Thought and a Chaser

Thought and a Chaser

Adult Juice Box
Nov 20, 2020 30 min

20: "Terroir is how a wine is made" & "Destiel made Putin resign"

So. It has come to this. I really think this combination of wine maker blasphemy and absurd internet garbage is a fitting blend for episode 20 of this podcast. This week: Philip profanes the word terroir and Liam flushes us down the tumblr hole. Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box, and you can find out more at
Nov 06, 2020 42 min

19: "Tannins help wine age. Probably." & "New Albion's role in the history of craft brewing"

This week! Has been a week. What a week, in fact. Thankfully we recorded this before the election, because who knows what would have happened otherwise. This week! Philip talks about tannins in wine, what they do, and how they help wine age. Probably. Maybe. & Liam gives an oral history of New Albion brewing, and it's role in the history of craft beer. We're a project of
Oct 23, 2020 45 min

18: "Nobody knows what a Sommelier is" & "McSorley's in NYC"

This week, Philip makes the bold claim that no one, including him, really knows what a Sommelier is, and then attempts to back up that claim with history and a tour of the Somm schools of the world. & Liam takes us into the sordid history of McSorley's, the NYC institution and strongest contender for the oldest bar in the US. ---- T&AC is a project of Adult Juice Box,
Oct 13, 2020 27 min

17: Thought & A Chaser Makes a Mistake -- LIVE!

This week, we're bringing you three stories from our live show, with the absolute best we could do given the crappy audio we had. Every new thing we do is a journey; if you want to be in the parlor car and not the caboose, join our Patreon:
Sep 26, 2020 34 min

16: "The Real McCoy means booze" & "The ballad of Wade Boggs"

We're back with more history and booze. Hooray! This week, three origins for the phrase The Real McCoy, and a dive into one of baseball's strangest players. Yeah, we know how that sounds. Also, we're doing a liveshow! You should join it!
Sep 11, 2020 39 min

15: "The liquid quart is Franco-Roman" & "Books for the cooking"

History is always significantly weirder than we think it is. This week, we're diving into the strange history of the quart, the gallon, and the pint, and the hilarious story of how those came to be. & Books! You cook with! Two in particular: "An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace" by Tamar Adler "A Super Upsetting Cookbook about Sandwiches" by Tyler Kord --- As always, you can find us at, and by the way, we love you.
Aug 29, 2020 51 min

14: "Prohibition created the modern presidency" & "E Clampus Vitus"

This week! Philip talks about Prohibition's lasting legacy in American politics, & Liam explores California's most infamous society of drunk historians.
Aug 17, 2020 39 min

13: "Madeira is the wine of the American Revolution" & "Illegal homebrewing started the craft beer revolution"

Liberty comes in many forms. Sometimes it's drinking to celebrate, with wine that got rocked by the sea. Sometimes it's expressing your freedom brew. This week, Philip takes us through the history of Madeira wine, and its important role in the American Revolution. & Liam walks us through the history of homebrewing in the United States, and how it sparked the craft beer renaissance. --- Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. Drink what you like.
Aug 01, 2020 42 min

12: "Alexander the Great is the Roman God of Libations" & "What happened to the bees?"

This week! Philip breaks down the idea that Alexander the Great didn't just have a god complex, he might have actually been a god to the Romans. Specifically, the God of Libations. & Liam tells us: What happened to the bees? THE BEES. --- Thought & A Chaser is a project of Adult Juice Box. Drink what you like.
Jul 17, 2020 42 min

11: "Virginian land laws made Kentucky Bourbon" & "The Craft Beer Revolution"

This episode we turn things up to 11 by talking not about wine, but about Whiskey and Beer. Philip dives into the history of Bourbon, and why its synonymous with Kentucky. & Liam takes us through the craft beer revolution, where it came from and where it stands now. We hope you enjoy.
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