Uncovering the Scenious

Uncovering the Scenious

Uncovering the Scenious
Sep 11, 2020 56 min

10: Asger Thomsen - preparing your bass for the future of live streaming

Asger Thomsen joins us! He is a prolific Bassist that plays all sort of improvised music and has developed a fascinating sound on his instrument with various preparations. We speak about his music; his entrance to the CPH scene; his various records; how 'new' and useful recordings can be; and the potential future of live streaming concerts.
Sep 07, 2020 59 min

9: POST SCRIPTUM: Sylvie Courvoisier - beginnings of the mistress

Sylvie Courvoisier is a master Swiss pianist based in NYC. This is a recording from a talk I had with her before the concert she gave during Freedom Music Festival vol. 3 in Copenhagen in 2017. We talk about how it all begun. Very inspiring! Furthermore this episode includes 3 never before published improvised pieces from the concert she gave during the festival!!! WOW! POST SCRIPTUM is a side segment on Uncovering the Scenious bringing you artist talks, conversations and unreleased recordings from the Angels of music. It is delivered to you by Tomo Jacobson.
Jul 31, 2020 51 min

8: Halym Kim & Storm D'Angelo - Tell me, why did I like Mondays?

In this episode we talk with drummer, composer, bandleader and creator of the mondayband, Halym Kim; and saxophonist, composer, bandleader and co-leader of the mondayband, Storm D'Angelo. We chat about the band, about music, about the Copenhagen scene and how it welcomed these two young artists. Mandagsklubben is now unfortunately closed and with it, the mondayband disappeared. But this episode was recorded while it was still going strong and seemed like an immovable object and part of the Copenhagen scene.
Jul 13, 2020 1 hr 42 min

7: T.S. Høeg - The Outertainer

In this episode we talk with T.S Høeg: a multi instrumentalist, composer, writer and story teller. This episode covers great stories such as why the punk scene wanted him dead; what games he plays with Kresten Osgood and friends; how the Copenhagen scene developed and evolved over the years.
May 29, 2020 47 min

6: POST SCRIPTUM: William Parker & Hamid Drake - becoming nothing we become everything

William Parker & Hamid Drake are two true legends from the Lower East Side, NYC & Chicago scenes respectively. This is a recording from the artist talk they gave during Freedom Music Festival vol. 3 in Copenhagen in 2017. POST SCRIPTUM is a side segment on Uncovering the Scenious bringing you artist talks, conversations and unreleased recordings from the Angels of music. It is delivered to you by Tomo Jacobson.
Feb 24, 2020 1 hr 9 min

5: Tomasz Dąbrowski - Febuary 2020 mandagsklubben residency

Tomasz Dąbrowski is a polish trumpet player, composer and improviser who have been living in Denmark and Sweden for many years and is a big part of the copenhagen scene. We talk about the classic debate of craftsmanshipvs artistry, the importance of playing solo, his time at the mandagsklubben this month and much more.
Feb 21, 2020 25 min

4: Episode 0 - Introduction to the podcast

After getting some feedback from our friends and listeners it was rightfully pointet out that not everyone in the world knows us and the idea behind this podscast, so we wanted to introduce ourselves and the podcast properly
Feb 14, 2020 48 min

3: Kresten Osgood - Copenhagens free music scene, jokes and a hipper place to live.

Kresten Osgood is a drummer, improviser and huge catalyst in the Copenhagen scene. He has started multiple festivals and concert series and is the centerpiece of the beloved 5e Mandagsklubben. With an abundance of releases with great musicians from abroad and local alike, he has cemented himself as one of the most important creative musicians of his generation. Paul Bley, Yusef Lateef, Mouse on Mars, John Tchicai, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Steven Bernstain, Sam Rivers, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Bent Jædig and Derek Bailey are just a few of those he recorded with. In this Episode, Kresten will speak about the local scene, the Jyderup Accordeon Treff, his time in New York and what music he listens to. In between, he sprinkles personal stories and a joke or two to round it up. Enjoy listening to one of Denmark's finest musicians sharing his thoughts.
Jan 31, 2020 1 hr 1 min

2: Nana Pi - January 2020 mandagsklubben residency

Nana Pi and Kresten Osgood join us for a talk about the 'Mandagsklubben' January residency in 5e. Nana Pi is a saxophone player, conductor, composer, band leader and improviser educated at the Malmö conservatory and currently living in Copenhagen. She is a important figure in performing and organising avant gard music and art in the copenhagen scene. She was a highly anticipated guest and it was a delight to have her talk about her life, music, ideas and how the four mondays of her residency at the scene-defining 5e Mandagsklubben have been. Kresten Osgood, the legendary drummer that also runs the artistic organisation of the Mandagsklubben, joins us with his knowledge and insight, and will continue to do so on upcoming Mandagsklubben residency episodes. Read more about Nana Pi on http://barefoot-records.com/nana-pi/
Jan 30, 2020 1 hr 16 min

1: Jacob Anderskov - secret structures in music

On the first episode of this podcast, where we explore the Avant-Garde scene in Copenhagen, our guest is the great Jacob Anderskov. He is a pianist, composer, arranger, teacher/mentor and hugely influential in the improviser scene in Copenhagen. We talk about his life, his profession and some of the differences in how the scene used to be compared to now. Read more about Jacob Anderskov on his personal webpage: http://jacobanderskov.dk/ Buy his music from his lable collective: https://ilk-music.myshopify.com/