E-Commerce for Starters with Rachit Hegde

E-Commerce for Starters with Rachit Hegde

Rachit Hegde
May 06, 2020 13 min

Q&A with Rachit - Session 1

In this episode on 'E-commerce for Starters' Rachit takes up some of the common questions and answers them on the Podcast. If you have any questions regarding e-commerce you may reach out to Rachit on [email protected] or reach out on www.instagram.com/rachithegde Questions answered on this podcast Questions by Joshua 1. How much does it cost to get a website built? 2. Can I build a website myself, is it a steep learning curve? Questions by Sunita 3. Amazon lists you along with your competitors. But what if you represent a new category and there are no competitors in that category? 4. While being listed on Amazon is not such a good thing as it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, if I’m listed there and inform my customers chances are that they will pick up my products while they are shopping for other stuff no? 5. It’s better to be listed with more niche brands? Where my products will stand out. 6. What if, instead of creating my own website, I ride piggyback and list on various portals that already are putting in all the work? Podcast Produced by www.TheSmallBusinessProject.com Podcast resources: www.rachithegde.com/podcasts
May 03, 2020 7 min

Ep. 03: No website, no problem!

Would you like to set up an online store with ZERO investment? Most people seem to hesitate when it comes to getting into e-commerce because they feel it'll mean parting with a lot of money. In this episode, Rachit talks about a shoestring-budget approach to becoming an online seller. You can use this method to test out demand for your product before investing in a full-fledged e-commerce website. Podcast Resources: www.rachithegde.com/podcasts Instamojo: https://bit.ly/Create-Instamojo-Account-for-FREE
Apr 26, 2020 4 min

Ep. 02: How to choose an E-commerce platform.

In this episode, Rachit discusses the 5 factors you need to consider before selecting a platform for your online store.
Apr 26, 2020 5 min

Ep. 01: Do you really need an E-Commerce Site?

People often dive into building an eCommerce website without a plan in place and with no clue what to do once it’s launched. In this episode, Rachit takes you through a bunch of key questions that you need to ask yourself before making the decision to dive into the world of e-commerce. Resources: Amazon Services - Fee Calculator: https://services.amazon.in/services/sell-on-amazon/pricing.html
Apr 23, 2020 1 min

Introduction to E-Commerce for Starters with Rachit Hegde

Ecommerce for Starters is a podcast for people who want to set up an eCommerce store but have no idea how to go about it. Rachit, co-founder of The Small Business Project, breaks it all down for you, giving you the perspective you need before jumping into the game. He covers everything from how to select the right eCommerce platform to planning for every cost that’ll go into setting up your online store. Coming episodes will feature conversations with successful eCommerce business owners and insights into the challenges they’ve faced. Full Podcast and episodes available on www.rachithegde.com/podcasts
E-Commerce for Starters with Rachit Hegde
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