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Bits & Bytes
Bits & Bytes

Bits and Bytes is hosted by Jean Yoon from Launch, where she connects with others in the start-up community using food as... more

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The Need for More Diversity in the Tech Industry

Our guest for the latest Bits & Bytes podcast is Amy Tom, senior editor and podcast manager at Hacker Noon.... more

02 Sep 2021 · 31 minutes
Entrepreneurs Must Know When to End It

This month’s Bits & Bytes podcast features San Francisco-based venture capitalist, startup mentor, and entrepreneur Adam O’Donnell. Adam currently works... more

30 Jul 2021 · 57 minutes
Vancouver's Not-So-Stereotypical Accountant

This month’s Bits & Bytes podcast features Vancouver-based CPA Alfred Zagloul, specializing in performance management and accounting services to clients... more

30 Jun 2021 ·
When 'Afternoon T' met 'Bits & Bytes'

Chris Hobbs believes that Vancouver’s talent has the potential to lead the way in Canada and build some of the... more

26 May 2021 · 51 minutes
How Recruiting Is More Than a Gut Feeling

In this episode of Bits & Bytes, we bring in Andy Hu who has 3 years of recruiting experience under... more

29 Apr 2021 ·
The Secret Sauce to Being a Full Time Foodie

Emma, aka @vancouverfoodie shares with Jean and Sam her unique journey on becoming an entrepreneur, and takes us behind the... more

19 Mar 2021 ·
Spilling the Beans on Being a Boss

Tom, better known as the Vancouver Coffee Snob hops on and shares his journey as a startup founder in the... more

08 Mar 2021 · 1 hour, 6 minutes
Just Try It: How We Went from Architecture, Kinesiology & Hospitality to Tech

Show Notes In this special episode of Bits & Bytes, Sam asks the questions, and Jean sits on the interviewee panel... more

12 Jan 2021 ·
How Battlefy Became One of the First eSports Companies Before the Industry Existed

Show Notes In this episode, Sam and Jean hopped on a call to catch up with Justin, CTO & Co-founder of... more

30 Nov 2020 · 45 minutes
How this Nomadic Founder Landed in Vancouver

In this episode, Sam and Jean hopped on a call to catch up with Raphaël, Co-founder of Éphémère Creative. We... more

28 Oct 2020 · 50 minutes
Bits & Bytes
The Need for More Diversity in the Tech Industry
Bits & Bytes