The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast

The Sleep Is A Skill Podcast

Mollie McGlocklin
Oct 22, 2020 46 min

020: Sarah Turner, Red Light Therapy Expert, Behind the Scenes @ Recharge & FlexBEAM (A Battery Run, Flexible Red Light Product!)

Red light therapy can be a real gamechanger for many in regards to their health & their sleep. The exciting thing is that it no longer lives just in the doctor’s office or reserved for elite athletes. The message is beginning to trickle down to the masses. But what is so great about red light therapy anyway, and how can it stand to improve your sleep specifically? How do we decern between the red light products that are worth the investment and those that are a waste of money? What is flicker rate, and why does it matter? Sarah Turner answers all of this and more in this week’s episode. GUEST BIO: Sarah has research background in the field of novel therapeutic devices, circadian biology, chronobiology, and Biohacking. She has studied Psychological Science, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Neuroscience Sarah is a member of the team at Recharge – a start-up frontier technology company with a focus on disruptive health technologies that empower the individual to take control of their own health. Sarah is a red light therapist therapy expert, and regularity talks on the subject of photobiomodulation and wellness. She uses FlexBEAM with home users, biohackers and within a research clinical setting. Her goal is to put this innovative, all natural, non-drug therapy into the hands of the individual.
Sep 28, 2020 33 min

019: Elizabeth Grojean, Founder of Baloo Living, Weighted Blankets 101: Every Question Answered!

I am asked a LOT about one sleep “gadget” in’s relatively low-tech, but lands as a very confusing concept: weighted blankets! “How heavy should it be?” “Will it hurt my joints?” “How do you wash it?” “Should I get it just for me or to cover the whole bed?”, “Will it get too hot?” and beyond. Despite a history of use in psychiatric units for potential calming properties, weighted blankets are relatively new for the average consumer and have certainly experienced an uptick in interest on the heels of Covid-19. People who love them say that they calm their nerves, reduce their anxiety, and make them feel more grounded/safe. Anecdotally, many of my single clients, in particular, speak to the experience of feeling supported and like that the bed feels all-around less lonely. I’m so grateful to have my friend and creator of Baloo Living, a wildly successful eco-conscious weighted blanket line on the podcast to clear up the confusion! GUEST BIO: Elizabeth Grojean is the founder and CEO of Baloo Living, a sleep and wellness company providing tools to support the mind-body connection and sleep. She started Baloo while living abroad in Bali, creating the brand as an expression of the lessons learned while reconnecting with nature, tuning out external noise, and listening to intuition.
Sep 14, 2020 41 min

018: Todd White, CEO of Dry Farm Wines, "The Ultimate Biohackers Wine": Why most traditional wines are high in both sugar & alcohol and stand to wreck your sleep...and what to do about.

One of the most effective ways to improve your sleep is to cut alcohol. But what if you want to have the option to indulge from time to time? How do you have it all? Todd White created Dry Farm Wines because he wanted to have a sugar free, low carb, paleo/keto-friendly option that wouldn’t disrupt his sleep in the same way that other wines would do. In this episode, we go deeper into the wine industry, in particular, to understand just how damaging the average wine can be on your sleep and why. Plus, understanding affordable alternatives and apps that you can use to better locate natural, low sugar alternatives. GUEST BIO: Todd has been a serial entrepreneur and creator since he was 17. Today, after 15 years in the wine business, his life is dedicated to educating and helping people make better choices about food, nutrition, and how they think about consuming alcohol. As the founder of Dry Farm Wines, a writer, speaker, and a leader in the organic/Natural Wine movement, he has widely educated communities on conscious consumption. Todd is deeply passionate about bringing people together to share love and laughter through Natural Wine. Todd is a self-described biohacker who practices daily meditation, Wim Hof breathing, cold thermogenesis, a ketogenic diet, and daily 22-hour intermittent fasting. He is also a frequent speaker on topics including ketogenic lifestyle, meditation, and the Dry Farm Wines unique company culture. His entire team gathers each morning for a meditation and gratitude practice. Built on a foundation of honesty and peace, Dry Farm Wines has seen remarkable growth in the last three years, making it one of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S., without any debt or investors. Dry Farm Wines is endorsed by many leading U.S. health influencers including Mark Sisson, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Robb Wolf, Wellness Mama, Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, and Chalene Johnson, to name a few. Todd has also been the featured guest on many of these influencers’ podcasts. Dry Farm Wines is the official wine sponsor for many of the leading health and performance conferences worldwide, sharing over 12,000 bottles each year. Such events include Paleof(x), Joe Polish’s Genius Network Conference, LowCarbUSA, Health Optimization Summit, Metabolic Health Summit, and JJ Virgin’s Mindshare Summits. Dry Farm Wines sources pure Natural Wines and lab tests them to ensure each bottle is sugar free (0-0.15g per glass), lower in sulfites, and lower in alcohol (under 12.5% alc/vol). The wines are friendly to low carb, Paleo, ketogenic, and low sugar diets. Dry Farm Wines is dedicated to supporting small natural growers, currently sourcing from 600 family farmers who preserve 87,000 acres of organic vineyards and save 1.4 billion gallons of water annually by not irrigating their vines. They vet each grower’s practice and support those who focus on regenerative farming, biodiversity, hand harvesting, and the absence of industrial additives. Dry Farm Wines is proud to be the largest Natural Wine merchant in the world, bringing awareness to Natural Wine consumption and supporting farmers who honor the soil.
Sep 08, 2020 40 min

017: Nir Eyal, Bestselling Author of Indistractable & Hooked, Teaches us how to manage our days to prioritize sleep (7 days a week!) in a highly distractable world. *Spoiler: It is possible!

Prioritizing sleep is a big deal in the 21st century. How do we become Indistractable when we are hooked on so many gadgets and gizmos? My guest literally wrote the books on both of these topics! These works have made a difference in my life, and it was such an incredible opportunity to get to interview such a tremendous thought leader in the world of behavioral change. One of the biggest problems that clients at Sleep Is A Skill face is how to manage their days so that they feel that they can genuinely be OFF and relax in the evenings before sleep. In this episode, we will explore exactly how to become Indistractable so that you can honor your word to yourself to show up to be, as Nir puts it, “available” for sleep when you said you would, consistently. Additionally, when you get into that bed at the time you said, have you managed your day in such a way that you have peace of mind to be fully at ease in the activity that you are doing...sleeping! GUEST BIO: Nir Eyal writes, consults, and teaches about the intersection of psychology, technology, and business. Nir previously taught as a Lecturer in Marketing at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and the Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford. Nir co-founded and sold two tech companies since 2003 and was dubbed by The M.I.T. Technology Review as, "The Prophet of Habit-Forming Technology." He is the author of two bestselling books, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products and Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life. Indistractable received critical acclaim, winning the Outstanding Works of Literature (OWL) Award as well as being named one of the Best Business and Leadership Books of the Year by Amazon and one of the Best Personal Development Books of the Year by Audible. The Globe and Mail called Indistractable, "the best business book of 2019." In addition to blogging at, Nir's writing has been featured in The New York Times, The Harvard Business Review, Time Magazine, and Psychology Today. Nir is also an active investor in habit-forming technologies. Some of his past investments include Eventbrite (NYSE:EB), (acquired by Spotify), Kahoot! (KAHOOT-ME.OL), (acquired by LinkedIn), Product Hunt, Marco Polo, Presence Learning, 7 Cups, Pana, Byte Foods, FocusMate, and Shadow. Nir attended The Stanford Graduate School of Business and Emory University.
Aug 21, 2020 44 min

016: Ellen Vora MD, Functional Medicine Psychiatrist, Provides A Modern Approach to Mental Health & Sleep Beyond Pharmaceuticals

🩺Mental health & sleep. It can often be a real chicken and the egg question around what comes first; either way; they are undeniably interconnected. One thing was clear for me when my anxiety was at it’s highest; my sleep was at it’s lowest. What is so unique about our guest, Ellen Vora, is that despite being a board-certified psychiatrist with degrees from Columbia and Yale, she is challenging the status quo by taking a functional approach to mental health. You’re going to love what she has to say about sleep, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety medications, mood and what to do about it. Guest Bio: Ellen Vora, MD, graduated from Columbia University medical school, received her B.A. in English from Yale University, and she’s a board-certified psychiatrist, medical acupuncturist, and yoga teacher. Dr. Vora takes a functional medicine approach to mental health–-considering the whole person and addressing imbalance at the root, rather than reflexively prescribing medication. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Vora is also a writer, speaker, and consultant for healthcare startups.
Aug 03, 2020 42 min

015: Dr. Deborah Rozman Ph.D, President of Heartmath, How daily Heart Rate Coherence / HRV training can change your life & sleep!

💙Heartmath (or as I like to call it, a lie detector for your heart rhythm / HRV!) has been around for over 25 years and stands on a mountain of scientific research conducted at the HeartMath Institute on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain. There are over 300 peer-reviewed or independent studies utilizing HeartMath techniques or technologies to achieve beneficial outcomes that have been published. Continued training to learn how to reliably bring your heart into a state of coherence, has been shown to result in improved sleep for many who use it. I personally have found Heartmath to reliably sift out if I’m truly engaged in the training… or actually stressed out, distracted, or disengaged...and provide me with the real-time feedback to get myself back in the game. The color-coding system and end-of-training breakdown score speak to my own inner competitor nature. Additionally, I’ve found it to be a great tool to share with clients who are having difficulty with anxiety or depression to remind them that they really do have a say over their emotional state. It is also great for accountability since an easy screenshot on your smartphone will tell a compelling story of your emotional state in that session. GUEST BIO: Dr. Deborah Rozman is a behavioral psychologist with 30 years of experience in wellness, performance, and behavioral change. For nearly two decades, she has helped to develop and oversee HeartMath training programs. The programs are designed to facilitate individuals in creating a deeper heart connection in ways that can empower them to reduce stress, build their resilience, and create a more heart-connected world at home, work, or with clients and patients. Deborah is the President of HeartMath ( and the co-author along with HeartMath founder, Doc Childre, for Transforming book series, published by New Harbinger. The five-title series includes, Transforming Stress: Transforming Anger, Transforming Stress, Transforming Anxiety, and Transforming Depression. Passionate about exploring the heart’s intelligence, Deborah is committed to helping educate more people about the role that the heart plays in wellness, increasing performance, and in our personal fulfillment.
Jul 27, 2020 52 min

014: Kara Collier, Director at Nutrisense, Continuous Glucose Monitors for healthy individuals looking to improve their glucose stability (and improve their sleep & circadian rhythm!)

📈 The relationship between glucose and sleep is a fascinating one. When you bring stability to this area: sleep, health, and mood improvements tend to follow. Historically, individuals wearing Continuous Glucose Monitors were prediabetic, diabetic, or a fringe group of extreme biohackers (who had finagled a prescription from their doctor!). Nutrisense is one of the few emerging companies looking to change that by removing the obstacle of needing a doctor’s prescription to obtain a monitor for general preventative & optimal health. Most people don’t know that glucose runs on a circadian rhythm meaning WHEN you eat matters, and in this conversation - can play a very real role in your sleep results. Just one night of acute sleep deprivation can lead to a spike in glucose. Not only that, glucose reliably tends to rise when you’re stressed, and even when women are in their luteal phase. Get ready to learn more about the enthralling world of glucose and sleep! GUEST BIO: Kara is the Director of Nutrition at NutriSense, a company that uses continuous glucose monitors to personalize nutrition. She and her team of dietitians interpret complex glucose datasets to make lasting lifestyle changes, reverse metabolic dysfunction, and prevent chronic conditions. She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Support Clinician with a background in clinical nutrition, nutrition technology, and entrepreneurship.
Jul 13, 2020 40 min

013: Dr. Nina Bausek, Ph.D., Chief Scientist of PN Medical, Creators of The Breather, a Respiratory Trainer

🌬️Have you noticed that your respiratory rate numbers are on the higher side while you sleep? This podcast will unpack how you can begin to train this area. I first heard about PN Medical and their respiratory trainer (The Breather) from XPT, a performance training company created by big wave surfer and innovator, Laird Hamilton, and former professional athlete, Gabrielle Reece. PN Medical has been in the respiratory training business for decades and recently gained a lot of attention in the face of Covid-19, as people look to improve their respiratory health. Dr. Nina Bausek, the Chief Scientist of PN Medical, go deep to understand precisely what weak breathing can do our health and sleep… and what to do about it. Guest Bio: Nina Bausek, Ph.D., serves as Chief Scientist of PN Medical and is part of the PN Medical Science Board of advisory. A graduate of the University of Vienna, she developed her scientific and leadership skills during research and teaching positions at the University of Oxford, UK, the University of Sheffield, UK. She is also co-founder of Luft For Life, a European start-up company supporting respiratory health in performance. PN Medical provided a hookup for the Sleep Is A Skill community, ‘sleepisaskill’ gets 20% off for the Breather, and ‘breatherfitsleep’ gets for 15% off for the BreatherFit (made for athletes).
Jul 05, 2020 40 min

012: Tara Youngblood, Chilipad CEO & Co-Founder. Author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe That Works

❄️ Have you ever woken up in a sweat in the middle of the night? Then this is the podcast for you. Tara Youngblood and her husband first created the Chilipad cooling sleep mattress pad to solve their sleep challenges and have since created a movement in the sleep arena. Their cooling mattress pads and weighted blankets help support a robust circadian rhythm by aiding in lowering core body temperature 2 to 3 degrees each night. Today, due to lifestyle challenges, indoor cooling obstacles, insulating mattress & bedding materials, and hormonal fluctuations, consistent temperature reduction at night is no longer guaranteed in our modern society. Not to mention that Tara’s “sleep recipe” approach is something that we can fold into our sleep optimization methodology. Guest Bio: Tara Youngblood, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Chili Sleep and Author of Reprogram Your Sleep: The Sleep Recipe That Works is a highly regarded international speaker. Tara has extended her expertise to a wealth of high profile platforms including TEDx, Skookum Tech Talks, and National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show. Learn more about Chili Sleep (use codes below to get a discount): sleepisaskill25 – 25% off chiliPAD sleepisaskill15 – 15% off OOLER
Jun 02, 2020 43 min

011: Ariel Garten, co-founder of Muse: The Brain Sensing headband, teaches us how to use neurofeedback for emotional regulation and to improve sleep.

For those of you who find emotional regulation (i.e., a brain on autopilot!) to be at the source of your sleep difficulties, this podcast is for you. Ariel Garten is the Muse’s creator, a neurofeedback tool that sits on your head like a headband and essentially acts as a “guru in your pocket, guiding your brain back to a calm state of mind when it loses focus. Guest Bio: Garten is co-founder of InteraXon, the makers of Muse: the brain sensing headband. Muse is the award-winning wearable technology that assists and trains meditation and mindfulness. Before founding InteraXon, Ariel was not only trained as a neuroscientist and psychotherapist but also started her own international clothing line while she worked in labs researching Parkinson’s disease and hippocampal neurogenesis. Her creativity and entrepreneurial head combined with her fascination with the brain lead her to join forces with two like-minded friends Chris and Trevor to start InteraXon. Together they founded a Silicon Valley backed startup that allowed people to control computers with their minds, the technology that sparked the creation of Muse. Her team’s technology has been featured in over 1000 media pieces, as well as was the feature showcase at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, an installation that allowed over 7,000 people control the lights on the CN tower, Canadian parliament buildings, and Niagara Falls with their brains from across the country. These days, Ariel can be found at home playing with her 2-year-old or on stage across the world speaking about happiness, meditation, understanding mental health, or telling her own innovation story, consistently giving her audiences the tools they need to help them become their best selves.