Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place

Laura Joyce Davis
Dec 03, 2020 37 min

S2:E11 The Lotus Eaters

After months of distance learning, we're ready to rethink school. Susan Wise Bauer tells us how.
Nov 27, 2020 17 min

S2 Bonus: Faith and the Pandemic from the Transmission Times

A special bonus episode on faith, life, and the pandemic. Trigger warning: This episode talks about attempted suicide. Laura recently contributed to this intimate episode about faith and the pandemic. Thank you to Katie Semro and the Transmission Times for sharing it with Shelter in Place. You can rate, review, and subscribe to the Transmission Times here. Download our 1-page pdf on Choosing Gratitude, sign up for our newsletter, and support the show at A Hurrdat Media Production. Hurrdat Media is a digital media and commercial video production company based in Omaha, NE. Find more podcasts on the Hurrdat Media Network and learn more about our other services today on
Nov 25, 2020 24 min

S2:E10 The Breakdown

Gratitude is good. But sometimes it's not enough. In a year of breakdowns, how can we find our way to a breakthrough? As Laura reflects on the struggle of holding gratitude in a year of grief, she considers what Thanksgiving means for us in 2020. You can get the 1-page pdf on Choosing Gratitude, sign up for our newsletter, and support the show at Click any of the links to read more about the food, guests, and history behind the first Thanksgiving, the pandemic mental health study I mentioned, how music and art can decrease anxiety, gratitude's effect on physical health, and why Odysseus wasn't more grateful. Download a free coloring book here.
Nov 19, 2020 31 min

S2:E9 In Search of Home

Muoki Musau has thought a lot about what makes a good home, especially during this pandemic. He's a realtor in Virginia, but he's also a theologian who came to this country from Kenya. He's also become a friend of Shelter in Place, and Laura spoke with Muoki the first time back in <a href="" rel=
Nov 12, 2020 40 min

S2:E8 Trust the Messenger

Dr. Céline Gounder is an infectious disease specialist, epidemiologist, and medical journalist who has been selected for Joe Biden's new coronavirus task force, announced last week. She tells us where we are with COVID-19 now, what we need to know about the coming months, and why she thinks we can still win the fight against this virus. You can read about President Elect Biden's announcement in <a href="
Nov 05, 2020 31 min

S2:E7 What We Can Become

This week's presidential race has been a reminder of what we all know: we are a house divided. I'm continuing to bring you stories that cast a vision of what our country could be--stories of people who refuse to let fear get the best of them. In today's episode photojournalist, anthropologist, and educator Amira Karaoud shares her story of how ten years as a financial analyst on Wall Street launched her on a journey that changed everything--and what the journey taught her about finding home.
Oct 30, 2020 20 min

S2:E6 Inherited

Georgia Wright couldn't figure out how to reconcile what she saw in the world around her with what she knew about our changing world. And then she found a community that changed everything. You can listen and subscribe to Inherited here. Follow Inherited and Georgia Wright on Twitter: @inheritedpod and @georgiafrets Georgia also recommended checking out thes
Oct 29, 2020 21 min

S2:E5 Standing in the Gap

As we continue this Pandemic Odyssey, Laura talks with a former Navy Seals officer and CIA bodyguard and his "sage" about creating community we can count on in our greatest times of need. Jimmy Graham is the founder and CEO of Able Shepherd, an active shooter-response training program. Neil Pinkham is the COO of Able Shepherd. Jimmy and Neil also work together on the Stand in the Gap Initiative. Trigger warning: While there is nothing graphic in this content, this episode frequently mentions g
Oct 28, 2020 34 min

S2:E4 Facing the Mob

We thought it couldn't get any worse. We were wrong. A story about drugs, sex, and money, and why even in the face of fear, we're not giving up hope. The information I cited about Toxic Cyanobacteria can be found here and <a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target=
Oct 22, 2020 31 min

S2:E3 In the Boat

Laura returns to her conversation with scarcity experts Caroline Roux and Kelly Goldsmith to understand a 48-hour period that proved to be pivotal in this Pandemic Odyssey. An episode about friendship, contentment, and learning to appreciate the boat you're on. Today’s episode is dedicated to Peter Canton, whose kindness, laughter, and musical genius made this world a richer, better place to be. Thank you to <a href="" rel="noopen