest. Yes, this is a highly anticipated topic. No, we don’t agree. Hint: Stephan Colbert goes unmentioned despite his competitive standing. Also included for your listening pleasure is a rendition of one of Youtube’s forgotten anthems. We aren’t the greatest British girl band of the 90s and early 2000s but we are two zellenials who like to go jogging. Topics included: Functionalities of your frontal lobe, the silent double standard of Jimmy Fallon, the dishwasher as an emotional tool, budgets for college short films, not going to school for business etc.