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30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales
30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales
Nick Cegelski & Armand Farrokh

30 minutes. No sales academia. Only actionable sales tactics. Nick sells enterprise deals solo. Armand runs a team of 40 SMB AE's... more

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Playbook 5: Top 10 moments that change the way we sell

Every 10th episode, we tear down one topic. This time, we’re hitting them all. The top 10 episodes and takeaways... more

12 May 2021 · 29 minutes
50: Getting higher open and response rates with unique twists to your outreach (Florin Tatulea, SDR Manager @ Loopio)

Florin has figured out some unique subject lines and sequence structures that will help you get more opens, replies, and... more

05 May 2021 · 23 minutes
49: Leading better meetings by becoming a student of your prospects (Anthony Cessario, VP of Industries & GTM Solutions @ Clari)

Anthony shares innovative new ways to run discovery meetings. He also talks about when you shouldn’t be talking about business... more

28 Apr 2021 · 29 minutes
48: Selling the model instead of the features in your negotiations (Anthony Iannarino, President @ SOLUTIONS Staffing)

Anthony walks through the toughest points of negotiation and how you can win more competitive deals. He shares how to... more

21 Apr 2021 · 28 minutes
47: How to personalize your outbound email at scale (Kyle Coleman, VP Revenue @ Clari)

Kyle Coleman returns to the show for round 2 of email prospecting 101. He shares some of the biggest tactical... more

14 Apr 2021 · 29 minutes
46: Asking the right questions to break down your disco call (Charles Muhlbauer, Training @ CB Insights)

Charles Muhlbauer takes us through humbling disclaimers, reverse psychology, and getting to the truth in your discovery calls. Four Actionable Takeaways: Ask... more

07 Apr 2021 · 29 minutes
45: Applying medical device sales techniques to SaaS selling (Katie Mullen, CEO @ MMS Consulting LLC)

Katie talks about how to use awkward silence as a tool and gives a unique perspective on how to sell... more

31 Mar 2021 · 28 minutes
44: Booking 80% of your calls from Instagram DM’s (Tara Horstmeyer)

Tara provides insights on how to prospect through social media by sounding like a human. Four Actionable Takeaways: Write a hand... more

24 Mar 2021 · 25 minutes
43: Focusing on discovery to close any deal size from Enterprise to SMB (Ian Koniak, Strategic Account Director @ Salesforce)

Ian is a sales master and shares process frameworks that can be applied to any deal size from Enterprise to... more

17 Mar 2021 · 25 minutes
42: Removing the friction from your sales cycle (Todd Caponi, Sales Melon)

Todd shares tips to remove friction from your sales process to make it easier for both you and your buyer.  Four... more

10 Mar 2021 · 25 minutes
30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales
Playbook 5: Top 10 moments that change the way we sell
30 Minutes to President's Club | No-Nonsense Sales