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Untold Stories of Innovation
Untold Stories of Innovation
Untold Content

How do leading innovators get people to believe, fund, and support their big ideas? Can the power of storytelling fuel a culture of... more

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Spurring Economic Vibrancy Through Innovation and Ecosystem Development with Wendy Lea

Why do stories matter to the innovation process? What values can be instilled in innovators who share stories? How do... more

22 Feb 2021 · 53 minutes
Connecting Leadership and Storytelling with Ryan Hawk

We speak with Ryan Hawk, author of Welcome to Management and Podcast Host of “The Learning Leader Show.” Ryan shares... more

15 Feb 2021 · 39 minutes
Failure Narratives Lead to Innovative Solutions with Scott Collick and Lindsey Karpowich of DuPont

We speak with Scott Collick and Lindsey Karpowich from DuPont. Scott is Vice President of Global R&D for Transportation and... more

08 Feb 2021 · 36 minutes
Leading Women in Technology with Laura Marino

We speak with Laura Marino, Chief Product Officer at TrueAccord and former Senior Vice President of Product at Lever. She... more

01 Feb 2021 · 38 minutes
The Importance of Storytelling in Innovation with Matt Doyle of P&G

How does the largest branding company on the planet create innovative products that billions of customers love? We talk with... more

25 Jan 2021 · 51 minutes
How Storytelling Transforms the Innovator with Siva Muthukrishnan of L’Oreal

We speak with Siva Muthukrishnan, Associate Vice President of Advanced Research for L’Oreal.  Siva talks about the importance of innovation,... more

18 Jan 2021 · 38 minutes
The Untold Story of Blood with Richard Benjamin and Obi Greenman of Cerus

Every year, public health is threatened by unknown mosquito-borne diseases that tend to be transmitted in the warmest areas of... more

11 Jan 2021 · 31 minutes
Unifying Innovation Culture Through Stories of Failure with Dan Ward of Mitre Corporation

We speak with Dan Ward, Principal Systems Engineer at MITRE Corporation, author, and Air Force veteran. His experience leading research... more

04 Jan 2021 · 39 minutes
Disinformation & Misinformation Effect on Innovation

Say it first, say it loud, say it often, and say it with others. This is key advice Doowan Lee... more

28 Dec 2020 · 58 minutes
Uncovering the World of AI with Michael Kanaan

Michael Kanaan, author of T-Minus AI, blends data with storytelling, old techniques with new ideas, and intended consequences with unintended... more

21 Dec 2020 · 43 minutes
Untold Stories of Innovation
Spurring Economic Vibrancy Through Innovation and Ecosystem Development with Wendy Lea
Untold Stories of Innovation