No Stupid Questions

No Stupid Questions

Freakonomics Radio + Stitcher
Nov 29, 2020 31 min

29. How Do You Know When It’s Time to Quit?

Also: why is it so hard to predict success?
Nov 22, 2020 29 min

28. Why Do We Hoard?

Also: do you spend more time thinking about the past, the present, or the future?
Nov 15, 2020 37 min

27. How Should You Ask for Forgiveness?

Also: why is behavior change so darn hard?
Nov 08, 2020 34 min

26. Do Checklists Make People Stupid?

Also: what’s so great about New York City anyway?
Nov 01, 2020 30 min

25. Is Hedonism Better Than Self-Control?

Also: is it wrong to feel inured to the pandemic?
Oct 25, 2020 33 min

24. Why Do We Forget So Much of What We’ve Read?

Also: do we overestimate or underestimate our significance in other people’s lives?
Oct 18, 2020 38 min

23. Is It Wrong to Crave Praise?

Also: should everyone have their own trauma score?
Oct 11, 2020 31 min

22. Why Do We Buy Things We’ll Never Use?

Also: how is social media like a knife?
Oct 04, 2020 35 min

21. How Can You Identify Hidden Talent? With Eric Schmidt.

Also: is there a downside to billionaire philanthropy?
Sep 27, 2020 32 min

20. Should We Separate the Art From the Artist?

Also: what is the meaning of life?
No Stupid Questions
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