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Radiolab for Kids Presents: Terrestrials
Radiolab for Kids Presents: Terrestrials

A show where we uncover the strangeness right here on Earth

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Terrestrials: The Mastermind

A color-changing creature many people assumed to be brainless outsmarts his human captors. SPOILER: The creature is an octopus! Author... more

22 Sep 2022 · 23 minutes
Terrestrials: A New Kids Show from Radiolab

Radiolab for Kids and WNYC Studios present Terrestrials, a six-episode miniseries hosted by Lulu Miller (co-host of Radiolab). Each episode introduces you to... more

15 Sep 2022 · 1 minute
Forests on Forests

Hey Radiolab for Kids listeners! We’re back after a long hiatus with one of our favorite episodes from earlier this... more

29 Jun 2022 · 21 minutes

In 2007, Bruce Robison’s robot submarine stumbled across an octopus settling in to brood her eggs. It seemed like a... more

15 May 2020 · 31 minutes
Behaves So Strangely

We'll kick off the chase with Diana Deutsch, a professor specializing in the Psychology of Music, who could extract song... more

27 Mar 2020 · 18 minutes
Never Quite Now

We kick things off with one of the longest-running experiments in the world. As Joshua Foer explains, the Pitch Drop Experiment is... more

27 Mar 2020 · 20 minutes
The Distance of the Moon

According to one theory, the moon formed when a Mars-sized chunk of rock collided with Earth. After the moon coalesced... more

27 Mar 2020 · 39 minutes
Dark Side of the Earth

Back in 2012, when we were putting together our live show In the Dark, Jad and Robert called up Dave Wolf... more

27 Mar 2020 · 19 minutes
Poop Train

This all started back when we were working on our Guts show, and author Frederick Kaufman told us about getting sucked in... more

27 Mar 2020 · 21 minutes
The Septendecennial Sing-Along

While most of us hear a wall of white noise, squeaks, and squawks....David Rothenberg hears a symphony. He's trained his... more

27 Mar 2020 · 17 minutes
Radiolab for Kids Presents: Terrestrials
Terrestrials: The Mastermind
Radiolab for Kids Presents: Terrestrials