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Podcast Editors Mastermind
Podcast Editors Mastermind
Bryan Entzminger, Carrie Caulfield, Daniel Abendroth, Jennifer Longworth

Are you a podcast editor? The Podcast Editors Mastermind is for professional podcast editors who want to grow their business and get more... more

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Adobe Lawsuit, AI Considerations, Editing Software

Curious about Adobe’s AI controversy? Wondering how the FTC's suit might impact your subscriptions? Join us as we discuss how... more

24 Jun 2024 · 45 minutes
The Terminology Survival Guide for Podcast Editors

Why do LUFS matter more than decibels for your podcast? Unpack the difference and a lot more as we explain... more

13 Jun 2024 · 51 minutes
Jennifer Longworth's Top Marketing Secrets for Growing Your Podcast Editing Business

Jennifer has some real marketing magic! Discover how she shifted from no-engagement Instagram posts to a true powerhouse strategy that... more

23 May 2024 · 36 minutes
The Tools Podcast Editors are Using in 2024

We're always reviewing and streamlining our processes as the landscape changes. Here are the tips, tools, and processes that are... more

09 May 2024 · 49 minutes
How Patrick Keller Made the Leap from Education to Podcast Editing

Ever wonder what a podcast editor's life looks like? Patrick spills the beans on how he swapped lesson plans for... more

26 Apr 2024 · 50 minutes
Darrell Darnell's Journey to Build a Podcast Editing Team

Darrell shares his journey in podcasting, building a team, managing cash flow, and valuing human touch in AI's rise.Episode Notes:... more

11 Apr 2024 · 46 minutes
Do Podcast Editors Need a Portfolio to Wow Prospective Clients?

Hey there, fellow audio wizards! Get ready to have your mind filled with golden nuggets of podcast editing wisdom in... more

28 Mar 2024 · 33 minutes
From Scope Creep to Charging Right with Heather Zeitzwolfe

Hello and welcome, fellow editors and audio enthusiasts. Today on Podcast Editors Mastermind, we have a crucial conversation lined up,... more

07 Mar 2024 · 46 minutes
Transcripts to Tags: How Podcasting 2.0 is Changing the Game with Daniel J. Lewis

Join us today as we explore the world of podcasting with the renowned Daniel J. Lewis. We’re all about breaking... more

22 Feb 2024 · 52 minutes
Navigating the Podcast Editing Business Maze

Hey there, podcast aficionado! Strap in, because today we're serving up a heavy dose of reality about the business and... more

08 Feb 2024 · 53 minutes
Podcast Editors Mastermind
Adobe Lawsuit, AI Considerations, Editing Software
Podcast Editors Mastermind