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Short episodes for the highs and lows; long candid conversations with a guest. cha1tanya.substack.com

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16: 2020 was still a 20/20

Listen now (2 min) | This year has been weird for everyone. A lot of bad things happened on our... more

30 Dec 2020 · 2 minutes
15: chai and college life with vishnu

In conversation with Vishnu about tea, college life and a little bit of design. Get on the email list at... more

22 Dec 2020 · 1 hour, 15 minutes
14: what karma is for me

A simple stupid example that reminds me what karma is for me. It is mostly held true every other week... more

17 Aug 2020 · 1 minute
13: saying no

Evaluate all your options and only say yes when you strongly feel about doing the thing. Saying no does not... more

14 Aug 2020 · 2 minutes
12: i have started to understand the value of time

At the age of 20, I think I have started to understand a little bit about the value of time.... more

09 Aug 2020 · 1 minute
11: what's coming next and introducing blurtout

A little bit about the change in format, a little bit on introducing the new series Blurtout and a little... more

04 Aug 2020 · 2 minutes
10: speaking out while taking care of your mental health with anshuman

Hello there! Welcome to Put It On Paper. In this episode, we are talking with Anshuman Dhar about speaking out... more

20 Jun 2020 · 15 minutes
09: networking and mentorship with anshuman

Hello there! This is Put It On Paper. In this episode, we continue our conversation with Anshuman. This is episode... more

17 Jun 2020 · 41 minutes
08: design explorations, internships, and competitions with anshuman

Hello there! This is Put It On Paper. In this episode, we continue our conversation with Anshuman Dhar. This is... more

15 Jun 2020 · 31 minutes
07: getting comfortable and how he got into design with anshuman

Listen now (23 min) | Hello there! This is Put It On Paper, today we have Anshuman Dhar with us.... more

12 Jun 2020 · 23 minutes
16: 2020 was still a 20/20
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