Museums n'That

Museums n'That

Leeds Museums & Galleries
Mar 27, 2020 40 min

They call him fruit punch mouth

This one's a corker. Discover why fish and chips are bad, who's got tiny little teeth and the arty love affair that never actually quite happened.You'll also do some very good learns too - what's the deal with Henry Moore? Why is some art considered art...
Mar 20, 2020 38 min

Japanese tea flavoured KitKats, maybe

Meg and Sara get the tea on the wonderful country of Japan from Adam Jaffer, World Cultures curator at Leeds Museums and Galleries.We also discover what Humboldt Squids have to do with Peruvian mummies, the incredible commitment of the Shinto monks and,...
Mar 13, 2020 38 min

I just like the word 'mooli'

Meg and Sara interview Chris Sharp, Assistant Community Curator at Leeds Industrial Museum at Armley Mills and Thwaite Watermill, and owner of the longest job title in history.Chris talks through his work with local community groups, and how he...
Mar 06, 2020 42 min

It was an orange and we had no idea what to do with it

Meg and Sara interview Errin Hussey, Archivist for the Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Museums and Galleries.Errin spills the beans on what archives actually are: how they're stored, how you should hold them and what happens when the thing you're...
Feb 26, 2020 42 min

Slugs in ethanol and Julia Roberts

In this first episode, Meg and Sara introduce themselves before interviewing Rebecca Machin, Curator of Natural Science at Leeds Museums and Galleries.Find out why preserving a caterpillar is especially gross, how one very special gorilla came to be in...
Feb 14, 2020 1 min

Museums n'That Trailer

Ey up and welcome to Museums n'That, a new podcast from Leeds Museums and Galleries. Museums attract passionate people like moths to a flame, and this podcast gets to the very heart of the things that make them tick, by asking the questions that you...