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Yvette Walker

Are you searching for the light in a dark world? Here, you’ll find God in the everyday … through everyday blessings, everyday... more

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S.2 Ep.45 Becky Wade talks about writing, her characters and how God her to Christian romance writing

Writer Becky Wade's new book, "Let It Be Me," released this week. Wade shared with the Positively Joy podcast how... more

06 May 2021 · 28 minutes
Christian romance author Becky Wade is on Thursday's show!

Becky Wade is a Christy and Carol award-winning author of heartwarming and humorous contemporary Christian romances. "Let it Be Me"... more

04 May 2021 · 1 minute
S.2 Ep.44 Saying yes in a season of no: Getting on offense for God

Pastor and former coach Tom Mullins has a message: Get on offense. What does that mean? Well, have you ever... more

26 Apr 2021 · 7 minutes
S.2 Ep.43 Why is God like a broken fridge? You'd be surprised!

Today's episode is a short one but is uppermost on my mind today. I've been thinking that there are some... more

19 Apr 2021 · 7 minutes
Throwback Thursday: Misty Phillip sparks a conference and a call to people to speak for God

Kingdom-builder Misty Phillip knows how to throw a party where all God’s people can come and be inspired. With the... more

15 Apr 2021 · 23 minutes
S.2 Ep.42 The future looked bleak. But faith warrior Coni Knepper believed in God's promises.

Coni Knepper is a children’s books author whose passion is to write about the children living in Tanzania, East Africa,... more

08 Apr 2021 · 35 minutes
S.2 Ep.41 A very special inspired episode: Driving back from Easter service

This is a pretty unusual episode. Don't look for perfection. It's just me driving from one Easter service to another.... more

05 Apr 2021 · 20 minutes
Throwback Thursday: Mary Jo Pierce worships in her kitchen by baking bread

It's fitting that for this Throwback Thursday I showcase the first show of Season 2: Mary Jo Pierce! Mary Jo... more

01 Apr 2021 · 38 minutes
S.2 Ep.40 Dear Lil Nas X: Come out, sure, but why to a Satanic drama?

Hip hop artist Lil Nas X this week released a new song and music video, “Montero,” in which the Grammy... more

29 Mar 2021 · 9 minutes
S.2 Ep.39 As we count down to Holy Week, film buffs dish on 'Last Temptation of Christ,' 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' and other depictions of Christ

We love Jesus, and we love movies! The Rev. Dr. Leah Schade and Ph.D. student Ben Hollenbach join the show... more

25 Mar 2021 · 1 hour, 8 minutes
S.2 Ep.45 Becky Wade talks about writing, her characters and how God her to Christian romance writing