The Forward Church Rewind Podcast

The Forward Church Rewind Podcast

Forward Church
Oct 22, 2020 34 min

Rewind: The Purpose of the Bible

Oct 13, 2020 43 min

Rewind: Many Books, Two Testaments, One Story

Pastor Greg, Derik and Andrew go into greater detail of Sunday's overview of the Bible.
Oct 07, 2020 39 min

Rewind: The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

This week, we recap the first message of our new "God Breathed" series; discussing the inspiration and authority of the Bible.
Sep 29, 2020 33 min

Rewind: "True Ending"

Sep 23, 2020 42 min

Rewind: False Conclusions

Sep 17, 2020 51 min

Rewind: "False Teaching"

Pastor Andrew, Derik, and Steve recap Sunday's message about the traits and dangers of false teachers.
Sep 10, 2020 42 min

Rewind: "True Story"

Pastor Andrew and Pastor Derik dive deeper into Derik's Sunday message about the traits and truth of the Christian story.
Sep 02, 2020 38 min

Rewind: "Your True Calling"

Pastor Andrew discusses Sunday's sermon as well as Pastor Kirk's announced candidacy as co-lead pastor of Forward Church.
Aug 25, 2020 34 min

Rewind: "Resist the Enemy"

This week, Pastor Derik and Pastor Andrew dive deeper into Sunday's message about the devil and how best to resist the very real ways that our lives can be affected by the enemy.
Aug 19, 2020 43 min

Rewind: "Don't Worry, Be Humble"

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