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Radio Davos
Radio Davos
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How do we solve the world’s biggest challenges? From climate change to inequality; the rise of big tech and rapid changes in... more

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COVID-19: Is the end in sight?

Dr Anthony Fauci and other experts tell us why Omicron might mean we are in the end-game in the fight... more

18 Jan 2022 · 48 minutes
Risks on Earth, in space and in the metaverse - the Global Risks Report 2022

Climate change is the number one risk we face as a species, according to the World Economic Forum’s annual Global... more

14 Jan 2022 · 29 minutes
Rise of the machines: Prof Stuart Russell on the promises and perils of AI

Stuart Russell, Professor of Computer Science at University of California, Berkeley is one of the world’s most respected experts on... more

06 Jan 2022 · 1 hour, 5 minutes
2021 in review: the global news stories of the year

For the second year running, the pandemic was the biggest news story around the world, but 2021 was also the... more

17 Dec 2021 · 38 minutes
COP26: success or failure?

Was the Glasgow summit just the same old ‘blah, blah, blah’ or will it help us avoid climate catastrophe? Journalist... more

19 Nov 2021 · 24 minutes
Top-10 emerging technologies

What are the breakthrough technologies that will transform our world in the next few years? Scientific American and the World... more

16 Nov 2021 · 39 minutes
COP26: How cities are tackling pollution, congestion and the climate

The main greenhouse gas causing climate change is carbon dioxide - a colourless, odourless gas that is otherwise harmless to... more

12 Nov 2021 · 26 minutes
COP26: Climate change and the other global crisis - nature loss

In this episode we look at the nature's solutions to climate change. We speak to Tabi Joda, a forester in... more

08 Nov 2021 · 29 minutes
COP26: First Movers Coalition

US climate envoy John Kerry and World Economic Forum President Brende Borge launched an initiative at COP26 to bring big... more

05 Nov 2021 · 21 minutes
COP26: The Great Melt - tales from the front lines of climate change

As COP26 opens, Radio Davos hears from a journalist who has covered dozens of UN climate gatherings and has reported... more

02 Nov 2021 · 30 minutes
Radio Davos
COVID-19: Is the end in sight?
Radio Davos