One More Thing Before You Go

One More Thing Before You Go

Michael R Herst
Sep 29, 2020 50 min

That Thing About My Sister, Lupus, and Cure

In this episode we are going to see how the love of a sister with lupus, motivated a Registered Dietitian to find a way to stop Lupus in its tracks. In that process it changed her life’s purpose to building a company focused on reversing or eliminating chronic disease.
Sep 24, 2020 7 min

One More Thing Before You Go Throwback Thursday

In this episode we have a conversation about one of my favorite episodes from the near past, That Thing About a Passion For Music, with Jeffrey Bryan composer, musician, and band member of Eye of The Tiger iconic band of the 80's
Sep 23, 2020 13 min

Over The Tea Cup- That Thing About Love

We have a conversation about what it's like to be married for 31 years, and share what Love is through the eyes of a child
Sep 22, 2020 37 min

That Thing About The Demon That Followed Me Home

In this episode we learn what it’s like to see and feel a demon harassing a young woman, how she was able to finally release it. We are also going to understand a little more about the Asian perspective on Angels and Demons. Kate Emerald is from Seoul Korea, she is a healer, storyteller, and astrologer. She is the founder of Life Of Emerald, an online studio scaling global impact via introducing ancient wisdom, spirituality & cultures to people all walks of life to heal and improve their lives. Her ancestors are kings of South Korea of the Joseon dynasty and the scholars of the Nobel class in the Shilla dynasty. She spearheads the Global Healing Movement 2020, an advocacy shedding stigma on mental health and Sacred Healing Summit, a platform bringing thought leaders in psychology, business, medicine, education, and divination.
Sep 17, 2020 1 hr 3 min

That Thing About Seeing Dead People

In this episode we are going to have a conversation with a woman that sees dead people. We’re going to learn about recognizing messages from our guardian angels, or loved ones that have passed on, and the power of meditation. An internationally known clairvoyant born in England, she experienced spirit-communicating phenomenon from early childhood, saw people who had passed over, knew information about people that she could not have known otherwise, and could see future occurrences.
Sep 15, 2020 37 min

That Thing About Being a Young Comedian

In the Episode we are going to learn what it takes to survive in stand up comedy if you’re young and motivated. We are having a conversation with Jacob Craig one of the youngest headlining comedians on the circuit in the south. We follow his journey as a comedian, what it’s like on the road going to different gigs, what’s the differences between that and an actor/musician, as well as what it's like doing comedy at such a young age, some of his comedic influences, and how COVID has affected the Standup community.
Sep 12, 2020 23 min

Over The Teacup;The Demon Breath

Welcome to order the tea cup in this episode we're gonna talk about upcoming episodes on One More Thing Before You Go Podcast, and the Last episode released; that Thing About Finding Happiness After Loss. On a side-note we identified it as episode 20 but in actuality is episode 22 because of the way Apple labels the episodes.We're also going to discuss a trilogy of episodes that are coming up with some interesting stuff in it including a never before heard clip of what we believe is a dark angel or demon breathing behind me as I'm talking I was the only one in the room. Sorry for the late release, our editing platform was down for maintenance, causing a delay...
Sep 08, 2020 51 min

That Thing About Finding Happiness After Loss

We have a conversation with Dr. Ashley Wellman, a criminologist, specializing in a homicide, victimology, an advocate and scholar specializing in homicide; who becomes a victim herself in a tragic, devastating unexpected loss of her husband and father to their daughter. As a widow and single mother, she had to rebuild and redefine her life. Now, as author of the My Friend Fresno children's book series, she is creating a life full of magic for her family while spreading a message of love, acceptance and friendship to all those who interact with her.
Sep 03, 2020 11 min

Over the Teacup with Michael & Diane

We have a conversation about episode That Thing About Hunting Ghost and follow it up with a quick discussion about binge watching: a good thing or a bad thing. We share our thought and some secrets about some ghost hunting experiences. this episode might just open your eyes, and make you believe in ghost. In addition we discuss the good and bad of binge watching! I'm bored with it, Diane loves it.
Sep 01, 2020 57 min

That Thing About Hunting Ghosts

In this episode we learn what it takes to be a ghost hunter. We have a conversation with Kristy Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal. She is a professional Paranormal Investigator who, along with her sisters, has visited some of the most haunted places in the United States. She will share some stories about the Lizzie Bordon House (MA), the Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum (WV), the Villisca Ax Murder House (IA), the St. Augustine Lighthouse (FL), Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary (TN) and many others. We might just open your eyes, and make you believe in ghost.