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Matters of Life and Death
Matters of Life and Death
Premier Unbelievable?

In each episode of Matters of Life and Death, brought to you by Premier Unbelievable?, John Wyatt and his son Tim discuss... more

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Q&A: Christian pacifism in times of war and the Tower of Babel reconsidered

In this episode we tackle two questions from listeners. The first asks in the light of the conflict in Ukraine... more

07 Jun 2023 · 31 minutes
Digital persecution: Deadly rumours on WhatsApp, a ‘Panopticon’ of censorship, the corrosion of trust, and China’s spreading surveillance state

The persecuted church today lives as it always has under the threat of arrest, imprisonment, physical attack, verbal threats and... more

31 May 2023 · 46 minutes
Q&A: Helping unmarried couples have children and court-ordered blood transfusions

Today’s episode was recorded as part of the New Zealand Christian Medical Fellowship’s annual conference. Doctors there sent over two... more

24 May 2023 · 42 minutes
Generative AI: Second Contact, avoiding the fate of Nokia, hacking the human operating system, and the resilience of Western democracy

A new kind of artificial intelligence software has swept through the internet over the last year. Many are thrilled by... more

17 May 2023 · 42 minutes
Q&A: Introverts versus extroverts, faith in the consultation room, and a moratorium on AI research

More quickfire initial thoughts in response to questions from listeners. This week we discuss whether introverts are marginalised in the... more

10 May 2023 · 39 minutes
Contemporary spiritualities: Nominal atheism, New Age prayers for £25, moving on from Empty Tomb evangelism, and the church of social justice

The non-religious are an ever-increasing segment of the population, in the UK, the United States and across the Western world.... more

03 May 2023 · 50 minutes
Effective altruism 2: Tithing, second-hand stuffed toys in Turkey, the Parable of the Lost Sheep, and one-hundredth of a guide dog

In this second part of our effective altruism conversation, we explore the Christian sub-community within EA and ask whether the... more

26 Apr 2023 · 33 minutes
Effective altruism 1: QALYs, longtermism, Jeremy Bentham’s embalmed corpse, and ethical elitism

A movement founded at the University of Oxford in 2009 has now captured the imagination – and the wallets –... more

19 Apr 2023 · 28 minutes
Webinar 2: Totalitarian regimes, the tobacco regulation lag, eternal life for materialists, and ‘Don’t be afraid’

In the second part of John’s webinar with Premier Unbelievable, he takes questions from listeners on everything from whether AI... more

12 Apr 2023 ·
Webinar 1: Redefining human-ness, testing for consciousness, hoodwinked by ChatGPT, and a black box

We are taking a few weeks off over Easter but to give you something to chew on until normal service... more

05 Apr 2023 · 25 minutes
Matters of Life and Death
Q&A: Christian pacifism in times of war and the Tower of Babel reconsidered
Matters of Life and Death