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BEYOUROWN Podcast By Samanah Duran
BEYOUROWN Podcast By Samanah Duran
Samanah Duran

The BEYOUROWN Podcast Series is brought to you by BEYOUROWN Collective and hosted by Forbes 30 Under 30 founder Samanah Duran. A... more

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Andrea Lisbona, Touchland Founder & CEO, Hand Sanitiser Disruptor, Entrepreneur

It all started in 2010 in Barcelona when Andrea Lisbona, the founder & CEO, decided to revolutionise the commoditised industry... more

17 Dec 2020 · 18 minutes
Riccarda Zezza, Lifeed Founder & CEO, Edtech Pioneer, Entrepreneur

Lifeed is the social impact EdTech company that creates innovative solutions for human capital development, engaging the corporate world to... more

16 Dec 2020 · 24 minutes
Natalie Kehren, Holistic World Founder, The Wellness Market Creator, Wellness & Spirituality Expert

Natalie Kehren is a Toronto based woman, who is a founder of Holistic World, co-founder, and creator of The Wellness... more

15 Dec 2020 · 26 minutes
Andrea Reynolds​, SWOOP Funding CEO, VC Expert & FinTech Leader

Andrea Reynolds started her career as an accountant with KPMG before joining their Management Consultancy division in London, directing projects... more

14 Dec 2020 · 36 minutes
Joanna Jensen, Childs Farm Founder & Executive Chairman, Skincare Pioneer, Entrepreneur

Joanna Jensen is the Founder & Executive Chairman of the UK’s number one baby and children’s toiletry brand, Childs Farm.... more

13 Dec 2020 · 32 minutes
Claudia Giolitti, Psychotherapy For Young Women Founder, Entrepreneur, Mentor

Claudia Giolitti was born in Caracas Venezuela. She knew she wanted to be a psychologist since she was 15 years... more

09 Dec 2020 · 44 minutes
Liz Dimmock, Moving Ahead Founder & CEO, Leader, Global Pioneer

Moving Ahead founder & CEO Liz Dimmock has been working in the fields of consultancy, coaching and mentoring for the... more

07 Dec 2020 · 26 minutes
Alicia Patterson, Your Inner Power Founder, Somatic Therapist, Women's Health Mentor

Alicia Patterson is a pelvic health specialist, somatic therapist and women's health mentor. Beyond talk therapy and modern medicine, women’s... more

05 Dec 2020 · 44 minutes
Laura Cole, Your Latitude Founder, Keynote Speaker, Business Coach, Mediator, Professor

Canadian based business professor Laura Cole is the founder of Your Latitude, a Canadian solution-focused coaching, and mediation practice, specialising... more

05 Dec 2020 · 30 minutes
Karen Holden, A City Law Firm Founder

Karen Holden established A City Law Firm to provide experienced and dynamic solicitors in the City of London, who could... more

02 Dec 2020 · 18 minutes
BEYOUROWN Podcast By Samanah Duran
Andrea Lisbona, Touchland Founder & CEO, Hand Sanitiser Disruptor, Entrepreneur
BEYOUROWN Podcast By Samanah Duran