Clowning Around Podcast

Clowning Around Podcast

Emma Stroud
Aug 04, 2020 55 min

Episode 31 - Clowning Around… Mental Health with Rob Stephenson

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Mental Health. How can we look after our mental health in small simple steps? How did Rob end up cycling on the top of the O2? What can we do to share our mental health stories? How is Barbara leading the way in mental health? And loads of other deep and funny stuff… Follow Rob Linked in Links for Rob The Oddly Satisfying Show MindCycle Tour Promo North Base, “Over you” About Rob… Rob Stephenson is a mental health influencer, campaigner and public speaker regarding creating mentally healthier workplaces. He experiences bipolar disorder personally. Rob is the founder of, a social enterprise with a mission of smashing the stigma of mental ill-health in the work place by showcasing senior leader role models with lived experiences of mental ill-health. This is done by virtueof a published annual list–The InsideOut Leaderboard. InsideOut also takes the role models into businesses for panel events as part of an initiative called the InsideOut Wave Makers which has the aim of inspiring other senior leaders to open up about their own challenges and get behind the mental health agenda.
Jul 28, 2020 50 min

Episode 30 - Clowning Around… Mind Monsters with Hazel Gale

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Mind Monsters. What are Mind Monsters? How can we understand our own Mind Monsters? How did Hazel go from being a champion fighter to gaining understanding of her own Mind Monsters? How does Barbara feel about her Mind Monsters? What can you gain from looking at your own Mind Monsters with kindness and much much more. Follow Hazel My personal website Insta: @hazel.gale.therapy Twitter: @hazelgale Medium: @hazelgale About Hazel As co-founder of Change Interactive, Hazel is building a smartphone narrative game called Mind Monsters: A Game of Life. Their mission is to “make mental resilience epic”. We’re weaving evidence-based therapeutic tools into a heroic digital adventure to help young adults learn the psychological superpowers to battle evil. Their game grew out of my Amazon bestselling self-help title “The Mind Monster Solution”, published in 2018 by Yellow Kite at Hodder & Stoughton. Hazel has been practicing as a private therapist in London for just shy of a decade, helping clients resolve mental and emotional blocks using creative techniques for cognitive reframing and emotional change. Prior to her work as a therapist, she competed as a kickboxer and boxer for ten years, achieving World, European and National titles across the two sports. Books that we chatted about – The Mind Monster Solution and What Doesn’t kill you. She
Jul 21, 2020 52 min

Episode 29 - Clowning Around… Nature with Mark Wright

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Nature with Mark Wright. How can nature help us during these challenging times? How are we part of nature and what impact are we having on the natural world? How can Barbara include more Nature in Brian’s? What can we learn from stopping in nature? And much much more… For more info on WWF: YouTube: About Mark Mark Wright is the Director of Science with the Worldwide Fund for Nature.
Jul 14, 2020 53 min

Episode 28 - Clowning Around… Technology with Steve Collings

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Technology. What does technology do for us in our current lives? How has technology evolved during our life time? How can technology help Barbra sell more bacon sandwiches? What does the future hold for business and technology and much more more Follow Steve LinkedIn: Twitter: @stevec64 About Steve Steve is Chief Technology Officer at King, a leading interactive entertainment company in the mobile world creating games like Candy Crush. Previously Steve was a partner with Frontline Ventures, a venture capital fund investing in pre-seed and seed stage software companies. Prior to this, Steve co-founded and led 3 startup companies as CTO including Havok, the leading physics and animation middleware company for console game development and Swrve, a mobile marketing automation platform. Steve started his career developing Commodore 64 games but then pursued an academic career as a lecturer in computer science in Trinity College Dublin where he founded the computer graphics research group and a new masters degree program in computer game technology. Steve holds a PhD in computer graphics. Steve is also a creator of very odd electronic music on his beloved modular synthesiser!
Jul 07, 2020 54 min

Episode 27 - Clowning Around… Awareness with Simon Hampel

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Awareness. How do we become more aware? In this current world what can we do in life and business? How is Barbara and Brian a happy accident in awareness? What can being more aware bring you in your life? Follow Simon… Linked in – Simon Hampel About Simon Simon is in the process of founding Sarsen, a not-for-profit aimed at helping to raise individual & collective consciousness to build better relationships and tackle some of the big systemic challenges we’re being asked to meet. Sarsen is curating a mixture of experiential learning from yearly inquiries to deep dive personal journeys and short sharp retreats. It’ll also develop a story telling platform, an open platform framework identifying ways into awareness and consciousness and a fund that will there to support people, ideas and tech that can expand consciousness. Sarsen will be virtual and grounded in nature, home will be a farm outside London offering regenerative agriculture, holistic healing and a retreat centre. Sarsen is inclusive and open, looking to partner and collaborate to best serve and contribute…and laugh & love together.
Jun 30, 2020 57 min

Episode 26 - Clowning Around… Winning with Pete Lowe

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Winning with Pete Lowe. How can you have a winning mindset? What can we learn from professional football about winning and losing and how they are both important? How has Barbara been winning at Brian’s? How can we brave enough to change our mindset so we win more? Follow Pete LinkedIn: Twitter: YourFirstTeam About Pete Pete Lowe Leadership Consultant & Director of The Players Trust As a professional speaker and thought leader on the global circuit, Pete draws on his experience of the high performance environment of Premier League football to help businesses to create and sustain a culture of success. He proves that there are startling similarities between the pitch and the boardroom. Pete’s track record includes more than 13 years in a senior role at Manchester City Football Club, where he was responsible for helping to develop an unrivalled talent pipeline that created 39 first team footballers and 25 full international players. The team’s trophy cabinet was testament to this success, with 13 European tournament wins, an U15 Championship World Cup, six Divisional Premier League Championships and the FA Youth Cup. Understanding how people tick and how to help them realise their potential was instrumental to his career at MCFC. He claims that knowing each character in the training room lies at the heart of extraordinary team performance. Pete is adamant that there are no shortcuts to sustained success. His powerful insights delivered in a ‘say it as it is’ manner captivate audiences and prove that ‘tales from the touchline’ translate to other arenas, with compelling results. He maintains that ‘excellence’ is a nebulous destination and continuous improvement is the Holy Grail of sustained high performance. A man who speaks from the heart using real life insights, Pete believes that culture must support strategy and leaders create leaders, not followers.
Jun 23, 2020 53 min

Episode 25 - Clowning Around… Conscious Business with Padideh Tosti

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Conscious Business – what does that even mean? How can we take this moment to really change the world and ourselves? How can we all be conscious in the way we show up? How has Barbara been a conscious entrepreneur? What can we all do as individuals to make the world a better place? And loads of other deep and funny stuff… Follow Padideh Follow Padideh Linkedin where you can read her full profile and message her with any question About Padideh + Mission is to help individuals and businesses grow with an unwavering belief in people and entrepreneurship. + Over 30 years experience in meditation and other self-awareness practices. + Advising on awareness, consciousness, empathy and compassion in businesses as a key part of any modern day success. +Message me on Linkedin! I mentioned a few things in the podcast: +School of Self-Awareness: write to [email protected] or +Dalai Lama speech: + OMM One Minute Meditation book by Paoletti do deal with the fear and pressure of this time
Jun 16, 2020 49 min

Episode 24 - Clowning Around… Entrepreneurship with Julie Cohen

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Entrepreneurship. What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur? What has having Google as your main clients got to do with a small café called Brian’s? How can we disrupt the business world by not pitching and so much more… Follow Julie About Julie… Across the Pond is one of the tiny number of creative agencies in the world founded by a woman. The difference this makes, say employees, is palpable. They describe the agency as uniquely open, fair and adaptive. Like CEO, Julie Cohen. Eleven years ago, Julie spotted the potential of video for the tech industry. She founded Across the Pond as Google’s first in-house video agency in EMEA, helping to change Google’s approach to communications forever. She’s since grown her business three times over, now with full-service offices in London, San Francisco and Singapore, and a new raft of global tech and innovation clients. Remarkable in itself. More so, because she heads a company that is 70% women. And those women are leading projects that both impact and challenge a hugely male tech industry. (Current clients include Google, YouTube, Xiaomi and Expedia). The agency remains close to Google. But is better defined by its independence. Not least in Julie’s refusal to pitch; an industry-defying stance she took public last year in the agency’s press campaign No One Wins a Pitch and The Drum’s Pitch Perfect event. For her, great work is only forged through equal, collaborative and paid partnerships. She also respects her team too much to give away their expertise for free. Instead, her employees enter the room as equals, speak as experts and pour their hearts into solving real-life business problems. Clients genuinely willing to collaborate are rewarded with 100% of the agency’s energy. This insistence on equality is pervasive. This year, Julie has promoted women into CD, VP and Head of Culture roles. Across the Pond continues its involvement with the Creative Mentor Network, supporting young people from diverse backgrounds into the industry. Now, as the agency pivots towards the huge potential of its APAC markets, Julie’s passion for understanding new cultures is key (one of the agency’s guiding principles is “Listen First. Listen Second”), this year helping to secure Xiaomi, Ecovacs Robotics and One Smart as partners. And propelling Across the Pond even further towards fulfilling its global potential.
Jun 09, 2020 49 min

Episode 23 - Clowning Around… Musical Theatre with Ria Jones

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Musical Theatre. What is like to play some of the most famous roles in musical theatre? How can her and Barbara do a duet in their matching onesies? What is happening in the theatre world right now during Covid? How does a girl from Wales end up being a star on Broadway and the West End. We talk all this and so much more… Follow Ria: Instagram: riaveril67 Twitter: @RiaJones67 About Ria: Ria Jones is an internationally renowned West End star of the highest calibre. She has performed in leading roles in numerous West End musicals, sung in Theatres and Concert halls worldwide. As well as performing as a soloist on three Royal Variety Shows she has also sung by royal request at Buckingham Palace. Ria has performed as a soloist to audiences in many of the worlds' finest venues, including innumerous West End Theatres, The Millennium Centre, The Palladium, The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, The Jubilee Theatre at Raffles Hotel Singapore and regularly at The Royal Albert Hall.
Jun 02, 2020 55 min

Episode 22 - Clowning Around… Producing with Rachel Kraftman

Join your host Emma and her Clown Barbara talking all things Producing. What is Producing? Why is theatre producing seen as the dark arts? How does Producing compare to knitting? How will the theatre industry respond post Covid 19? Plus much much more