Now to Next with Nick Nanton

Now to Next with Nick Nanton

Nick Nanton
Nov 29, 2020 58 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Dan Rooney

Lt Col Dan Rooney is the founder of the Folds of Honor organization, an F-16 Fighter Pilot with 3 combat tours in Iraq, and a PGA Golf Professional… just to name a few things, and he's this episode's "Now to Next" guest. We talk what it takes to become a fighter pilot and the major life lessons it has taught Dan. We'd also be remiss if we didn't talk about the story of the Folds of Honor non-profit organization, what prompted Dan Rooney to create it and how it's grown (and still growing) to help so many military families. Lastly, we dive into Dan's new book, Fly Into the Wind! He shares some of the "life storms" that inspired the book as well as some of the acronyms like "CAVU" and "LOE" that have become his personal code of living. Humble and heartfelt, Dan is an amazing person and someone I've been lucky enough to call a friend, and you'll want to check this episode out! Timestamps:1:10: A short bio of Dan's life 2:02: Pro golf and being a fighter pilot 8:01: Dan's two most important life lessons 11:41: Dan discusses the importance of his faith 15:19: The story behind "Folds of Honor" 23:38: "Flying Into the Wind" 28:56: Dan's experience learning from his mistakes 31:26: Where and how to get Dan's book "Fly Into the Wind" 32:04: Dan explains the acronym CAVU 33:46: Dan's "Lines of Effort" 34:48: Volition 38:56: Eliminating Parasitic Decay 42:31: Service Before Self 50:44: Faith Forward 53:37: Go Before You're Ready Resources: ( (Folds of Honor) Connect With Nick Nanton: (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn) (YouTube)
Nov 18, 2020 58 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Joey Coleman

Joey Coleman is the founder and “Chief Experience Composer” of Design Symphony, a customer experience branding firm, a renowned speaker, and the author of the best-selling book “Never Lose A Customer Again.” Joey has over 20 years of experience and a lot of hands-on knowledge due to an insane career path —his words. On today’s Now to Next episode, Joey shares his insights on his “First 100 Days® Methodology” in regards to keeping customers, the 8 phases of the customer experience, the eclectic career path that led to where he is today...and even some tips on the best time of day to use a four-wheeler to tow your brother (who is, of course, attached to a hang glider). This is one you won’t want to miss. Timestamps:2:22: Joey discusses his background 8:52: Creativity In Business 13:23: Joey's "Creativity In Business" course 19:30: Customer acquisition vs. customer retention 22:39: Joey's method, "The First 100 Days" 25:33: Why all business exchanges are, at their core, "Human to Human" 30:27: Customer experience vs. customer service 33:20: 8 Phases of the Customer Experience 33:45: Phase 1 - Assess 45:37: Phase 2 - Admit 46:50: Phase 3 - Affirm 50:51: Phase 4 - Activate 53:24: Phase 5 - Acclimate 54:40: Phase 6 - Accomplish 55:29: Phase 7 - Adopt 55:40: Phase 8 - Advocate Resources: ( (Never Lose A Customer Again) (Joey On Twitter) Connect With Nick Nanton: (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn) (YouTube)
Nov 16, 2020 45 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. James Altucher

James Altucher is an American hedge-fund manager, author, podcaster and entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded over 20 companies. In this episode, he dives into his “Choose Yourself” mentality and what that means in terms of finding your own passions, forging your own path, and his daily practice with what he calls the four bodies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). James also discusses the reaction he faced (the good and the bad) after his “New York City is Dead Forever" article went viral during the pandemic. We talk reviews from the 8-part docuseries about James on Amazon Prime video that I directed, and finally James gives some insights on his new book, "Skip The Line." Timestamps:2:00: The "Choose Yourself" mentality. 5:29: James explains the four steps in The Daily Practice 8:04: James gives an example of The Daily Practice working in his own life 11:49: James discusses his "New York City is Dead Forever" article 14:58: James discusses his writing style, cognitive dissonance, and writing a viral article. 23:36: James discusses how he chooses his topics and his search for the truth 28:22: James and Nick discuss feedback from their Amazon documentary series "Choose Yourself" 35:04: James discusses how his constant flow of new ideas create abundance. 40:11: A summary of James's new book, "Skip The Line". Resources: ( (James on Instagram) (James on Twitter) Connect With Nick Nanton: (Website) (Facebook) (Twitter) (LinkedIn) (YouTube)
Nov 10, 2020 59 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Dan Sullivan

Nick Nanton is joined by Dan Sullivan, the founder of Strategic Coach, to discuss his new book “Who Not How”. Sullivan, who’s coached thousands of entrepreneurs since 1974, discusses the importance of collaboration and understanding one’s own ‘Unique Abilities’ to achieve the four freedoms crucial to entrepreneurial success - the freedom of Time, Money, Relationships and Purpose.
Oct 07, 2020 37 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale is a wildly popular college basketball broadcaster for ESPN. Known for his unbridled enthusiasm and charismatic delivery, Dickie V first coached high school basketball, then moved to Rutgers University, the University of Detroit, and the NBA’s Detroit Pistons in a period of just nine years before joining ESPN, where he’s spent the last 40 years. Host Nick Nanton and Dick talk about the overwhelming support of Dick’s family and how it led him to undergoing corrective surgery. Nick and Dickie V also discuss the documentary they are working on together, raising money to battle pediatric cancer through the V Foundation, and his biggest failure in life involving a former player.
Oct 02, 2020 51 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Quan Huynh

Quan Huynh is the post-release program manager for Defy Ventures — a non-profit that provides opportunities to men and women with criminal histories. Host Nick Nanton and Quan talk about his new book, “Sparrow and the Razor Wire,” which begins when Quan received a sentence of 15 years-to-life for killing a man in a gang-related incident. Nick and Quan also discuss how he discovered a new path while being incarcerated that led to self-reflection and the ability to help those that may feel “stuck,” how joining and creating groups that do good in prison made Quan feel the best he ever had, and what he did during his final 150 days behind bars to officially move on.
Sep 28, 2020 49 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Arlan Hamilton

Arlan Hamilton is a venture capitalist, author, managing partner of Backstage Capital and the first Black woman to appear on the cover of Fast Company that isn’t an athlete or entertainer. Backstage Capital has raised more than $30 million and invested in more than 130 companies led by underestimated founders. Host Nick Nanton and Arlan discuss the types of educational companies she loves currently being created, how sitting front row at a Janet Jackson concert inspired her ideals and future career path, and what drove Arlan to start a fund to invest in the companies that were being overlooked. Nick and Arlan also talk about building Backstage Capital for three years before receiving any funding, her book, “It’s About Damn Time” which shares the principles of entrepreneurship, and the benefits of backing syndicate members via Backstage Crowd.
Sep 22, 2020 34 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Alwyn Cosgrove

Recorded during the California wildfires, CEO of Results Fitness, Alwyn Cosgrove, is one of the most respected fitness experts in the world — on top of being a business coach, author, and speaker. Host Nick Nanton and Alwyn discuss the reason why Alwyn first got into Tae Kwon Do, how his entrepreneurial mindset spurned the idea of becoming a gym owner, and the rule of threes — that if you complain about something three times, you’re the person that needs to fix it or stop complaining. Nick and Alwyn also discuss writing the methodology to scale and differentiate his business, how one decision in business can change everything — aka the ripple effect, and either hiring an expert to help you — or becoming said expert.
Sep 17, 2020 56 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Steve Sims

What you see is what you get with Steve Sims. London-native Steve Sims is a massively successful serial entrepreneur and author that tells it likes it is but is still compassionate in his approach. Host Nick Nanton and Steve discuss the true and positive meaning of being a "hustler," imagining what you could achieve if you weren't afraid of trying, and how entrepreneurs are able to tweak a bad situation into a diamond situation. Nick and Steve also talk about learning the art of negotiating from Steve's days working in clubs, the reasons you should always ask “why" three times within a conversation, and how to become so valuable that famous people want to engage with you.
Aug 31, 2020 41 min

Now to Next with Nick Nanton Feat. Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow is the founder and CEO of Mary’s Meals — a global hunger charity that provides a daily meal in a place of education for more than 1.6 million of the world’s poorest children per day. Host Nick Nanton and Magnus discuss his second book — "Give: Charity and the Art of Living Generously,” how any genuine act of charity will always involve a risk, and learning from the people he was trying to help. Magnus also talks about founding Scottish International Relief, empowering communities to volunteer their own time to cook and grow food, and how his original business model has been replicated across 19 countries.