Tell It Like It Is with Cassandra Rae

Tell It Like It Is with Cassandra Rae

Cassandra Rae
Dec 01, 2020 59 min

#21 - Fortune 500 Leadership Consultant Lisa Kohn on Her Turbulent Childhood As A Cult Survivor, Battling with Addiction & Her Journey to Forgiveness.

Cassandra Rae’s guest on the #TellItLikeItIs podcast this week is Chatsworth Consulting Group Founder Lisa Kohn (@LisaKohnWrites), an accomplished Fortune 500 Leadership Consultant and author several times over. She opens up with Cassandra about the...
Nov 24, 2020 58 min

#20 - Culture Expert Michal Levison on Using Food to Combat Loneliness at Work, Pivoting Her Plans Following A Career Ending Injury & Separating Jewish Culture From the Religion

Since launching Seasoned Moments, culture expert and future of work leader Michal Levison (@SeasonedMoments) has been on a mission to use food as a gateway to create relationships, fight burnout and fuel innovation. Michal joins Cassandra to talk about...
Nov 17, 2020 55 min

SPECIAL: What Does the Biden/Harris Win Mean to Women Around the World?

On this special election focused episode of the #TellItLikeItIs podcast, Cassandra Rae is joined by a quartet of all around badass women in politics to look at what the 2020 US Presidential Election means to women, both inside and outside of America, to...
Nov 10, 2020 55 min

#19 - BAFTA Winner Muki Kulhan on Immersive Entertainment, Launching Her Career at MTV & Working with Ozzy Osbourne

BAFTA Award winning Executive Immersive/XR Producer and fellow transatlantic import Muki Kulhan (@mukiapproved) joins Cassandra Rae on this week’s #TellItLikeItIs podcast to talk about her 20 year career creating groundbreaking content for music,...
Nov 03, 2020 1 hr 5 min

#18 - Perfume Entrepreneur Frankee Adams on Burnout in the Charity Sector, Finding the Right Fragrance & the Negatives of Cancel Culture

Sexual violence advocate, turned B2C sales guru, turned entrepreneur Frankee Adams (@FrankeeAdams) joins Cassandra Rae to talk about taking the long road to launch her perfume subscription service Bare & Bond, and how she is bringing personal and...
Oct 27, 2020 58 min

#17 - NYC Mayoral Candidate Dianne Morales on Feminine Leadership, Ending Police Brutality & Giving Communities a Voice

New York City Mayoral Candidate, and former non-profit CEO Dianne Morales (@dianne4nyc) opens up about being a first generation immigrant growing up in the Big Apple, what it really means to defund the police, and how the American education system is...
Oct 20, 2020 54 min

#16 - Award-Winning Producer Aradhna Tayal on Ending Tokenism & Bringing More Creativity to Tech

In this episode, Cassandra Rae talks to award-winning Producer, champion of Women in Tech and Founder of Clockhouse Media, Aradhna Tayal (@AradhnaTayal). A veteran broadcast engineer with the BBC, Aradhna delves into combating tokenism on industry...
Oct 13, 2020 55 min

#15 - Humanitarian & Activist Tessy Antony de Nassau on Sex Education, Psychedelics & Combating Burnout in Public

Humanitarian, activist and social entrepreneur Tessy Antony de Nassau (@tessy_de), formally known as HRH Princess Tessy of Luxembourg talks about her research into psychedelic medicine, combating burnout and depression in public, people wanting her to...
Oct 06, 2020 1 hr 14 min

#14 - The Lincoln Project's Tara Setmayer on the Conservative Case Against Trump & the Jerry-Springerization of Politics

Tara Setmayer (@TaraSetmayer), Conservative Political Commentator, podcaster and Senior Advisor to the Lincoln Project joins Cassandra Rae on this week’s episode of the #TellItLikeItIs podcast. As an avid listener of the Lincoln Project, Cassandra was...
Sep 29, 2020 1 hr 2 min

#13 - Business Consultant Sahar Schwaninger on Fleeing Iran, Dealing with Childhood Trauma & Bringing More Humanity to Business

Joining Cassandra Rae on this week’s episode of the #TellItLikeItIs podcast is Sahar Schwaninger, Founder and CEO of the culture & mindset development consultancy, Human Harbours. In the episode, Sahar opens up about being born in Iran during the...
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