Inside Curling

Inside Curling

Kevin Martin, Warren Hansen
Nov 19, 2020 1 hr 14 min

32: Our Special Guest: Rick Lang, Winner of 3 Briers and 2 World Titles for Canada

Red solo cups apparently come in handy for training, not just in the Brier patch! We're joined by Rick Lang who won three Briers and two world titles for Canada. Rick is now a coach, but still enjoys weekly games against Al Hackner. Rick talks about what coaching was like when he started out and also the importance of having a proper certification process today. Kevin has another "Around the World" Curling Report and talks about some teams who are technicians and others who are artists. Warren updates us on how clubs are doing through the pandemic. The guys also get into ice and rock conditions and the deep effect they can have on performance...For example, you can get by with a bad rock early on but it will hurt you more and more as the game goes on. Rick also talks about surviving a small plane crash back in February.
Nov 12, 2020 1 hr 13 min

31: Special Guest: Two-Time Brier and World Champion Ed Lukowich

Ed Lukowich is not only a Canadian curling great but a ton of fun. Ed has lots to say in this episode, even starting the boys out with a little trivia...about themselves! The fellas walk down memory lane, including how Ed started both the World Curling Tour and the Skins Game. And he's also one of the few curlers who faced both Warren and Kevin. Ed gives his take on the current state of the game. Warren gets us up to speed on how the sports is faring through COVID-19. Kevin has this week's results on various spiels across the world. And they field an email question about the absence of varsity level curling at some of the big Canadian universities.
Nov 05, 2020 56 min

30: Why Elite Teams Shouldn't be Named After the Skip

Today the guys talk about the major investment of time and money required for coaching certification. They also give feedback to an emailer who thinks elite players don't necessarily make great coaches. Find out the benefits available to elite teams if they were to end the tradition of naming their teams after their skips. Guess who started the no-lift delivery - throwing the rock WITHOUT lifting it off the ice? And why is it better? Kevin gives some great technical advice for players when they're coming out of the hack. We've got your weekly report on curling spiels across the country and the latest COVID updates as well. We close the show by recognizing Leo Hebert, who passed away this week. Leo was the last surviving member of the Lyall Dagg rink that won the 1964 Brier and World Championship.
Oct 29, 2020 1 hr 11 min

29: All About Eve: Our Special Guest is Scottish Skip and Former World Champion Eve Muirhead

In this episode, we're joined by Scottish skip Eve Muirhead who won a bronze medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and is the 2013 World Champion. Eve has some great stories about her curling career, what life is like in Scotland these days and the state of curling over there. We also discuss some changes she'd like to see in the game. Kevin updates us on what's going on in the curling world this week and Warren gets us up to speed on the COVID front. Both have a strong statement to curlers about what curlers need to do to take the game to the next level. Get together. Curling, The Brier, Olympics, Scotties, World Curling Championship, Kevin Martin Podcast, Best Curling Podcasts, Bonspiels
Oct 22, 2020 1 hr 7 min

28: Special Guest: 3-Time Brier Finalist Brendan Bottcher

We discuss Brendan's career which has taken him to each of the last 3 Brier finals. He gets into how his rink continues to train and play during COVID-19. Warren and Kevin get us up to speed on what's happening across the country in our curling news and results. Brendan unveils the top two things he thinks must change in curling. We also talk about: The current deficit in qualified coaching. The problem of losing our young athletes because they don't have the proper funding. Brendan has an interesting solution: A Challenger series. And Kevin's son Karrick is Brendan's lead. Brendan talks about the things the Martins have in common.
Oct 15, 2020 1 hr 10 min

27: Why Do Curling's Governing Bodies Take So Much Flak? Remembering Hec Gervais

Today the boys discuss the sport's governing bodies and why they take so much flak. Update on COVID, including tough days for one of Ontario's biggest clubs. Kevin has an update on recent spiels. We've got some great curling opinions from around the world via our email segment. Players getting cut from curling teams. How awkward is that? Warren even cut a couple of skips over the years. Kevin has some great stories about his former third, John Morris who'd occasionally be late to the party. In our flashback feature, Warren recaps the great career of Hec Gervais, who won the Brier with Warren in 1974.
Oct 08, 2020 59 min

26: Special Guest: Jock Tyre from Kelowna CC; Let's Hear it From the Horse's Mouth

So much talk all the time about how clubs should be run. What are they doing to support the game? Are they getting young people involved ? How do they handle food and beverage? How many bonspiels do they host etc. Well, who better to answer those questions than the GM of The Kelowna Curling Club? Jock Tyre runs one of the most successful curling clubs on the planet. Play is back underway in many places but the story is not so good in Ontario Why does the image of curling suffer so badly in Canada and nowhere else around the world? World Curling Federation makes some changes
Oct 01, 2020 1 hr 10 min

25: Special Guest: Ben Hebert, Olympic Gold Medalist and Host of The Sheet Show

The boys have on the absolutely hilarious, outspoken Ben Hebert, the gold medalist lead from Kevin's Olympic-winning team in Vancouver and four-time Brier champion. Hebert makes no bones about being one of the best in the world! He also hammers Kevin on a couple of his takes and provides some of his own that may not be too popular with the powers that be. "Benny Heebz" gives his houghts on John Morris joining their already powerful team, skipped by Kevin Koe. He talks about his crazy workout regime and what about almost 1/2 a million followers of his “Sheet Show” segments on You Tube?
Sep 24, 2020 51 min

24: It Just Ain't Fair!

Should curling have some sort of handicap system like they do in golf? There are lots of people out there who wanna curl in the summer. Maybe it’s time we make ice all year round. Lots and of rinks are up and going. How are they doing it? Warren weighs in on Curling Canada and this month's AGM. Everyone agrees Warren Hansen took curling to new heights but before that there was Ken Watson. We discuss Watson's life and times in the sport of curling.
Sep 17, 2020 55 min

23: Our Interview with Kaitlyn Lawes, Two-Time Olympic Gold Medalist

A great conversation today with Kaitlyn, who plays third for the Jennifer Jones team that won gold for Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Kaitlyn also curled with John Morris in the mixed doubles event at the 2018 Winter Olympics where they won gold. Kaitlyn became the first person to win gold in curling two consecutive Olympics. We ask Kaitlyn about the days when she worked TWO jobs for Kevin and how one of them almost went very, very wrong. She also talks to us about the changes to Team Jones schedule for the fall amidst COVID. She gets into her love of mixed doubles and how it may be a path to getting new people to the sport. She's quite outspoken about junior curling and the current Scotties format.
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