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The Grow Your Mind Podcast

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Apr 26, 2020 16 min

The Perfect Antidote

In this final episode your 12 year old hosts of the show explore the connection between Australia’s deadliest spider and the strength of hope. We hear the true and remarkable story of holocaust survivor, Eddie Jaku, who at nearly 100 years of age spreads kindness, love and compassion wherever he goes. (Please note - Eddie’s story involves the death of Eddie’s parents and his beloved dog. It could be sensitive content for some listeners.) This episode was specially commissioned by Woollahra Public School as a beautiful response to boost resilience, joy and hope. Thank you to WPS and to our global community for supporting this podcast. With your help we would love to create more episodes in the near future. If you haven't listened to Episode 1, start there and meet the key Grow Your Mind animal characters. To support the messaging in this episode we recommend: - The podcast reflection journal - The Take Care of Your Mind poster - The Flip to Flourish Plus our FREE colouring-in sheets
Apr 19, 2020 11 min

The Secret To Living To 100

This episode, the 12 year olds uncover the secret to living to 100. They answer other big questions too, such as why do some blind peop...
Apr 05, 2020 14 min

This Too Shall Pass

In this episode you'll learn all about a super power that boosts your mental health! But there's a catch. It only works when you use...
Mar 29, 2020 11 min

More Dangerous Than Smoking!

This episode is all about the opposite of loneliness. Listen as your 12 years old hosts explore frie...
Mar 23, 2020 10 min

Stuff Ups Take Courage

This episode is about why failure takes courage and how sometimes your mistakes can turn out to be a good thing in disguise. ...
Mar 18, 2020 14 min

B.O.B It Up

In this episode, our 12 year old experts introduce you to B.O.B - which stands for 'Be Of Benefit'. It's a mindset anyone can practi...
Mar 10, 2020 9 min

Meet The Animals In Your Brain

Did you know there are animals in your head? There's a Guard Dog, a Wise Owl, a Sifting Sooty and an Elephant!...
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