The Marty Ray Project: Chats

The Marty Ray Project: Chats

Sep 15, 2020 1 hr 12 min

DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE - Scuffle With Eric Bischoff, Stone Cold Friendship, The Toughest Wrestler Backstage, & It's Not Just @#!$ Yoga!

On this episode, Marty Ray and Chris Wallin Chat with Diamond Dallas Page. He's a hall of fame wrestler that wrestled for the WCW and AEW. He is also an actor and a fitness coach that will get you into shape in no time with his creation, DDP YOGA. We chat with DDP about the wrestler you'd want in your corner in a street fight, being friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jake The Snake, and fighting with Eric Bischoff. That is all packed into this episode and so much more! Thanks to all the loyal listeners for DOWNLOADING, SUBSCRIBING, FOLLOWING, RATE & REVIEWING, SHARING & anything else you can possibly do to these podcasts online! We love yall! Find DDP on all social media apps and if you need a workout program proven time and again to get people into excellent shape, download DDP YOGA NOW! Look for DDp's new documentary coming soon as well!
Sep 08, 2020 1 hr 3 min

IRA DEAN - Why Didn't He Listen To My CD, Trick Pony, & Judging A Nudist Colony Competition

DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Chris Wallin's good friend, Ira Dean tells us all about starting the band Trick Pony, playing with Tanya Tucker, living with Johnny Cash, and being ajudge at a nudist colony competition. He and Chris have been on some wild adventures. We also talk about why he never listened to Marty Ray's CD. It's a blast of an episode where we even get into some foods you should never eat. Come on and enjoy this one with us! Go see Ira Dean playing with Aaron Lewis on tour now and find him on all social media platforms! PLEASE: Subscribe, Rate & Review, Share, Follow, and whatever else you can do to this Podcast digitally. We love ya! God bless yall!
Sep 01, 2020 48 min

HERB DEAN - Best Ref In The Business, UFC Fight Island, People Attacking Over Good Stoppages, & The Real Beginning Of The UFC

UFC Ref Herb Dean talks about Fight Island,Fans attacking for what they think are early or late stoppages, and what he's looking for in the octagon from fighters.
Aug 25, 2020 34 min

MARK SHERRILL - Writing "Ol' Red" for Blake Shelton, 3000 Songs Written, & Having Bars Named After Your Song

This is the last episode that we will hear my good buddy Jim Vest on the mic, for now. Because of all this crap going on, he won't be able to continue the show. We have a great new co-host in Chris Wallin though with a fun new format where we integrated video as well as audio. ON THIS EPISODE we have the awesome songwriter, MARK SHERRILL. He has written songs for artist like John Anderson, Charlie Rich, and of course Blake Shelton. He wrote the song "Ol' Red" and now has many bars named after his song. What an honor. We chat about all that, how he's adjusting his writing style to fit the modern country era, and more. Thanks so much for tuning in! PLEASE: Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Download & Share! Man, thats a lot of asking. If y'all do all that you're true fans. We love ya dearly and are grateful that you listen. Hope you enjoy!
Aug 18, 2020 58 min

DAVID CHAMBERLAIN -- Multiple George Strait Hits, Losing All Song Rights to the IRS, & The Glory Days of Printers Alley

These episodes that we're releasing at the moment were recorded before COVID so David wasn't sick with it in this episode. David Chamberlain is a well decorated songwriter that our very own Jim Vest got started in the business. I'm sure glad he did too because we would've missed out on some great songs if not. We talk about the IRS taking Davids song rights away sparked by an addiction, the days when movie stars and every artist would frequent Printers Alley, and even a murder on Printers Alley. There's some lighter hearted stuff here too like, fishing and whatnot. Thanks for listening! I'm truly grateful for our subscribers and regulars! If you havent already RATE & REVIEW (we're going to start mentioning certain reviewers on the show soon), SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE! Love yall to death! Some changes coming to the show format soon. We will have great video as well as audio and Marty's co-host has changed from Jim Vest to Chris Wallin due to COVID. We'll miss ya being on the show Jim.
Aug 11, 2020 31 min

BRADY SEALS - Little Texas, Three #1 Hit Songs in a Row, The Hall Of Fame, & Hot Apple Pie

On todays episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats we have Brady Seals from the legendary band Little Texas and from the legendary Seals & Croft family. He had the ASCAP triple threat in songwriting, three number hit songs in a row, not many get that honor. He also has a book coming out about his life in, and out, of the band Little Texas called, "God Bless Texas, and Me Too". Look for Brady Seals on all social media platforms and look for his book on Amazon. Thanks so much to our loyal listeners! We're truly grateful! We have a new format coming soon that will include video as well as audio. It's gonna be a blast. Please, Rate & Review, Subscribe, Download, & Share! We love y'all dearly!
Aug 04, 2020 59 min

RONNIE McDOWELL - ELVIS'S singing voice for Hollywood, The King Is Gone, & Billboard Charts

In this episode we had the privilege of speaking with the legendary, Ronnie McDowell. He wrote and performed the song, "The King IS Gone" and tells us how that song was birthed, how well it did, and the hinderances that kept it from number one. We also discuss what it was like being the singing voice for Elvis in several movies about his life. Thats a crazy honor that he very well might be the only one to have. Find Ronnie McDowell's new album and all his music anywhere music is consumed. Also, find his phenomenal artwork on his website along with everything else he's up to on his website below. We've had a change in host for this show so very soon you will be introduced to the new co-host that will be with Marty Ray from here on out. We also will have video to accompany the audio. Unfortuanatley Jim Vest won't be able to continue to host the show with Marty for much longer. Thank yall so much for listening! PLEASE Subscribe, Rate & Review, and Share!
Jul 28, 2020 1 hr 9 min

RAZZY BAILEY - The State Of Country Music Today & A FIREAt Universal Studios That Burned All Of Razzy's Master Recordings

WE'RE BACK! Sorry for the gap in the episode upload schedule. We definitely didn't plan on the delay, but we are back on track and will have a new episode every Tuesday at 6AM CT from here on. On this episode we have Razzy Bailey and we get into an honest conversation about the current state of country music today, from the point of view of two legends, Jim Vest and Razzy, and Marty Ray. We also get to ask Razzy about the Universal Studios fire that burned up all his master recordings. Crazy and sad stuff. This is a must listen! We have a new format coming soon where we will have video as well as audio. Find all Razzy Bailey's music anywhere music is consumed. PLEASE Subscribe, Rate & Review, and Download wether you like it or not. Thanks so much for listening!
Mar 19, 2020 1 hr 9 min

BUDDY HYATT - TOTO, Randy Travis, Tracy Lawrence, & Poopin off a boat

I hope everyone is healthy and happy at the time of this post! The storm and coronavirus has delayed us here in Nashville slightly, but we're still created content and posting every week, this delay will be a constant. A new episode will be up every Monday from this point forward. This weeks episode is a fun one with a friend of Jim's and now a friend of mine, Buddy Hyatt, on to talk about the crazy way he became a touring member of the band TOTO. Buddy has worked with other monster artists as well like: Randy Travis, JoDee Mesina, Tracy Lawrence, and Lee Brice, to name a few. He now has his own studio in Nashville called Music City Trax and you can go to to book your next session with him and the man Jim Vest. Speaking of Jim, theres a story that Buddy tells about him and Jim that involves a boat, an upset stomach, and some poop that you have to hear. Join ud for this Marty Ray Project: Chats, I think you'll like it! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, DOWNLOAD, RATE & REVIEW! I love yall dearly and we'll chat next week.
Mar 10, 2020 32 min

FIGHTER MARK HUNT - UFC Lawsuit, Jon Jones doing something under the octagon, Brock Lesnar cheating, and Aquaman, Jason Momoa Haka

UFC, PRIDE, & BELLATOR MMA Fighter, Mark Hunt is our guest this week and what a chat we had. He tells us the latest on the two lawsuits he has active against the UFC and why he filed them in the first place. The phone call is from Australia to the USA so it sounds a little rough at first, but it straightens out quickly after the intro. Mark tells us what he thinks about certain fighters like: Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar, and others. He also gives insight into what its like to fight someone that uses steroids and the cost for him afterwards. This one is packed with great conversation so please join us for this chat. Sorry the episode was late, we've had some storms that have caused a lot of damage here in Nashville area. Follow Mark Hunt on Instagram @MarkHuntFighter PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, RATE & REVIEW! Love yall!
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